Snail Woman

Enemy Type Neutral
Health ??
Drops Fool's Damp Blood Gem
Weak ??
Strong Immune to Bolt
Locations Fishing Hamlet

Snail Woman is an enemy in Bloodborne, she can be found at the Fishing Hamlet.

Snail Woman

Snail women play an important role in the goings-on of accursed Hamlet as many Fishmen can be found defending them and harvesting something (probably eggs) near their empty shells. Their relation to the many pale slugs found throughout Hamlet is unclear. Many things about them suggest that they were pious servants of the Hamlet cult:
-They are found praying fanatically near the Orphan of Kos and his dead mother.
-They drop Fool's blood gems.
-They are immune to Bolt, which is associated with faith and the gods of dark souls.

They are found in two variaties: Shelled and Unshelled.


  • Shelled Snail Women can still be damaged by hitting their shells but are most vulnerable on their exposed body.
  • Unshelled Snail Women are much faster and consequently more dangerous.
  • They have a damaging grab attack.



blood echoes
Fishing Hamlet (Shell) HP 486 (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Fishing Hamlet (No Shell) HP 486 (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%

Notes & Trivia

  • A Snail Woman can be seen dropped from above in The Hunter's Nightmare, foreshadowing the Fishing Hamlet being above the ground.
  • The one in The Hunter's Nightmare can be resurrected by Madaras Whistle.
  • There are several snail women awaiting at the boss gate of Orphan of Kos, worshipping Kos, this is reminiscent of the area before Gravelord Nito from Dark Souls, where skeletons worshipping the Gravelord can be seen kneeling at the boss gate.
  • It's possible that they are somehow related to the phantasms that are central to several Hunter's Tools, as they are also snail-like shelled kin with a close relation to the Great Ones.


Snail Woman Concept ArtSnail Woman Blood RiverSnail Women B Snail Women Praying BSnail Women Praying A 

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    • Anonymous

      these characters rather than reminding me of a snail remind me of a hermit crab, they can come out of their shells at any time and it would make more sense for them to have their shells on top of their backs, not that they are inside them.

      • Anonymous

        Idk if another person commented this, but the Snail Women before the Orphan of Kos are lined up like sperm entering a mother’s womb. Perhaps a reference to the almost-completed birth of the Orphan before she died? Of course, it could be anything, and I may be grasping at straws here, but Kos sorta looks like a mother’s womb.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah maybe a Junji Ito Reference, Miyazaki should make a game Bloodborne style but a Junji Ito and Japanese Horror Lore influence. That would be awesome!

          • Anonymous

            This is the only enemy that effectively terrified me when it TRIED TO CRAWL INSIDE MY POOR HUNTER'S MOUTH WHAT THE HELL

            • Anonymous

              I was helping someone with this area, in NG+, approaching the fast version of this enemy when I was suddenly shot seemingly from behind (it sounded like the blunderbuss I think?) and got parried? The approaching snail woman then proceeded to visceral and kill me. Can you be hit and parried by the spread of friendly co op partners gun? I know it sounds like a stupid question but I keep watching the clip I saved of it over and over and can't for the life of me figure out what happened. I am pretty sure there were no invaders in the area. I suppose it could have been a glitch, but prior to this the only glitch I ever experienced was randomly getting staggered by a hit of fire damage (which didn't affect my health bar weirdly) while I was going up the stairs to the Central Yharnam shortcut lamp. Definitely the weirdest thing that has happened during any of my playthroughs.

              • As we currently speak, I'm working on discovering the data for each variation of the Snail Women, shelled and unshelled. I'll be adding my findings onto the page.

                • Anonymous

                  The Dark Souls "references" seem like a stretch at best, and the "slime girl fetish" blurb has no relevance here.

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