Labyrinth Sage

Dungeon Madman.png
Enemy Type Beast (no, really)
Health ??
Drops Blood Vials, Blood Gems, Quicksilver Bullets, Sage's Wrist, Sage's Hair, 1855~??? Blood Echoes
Weak Fire
Strong Higher than normal physical defense.
Locations Chalice Dungeons

The Labyrinth Sage is an enemy encountered in Chalice Dungeons. The sage's piercing scream announces that it's spotted another victim.

Despite their fragile and weak appearance, they prove strong, quick, durable and thus extremely dangerous. Additionally, their erratic and awkward movements make them hard to read while fighting. A Sage can easily catch unwary Hunters off guard.


  • There are 3 variants of this enemy: Left Handed Sickle, Dual wielding Sickles, rapid poison corpse. Sickle Sages may have flaming weapons.
  • Try to fight them 1 on 1; you don't want to be distracted, so have your full attention on them.
  • They have a very large aggro radius and an impressive running speed.
  • They have a variety of quick leap attacks, covering a fair distance. Try to dodge backwards, preferably to the sides.
  • They can also be knocked down with charge attacks of Hunter's Axe and Burial Blade.
  • Don't be fooled by their fragile appearance; they have high poise, especially when attacking. Ludwig's Holy Blade & Beast Roar are helpful.
  • Every single one of their attacks can be parried (even jumping attacks), but slightly mistiming the staggershot can potentially kill you instantly, as some of their attacks (jumping attack with the sickles) can kill 50+ vitality builds with all hp runes in a single hit in cursed dungeons. Also, if your visceral doesn't kill it instantly, after it gets back up it tends to do an attack right away, making a parry chain possible.



blood gem.png
sages wrist big.png
sages hair big.png
Chalice Dungeons, Depth 1-3 HP 1855 (x1-3) Drop% (Rating) Drop% (x1) Drop% (x1) Drop%
Chalice Dungeons, Depth 4-5 HP Echoes (x1-3) Drop% (Rating) Drop% (x1) Drop% (x1) Drop%




Notes & Trivia

  • A variation wields a corpse wrapped in bandages. This particular version builds up Rapid Poisoning with each swing.
  • They wear a tattered chainmail that is identical to what Tomb Guardians wear.
  • Sages babble to themselves and their hands twitch lively. Both signs are known as chorea and occur in human psychosis.
  • The corpse that some wield is still alive, it moans and flexes its neck independent of the Sage.





- Mhazard Mhazard -

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    • Anonymous


      I can hear them coming behind me already, with only a picture seen of one of them.

      But curious though who do you guys think have a better scream? Sage guy, or the Orphan of kos?

      • Anonymous

        Always keep in mind that any puddles or pools of water/oil alert enemies and draw them to your location if you move any faster than a walk through them. These guys especially, since their speed allows them to cover greater distance before their agro ends.

        • Anonymous

          Holy **** I just had the scariest moment with one of these Ozzie osbourne looking asses. I walked into a room with one and stopped facing it, not thinking I aggroed it. I turned the camera around to check for enemies then turned it back around, expecting it to still be sitting down so I could get a visceral AND THE DAMN THING WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! I swear, chalice dungeons have some of the best scares in the whole game.

          • Anonymous

            I just had the funniest event happening. I was going through a Chalice Dungeon and heard it's piercing scream somewhere but couldn't quite tell where. I then proceeded to move on only to be Jumpscared by this guy running from the next corner to me. I had no time to react and what did he do? He kicked me... Yeah... He scared me just to kick me in the knee with his stubby leg. I immediately killed him and couldn't stop laughing for the next 3 minutes. The disrespect on this guy was as strong as a Ganondorf side kick in Smash bros. Simply amazing!

            • Anonymous

              I really get goosebumps whenever I hear that scream or see those mf near the lever or the coffin room. The only mob that almost make me***** my pants - they are *****ing fast! next thing you know you've respawn at the nearest lamp. I tried shaman knife on them once and he killed every enemy in the room including the BPS (mob).

              • Anonymous

                Why does getting b!tchslapped with a corpse hit harder than semi truck sized beasts slamming into you at half the speed of sound lol.

                • Anonymous

                  I first met one on a staircase next to a bell you can ring. I rang it once and got some regular enemies to come up the stairs that I easily killed. Then I rang the bell again to inspect the animation and sound. Then suddenly I heared that goddamn scream and saw it run up the spiral staircase stright at me and jumping, taking away half of my HP in one hit.

                  • Anonymous

                    these things were literally made to ***** you over, they're fast as*****, they can one shot or spam attack, and they have a *****ton of health?? god I hate these, especially in cursed dungeons also I dread that scream

                    • Anonymous

                      I forget about these guys every time I make a new character, and once I reach Loran, I'm caught off guard all over again by the twitchy walk-sprinting

                      • Anonymous

                        The worst part about them is the stagger. If they hit you while you parry them, which they will a lot of the time, don't even bother going for a visceral after the stun because it's just long enough to prevent an easy kill

                        • Anonymous

                          can't think of most horror-wise successful design of enemies throughout all Souls-Borne. however, as far as i'm concerned they are mostly known and recognizable by names "HOLY*****!" and "WHATTA F-CK IS THAT!?" )

                          • Anonymous

                            Dropped a tempering radial for me rank 3 rating 9 which gave a +6.1% to phys and a +10.8 flat tk phys but the shape is weird because i got a radial in a hintertomb chalice so i dont know if it happened to be an off-shape gem will do further testing.

                            • Anonymous

                              Why are they called also called Sages? Item description of the Sage's body parts claim they're saints. Nothing particularly saintly or wise about them. They're aggressive af and unhinged, Madman is a much more fitting name. Their running animation is really creepy in a uncanny way.

                              • Anonymous

                                These things are my single most hated enemy in the entire game, even with 99 vitality these guys will one shot you in a cursed dungeon and maybe still one shot in a non-cursed dungeon, it also doesn't help that their jumping attacks track you through the air I've dodged around these guys and had them literally 180 in the air to one shot me freshly out of my dodge and their spazzoid behavior makes them hard to parry, the most insulting part is when i happen to land a parry but their damage hitbox still connects so i'm on the ground turning to dust while they drop to one knee, my experience with these things has been pretty piss-poor.

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