Brick Troll

Enemy Type Not Kin or Beast
Health 279~1441
Drops Blood Vial, Shining Coins
158~2079 Blood Echoes
Weak Blunt
Strong Poison
Locations Central Yarnham, Hemwick Charnel Lane, Cathedral Ward, Yahar'gul, Unseen Village

Brick Trolls are enemies in Bloodborne.

Brick Troll

Huge, intimidating beasts, they tower over the Hunter. Don't let their slow and lumbering walk fool you. Despite their low mental capacity, when agitated they can deal fast, devastating blows. Brick Trolls have increasing health and drop parameters depending on the area where you fight them.


  • Brick Trolls can be easily countered with your firearm. Wait for their attack or charge motion and parry them with the gun.
  • Brick Trolls can be stunned with a heavy attack backstab and then a Visceral Attack can be executed.Should you decide to take one head on, they have three attacks to watch out for:
    • A charge with their brick hand forward. Can stun lock and knock you to the floor
    • A two handed vertical smash. Instant kill in the early game, devastating damage as you get further through
    • A 7 hit combo that stun locks and speeds up. Each hit does low damage but once you're caught in the combo you can't break out of it.



Central Yharnam 279 158 (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Hemwick Charnel Lane HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Cathedral Ward HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Yahar'gul, Unseen Village 1441 2079 (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%


Brick Troll Information

There are two major variations of trolls:

  • Small brick
  • Large brick

Each size of brick has a slightly different move set.


  • "So cold, dear sister..."
  • "It's all your fault!"
  • Why You


Notes & Trivia

  • The troll at the ladder where the Young Yharnam Girl is says "So cold...dear sister..." when idling and "It's all your fault!" while swinging the large club.
  • Some trolls wear a tattered cloak, while some do not. This has no effect on the health of the troll.
  • They seem to be able to intentionally delay their attacks to catch the player off-guard.




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    • Anonymous

      So after my first encounter with these walking chunks of flesh, I learned the painful way that bricks are not good for my health ...

      • Anonymous

        All brick trolls say the, "So cold, dear sister," line. I was initially under the impression that it was just the one underneath Gascoigne's window, but all of them say it.

        • Anonymous

          What's that moaning thing they do? I never want to hear a hulking 400lb man armed with a massive brick loudly yell "UWU" while creeping up behind me

          • Anonymous

            Doesn't he say "So cold to your sister."? I think that he killed Gascogine's older daughter (what's rather obvious - he stands under the ladder next to her dead body) & additionaly torments her corpse with these words which reference to younger "sister" who died in "cold" channel eaten by pig. I don't know if my theory is right but I got goose-flesh when I realized that this dialog which I heard earlier in the game and thought of it as a little bit hilarious got such heavy meaning.

            • Anonymous

              I know it sounds stupid-specific, but these guys look like depictions of Irishmen in anti-Irish immigration cartoons from the early 20th century. In fact, a lot of the Yharnamites look suspiciously like political caricatures.

              • i just killed one of the trolls outside the yharnam girl's window where the ladder is after killing him he whispers is this the end? so far I've only heard him say Thank for...saving me after you kill him but I've only heard the troll where the bridge is say that

                • Anonymous

                  In Hemwick, after you leave that creepy dark house and are about to drop down into the courtyard with the many executioners, I witnessed one of these brutes yell what sounded like "Why you..." and attack the wall. Can anyone else confirm this behavior? It really caught me off guard. Very strange.

                  • Anonymous

                    These guys (surprisingly) can climb up ladders. I learned that the hard way when i turned to my right after talking to the young yharnam girls.

                    • Anonymous

                      If this were any other fantasy universe I would probably say these guys are trolls but in Bloodborne I'm not so sure. They seem to have patches of fur similar to starting bests. I thought the sewer enemies were just zombies. Nope, if you look closer their beasts. That makes me think these guys may be too. They don't seem to be an experiment like the Gravekeeprs. I think they may be the result of oafish men becoming beasts.

                      • Anonymous

                        Claws, black fur patches, little tails and fangs. Check out their backbone too. They're probably just deformed people who caught the plague. Why is this disability/condition so common in Yharnam? So many retards...

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