Sage's Hair

Special material used in a Holy Chalice ritual.

A body part of a saint, sacrificed by the Healing Church in their search for Truth

The additional rite Fetid Offering invigorates the Watchers, making them more treacherous than normal, but also making them worthy prey for a special hunt.

Sage's Hair is a consumable material Item in Bloodborne.


Sage's Hair Usage

  • x2 Sage's Hair needed for Fetid Offering in Ailing Loran Root Chalice.





  • Player note 1
  • Easy farming location (takes about 30 seconds). Pthumeru Ihyll - Layer 1, glyph 9vb3tzza . Go out into the first room from the lantern and turn right. Run through the circular room to the door on the left and climb the ladder. Take the door immediately to the right and go across the elevated walkway. Turn right and enter the room. The enemy in here drops Sage's Hair pretty frequently.
  • You can also go to Lower Loran layer 2. In this chalice you can find a super fast, screaming Sage enemy guarding the mechanism to open the main gate. He drops this item.
  • Great Isz Chalice - layer 3. Follow the path of the rolling boulder and take the first left, there in a chest you will find x6 Sage's Hair.



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    • Anonymous

      (VQ6GVENE) can be done after blood starved beast with just the pthumeru chalice. Go out lamp room and right through door then left avoiding the hole,open the door and then right past the barrels into the room with lightning go left up the stairs and be aware of the trap in middle of the walkway, go up the right hand stairs but walk slowly through the arch and slowly approach the sarcophagus get behind the sage for easy visceral then chain it till shes dead the drop rate for me at least was 1 every 5 runs with one eye rune, she also drops triangle fire gems fyi

      • Anonymous

        Sage's Hair x6 in a chest on the 3rd layer of my Cursed Isz chalice (glyph u8crt9zr). Additionally, there is a Blood Rock in the first side area on Layer one, a Lost Threaded Cane and Arcane Lake (10%) Rune on Layer 3, and lots on Ritual Blood(5), Tomb Mould(5), and Pearl Slug throughout the chalice, along with a bit of Bastard of Loran, Red Jelly, and Yellow Backbone.

        • Anonymous

          2u68frz9 Sage is 10 steps from the layer 1 lantern and he's also a body-carrying sage, much easier to farm

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