Church Servant

Enemy Type Not Kin nor Beast
Health 282 ~ 1105
Drops Blood Vials,  Quicksilver Bullets, Blue Elixir,  239 ~ 1091 Blood Echoes
Weak Nothing
Strong Arcane

The Church Servant or Church Doctor is an enemy in Bloodborne.

Church Doctors move rather slowly and are predictable in their attacks, but their hits can deal heavy damage.
Church Doctors are found in The Cathedral District and The Research Hall.

Church Doctors come in a number of types. They may use Flamesprayers, scythes, Repeating Pistols, canes and magic
High levels of Insight will alter details in their appearance, and also provide them with additional attacks.

Since there are 6 variations in total of these enemies, strategy will vary slightly for each one. For instance, the ones equipped with pistols require rushing, while crucifix or cane ones require more patience.



  • Their attacks can deal heavy damage and they are difficult to stun
  • Parrying is effective against them, since they are extremely slow. The player can also trigger an attack and counter it, since there is plenty of time between attacks.
  • The parry window on almost all variants includes the entirety of the startup of their attacks, unlike most enemies, they can be parried as soon as they start their windup for an attack.
  • Moving behind them is also a particularly effective strategy, since these enemies have no real way of attacking the player while there.
  • After gaining 15 Insight, these enemies gain more attacks and buffs: "Lantern Doctors" will cast arcane homing missiles and an AoE attack, "Scythe Doctors" get an arcane buff on their blade, and the "Crucifix Doctors" gain a more extensive frenzy buff.
  • The enemy variations can use both their left handed and right handed weapon (i.e. repeater pistol and cane attacks). Early in the game, these enemies makes great vial and bullet farms.


Church Doctor Information


  • Cane only: They are limited to swinging their cane and performing downward stabs. Their damage is not to be underestimated.
  • Cane & Lantern: They can generate 3 slow moving homing missiles that deal Arcane damage. They're just as content swinging their cane.

They will not be able to cast missiles if your Insight is below 15.

  • Scythe: These enemies will be buffed with extra Arcane damage if you've amassed 15 Insight.
  • Repeating Pistol: Deadly enemies that fire faster than most other enemies using firearms.
  • Flamesprayer: They're capable of firing at you directly or in slow moving arcs. Fire dmg reduces the time window for rallying significantly.
  • Frenzy Crucifix: These Doctors wear black attire and will build up lots of frenzy with their stabs and smashes.


Church Servant (Cane Only)


Cathedral Ward 282 239 (2x) 19% - (1x) 1%
Upper Cathedral Ward 1105 873 (2x) 20% - (1x) 1%


Church Servant (Cane and Lantern)


Cathedral Ward 282 258 (2x) 21% (3x) 21% (1x) 1%
Upper Cathedral Ward 1105 982 (2x) 21% (3x) 21% (1x) 1%



Church Servant (Cane and Flamesprayer)


Cathedral Ward 233 257 - (3x) 99% (1x) 1%



Church Servant (Cane and Pistol)


Cathedral Ward 279 433 - (3x) 99% (1x) 1%



Church Servant (Scythe)


Cathedral Ward 343 464 (3x) 42% - (1x) 1%
Upper Cathedral Ward 1105 1091 (3x) 42% - (1x) 1%



Church Servant (Crucifix)


Cathedral Ward 429 742 (2x) 21% (3x) 21% (1x) 1%




Notes & Trivia


  • The Cane and Lantern version has 343 HP and 433 Blood Echoes during a Paleblood moon.
  • Types of attacks include: Stomping their cane, swiping the cane from right to left, single swipes (i.e. right only) or two-handing the cane for a single forceful blow.
  • The enemy variations can use both their left handed and right handed weapon (i.e. repeater pistol and cane attacks).
  • The Church Doctor loosely resembles Mozgus' Torturers from Berserk.
  • They'll point at you and roar. This image is a horror classic that started with the movie Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. In the movie aliens that are copies of real human beings will point and roar once they have identified someone as not being an alien.
  • Doctors capable of magical attack use lanterns covered in eyes. A similar tool is used by the Witches of Hemwick.
  • They have an odd watermark on the back of their cloaks.
  • Church Doctors carrying Repeating Pistol actually have to reload after they've fired several shots.
  • Doctors wielding crucifixes have added a pointed tip to the central tip of the crucifix. No doubt this improves the dmg of their stabs.
  • Both Pthumerian Undead and Doctors have black eyes but they are also different. The eyes of Undead lie deep within their sockets but the Doctors are bug-eyed and they have an odd remnant of a pupil.
  • The red aura of the crucifixes could be connected the "rotted" state but also the Vileblood spirits inhabiting the Logarius' Wheel and Executioner Gauntlets. Rot could be connected to frenzy via the Winter Lanterns who are descendants of the rotten Brain of Mensis.



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    • Anonymous

      24 Mar 2018 00:14  

      I like soo much these enemies, they're well balanced, they teach new players how to parry normal enemies in some vay (you can parry them in all the attack animation) their design is pretty good (btw, that repeating pistol screenshot is really cool) as being the main enemies of the cathedral ward, and as one of the first areas in the game, the damage of their attacks can be a bit overwhelming, but having in mind that you can stay behind them, and that you can parry them while the entire attack animation, is fine

      • Anonymous

        18 Jul 2017 06:27  

        Concept art of both the Black and White Church sets depicts bald Hunters with white skin and Shan Yu eyes (black sclera, yellow iris), just like the Church Doctors. The Slime Scholars also share these traits, suggesting the Doctors are in the process of metamorphosing into something like the Kin. Blackened eyes appear in plenty of "enlightened" monsters, including the Watchers and Rom, and even some of the Messengers. It might have something to do with the Blacksky Eye, which hints that they might have been "blessed by a phantasm."

        Seriously, their design is so perfect. The first time I fought them, I assumed they were vampires, but after encountering all the Lovecraftian Cthulhus, I figured they must be aliens. Then I eventually realized they're more like vampire-aliens, or rather vampires that drink alien blood specifically (not that any of the creatures are actually from outer space, but).

        • Anonymous

          04 Dec 2016 17:26  

          The crucifix ones are extremely dangerous. They wont attack until you get really close, and then they'll spring at you out of nowhere with like with 2-3 heavy damage stabs , where if you get hit twice you can easily get frenzy. They're also much much harder to stun than the other church servants

          • Anonymous

            Eyeballz!05 Jul 2016 14:53  

            Hey, when did you guys first start to notice the eyeballs on the lanterns? And the fact that all the church docs got no eyes? What insight level does that kick In?

            • Anonymous

              Un-Fun Fact05 Jul 2016 14:53  

              Definitely thought I could escape ALL enemies by climbing up ladders. Not these guys. Turns out they're intelligent enough to follow you up. Scared the holy hell out of me when I was switching my items around on top of the tower nearby the gate out the front exit of the Chapel and was suddenly attacked by one of these guys.

              • Anonymous

                Respawns?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                I think I have gone crazy but these guys a long with some yharnam guys respawned on me iwhtout needing to use a hunters mark or go back ot the hunters dream. I made my way to old yharnham, lit the torch then quit to go do something else, just came back on decided i had no reason to go kill BSB and as im climbing the way up i walk past the werewolf corpse exit the building ot find the guys in front of it alive again, get to oeden chapel and these 2 are alive as well.

                • Anonymous

                  Church Servant (Gun Variant) tip05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                  Can somebody confirm this real quickly? I took a look that the variant with the Repeater Pistol and it seems they can only fire 6 bullets at a time before they enter a reload animation. If this is true, it's a good tip for newer players.

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