Rotten Corpse

Enemy Type
Not Kin nor Beast
158 ~ 239
Blood Vial, Bold Hunter's Mark, Sedatives, 54 ~ 427 Blood Echoes
Fire, Bolt
Central Yharnam, Forbidden Woods, Chalice Dungeon

The Rotten Corpse is an enemy first found in the Central Yharnam sewers, in the north-western swamps of the Forbidden Woods, and in Chalice Dungeons.

These creatures are usually found in groups, and will play dead until the player is in close proximity. They are quite slow, but their elongated arms and a vomit projectile make up for this weakness. Since they lie in swampy or murky waters, they are well hidden and distracted players can easily miss them until it's too late.

Overall though, these enemies are not particularly dangerous as there is ample time to recover from their attacks, should they hit the player.


  • Overhead swings, such as ones with the extended saw cleaver or the Holy Blade's L2, are the most effective.
  • Like Carrion Crows and Celestial Children, when playing dead Rotten Corpses are lower than the player's side slashes.
  • Hitting them while they play dead with overhead smashes is an easy way to kill one or more if they're huddled together, before they can even retaliate.
  • When they're upright they can be hit more easily by more attacks, but overhead smashes keep you out of range of their swipes.

Rotten Corpse

Central Yharnam
(x1) 20%
(x1) 2%
Forbidden Woods
(x1) 24%
Chalice Dungeon
(x1) 20%
(x1) 2%

Notes & Trivia

  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      03 Mar 2018 10:24  

      Tiny Laurences, at first glance they are nothing. But after getting my ass handed for 50 times by Saint Laurence their crawl attacks gives me severe PTSD

      • Anonymous

        Never really explained05 Jul 2016 14:48  

        No one ever really seems to mention why the Yharnam sewers are filled with putrified corpses that feed on the living. The werewolves and aliens, those are explained, but are we to assume that, like the snakes, crows, pigs, and other wildlife, zombified human remains are just an ordinary part of life in Yharnam?

        • Anonymous

          Fire05 Jul 2016 14:48  

          They are incredibly susceptible to fire, and using Molotov Cocktails is a good way to get damage on lots of them huddled together. Especially in the sewers of Central Yharnam.

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