Eye Collecting Witch

Witch Of Hemwick Header
Enemy Type Not Beast, Nor Kin
Health ??
Drops Waning Blood Gems, Pebbles
Weak Nothing
Strong Nothing
Locations Labyrinths

Eye Collecting Witch is an enemy in Bloodborne.

Witch of Hemwick (Mob) Info

This witch is a very deadly enemy encountered in chalice dungeons.
They are nigh identical to The Witch of Hemwick but they do not appear in pairs.
They can't turn invisible and their Mad Ones are much more aggressive.
Their Mad Ones will be summoned even with zero insight.

Their moveset consists of:

1. Magic Ball: Arcane dmg.
2. Magic Snare: Player will be immobile and vulnerable to attacks from Mad Ones.
The Witch doesn't tend to attack while you are snared.
3. Dark Explosion: Arcane dmg, will knock you back.
4. Strike: Blunt dmg
5: Eye Harvest Grab: Will grab you and try to scoop out your eyes.
You cannot take dmg from other enemies during this grab.
6. Mad Ones Summon: She tends to prioritize summoning whenever a Mad One dies.
All Mad Ones who died before the casting will be revived.


  • The Witch tends to hide in nooks, but if she summons her red aura will give her away.
  • Rushing the witch is tempting but she can have lots of health and Mad Ones can rush you likewise.
  • Favor a weapon with which you can 1-shot Mad Ones quickly, like Holy Moonlight Sword R2 or Hunter Axe L2.
  • You'll need to deal with both the Mad Ones and the witch at once.
  • Kill Mad Ones until you can damage the witch, don't get stunlocked, repeat.
  • The witch can sometimes be killed safely with projectiles.



blood echoes
Insert Location HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Insert Location HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%


Notes & Trivia

  • The witch has dagger like claws on her feet.
  • They really seem to enjoy themselves when they get to scoop out your eyes.













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    • Anonymous

      Hunters! Nice tactic to dispatch the witch and mad ones in a single stroke. First have a good line of sight on the witch if she is in open, especially in ihyll chalice dungeons with FRC offerings. If she is in open, equip your monocular eye glass and shoot a round off at her; whether you hit her or not is irrelevant. But what IS relevant is that the mad ones roaming will quickly rush to her side, whether to serve as a shield or follow the sound of the shot. When they are on her in such a cluster is your opening... with a Threaded cane or hunter axe equipped: charge them at sprint speed and strike with a heavy blow to do significant load of damage to the mad ones and the witch. If this doesn’t kill them all at first and leave the witch open, it will surely be 1 light attack follow up: this will kill all the mad ones she summoned in a eye blink, and leave her at your mercy for punishment. Happy hunting, hope this helps in the dungeons

      • Anonymous

        For those who don't know:
        The Mob Version of this enemy can be cheesed by exiting the game & reloading; it resets the "mad-ones" summon. VERY useful if you're walking around F/R/C dungeons as a level 4.

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