Slime Scholar

Enemy Type Kin
Health 444
Drops Quicksilver Bullets, Sedative
Weak Thrust, Fire, Bolt
Strong Slash, Blunt
Locations Lecture Building

Slime Scholar Is an enemy in Bloodborne that can be found in the Lecture Building. There are two versions of this enemy, one which moves around and throws its limbs to hit the player, and the second version, without the hat, but instead a jug in which it drinks from before spewing damaging liquid at the player.


  • Slime scholars attack primarily with their stretchy limbs(blunt). They move quite slowly and all of their attacks have significant telegraphs. Strafing will foil most of their attempts to harm the Hunter. They also throw(arcane) damaging fluid.
  • Backstepping can be hazardous, because the Slime Scholars have very long reach when they fully stretch out their limbs. They cover an alarmingly long distance when they extend a single arm and bring it down, but lateral movement will thwart this technique decisively.
  • The Scholars are resilient against most physical attacks, but thrusting damage remains effective. The Rifle Spear or Reiterpallasch can dispatch them quickly and efficiently.
  • They are also vulnerable to elemental damage. Molotov Cocktails and the Flamesprayer can make short work of any scholars that bunch up together. Applying elemental damage to your weapon is another effective strategy.
  • Slime Scholars will sometimes wait on the ceiling for an unwary Hunter to pass below them to create a potent ambush. Be aware of your surroundings when exploring the Lecture Building.
  • Be warned that if a hanging Slime Scholar falls on top of you, it will initiate a grab attack and try to eat caught hunters.


Slime Scholar Information



Lecture Building(floor2)
Lecture Building(floor1)
(x1-2) Drop%
(x1-2) Drop%
(x1) Drop%
(x1) Drop%


Notes & Trivia

  • Slime Scholars are somewhat infamous for being extremely lucrative farming targets. There is a large concentration of scholars in the locked lecture hall on the side of the building opposite of the lamp. The key to the door can be found on the podium in the accessible hall. The scholars can be easily corralled into bunching up in the doorway by simply getting their attention and retreating back outside. Using this chokepoint, the Hunter can kill a large number of scholars without much danger. An upgraded flamesprayer or long thrusting weapon can take out multiple slime scholars at a time. Most runs will net about 13,000 echoes, depending on equipped runes and potential overkill bonuses.
  • An upgraded weapon with fire gems is a good way to maximize the overkill bonus if you are farming them.




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