Nightmare Apostles

Enemy Type Not Beast Nor Kin
Health ??
Drops Quicksilver Bullets, Sedatives
Weak Blood
Strong Arcane, the big one has improved magical defenses.
Locations Nightmare of Mensis, Chalice Dungeons

The Nightmare Apostle is an enemy in Bloodborne. They can be found hanging from the ceiling, for instance in Mergo's Loft, or scurrying about in dungeons, sometimes summoned by Chime Maidens. Their reach and damage can be impressive, especially in a group.


  • Inflicting blood-type damage with a firearm or a transformed Chikage/Bloodletter will send Black Widows reeling onto their backs.
  • Nightmare Apostles turn slowly, so maneuver behind and stunlock them. Beware the reach of their forelegs.
  • Nightmare Apostles, especially Chime Maiden summons (red glowing version), often crowd doorways while pursuing the Hunter. If this happens, DO NOT ENGAGE or you will become surrounded without warning.
  • Burial Blade offers great crowd control and rally potential when fighting spiders.
  • Their forelegs have good reach and damage. It's better to engage them from the sides.



Nightmare of Mensis HP Echoes (x1-2) Drop% (x1) Drop%
Chalice Dungeons HP Echoes (x1-2) Drop% (x1) Drop%


Nightmare Apostle Information

There are different versions of this enemy:

  • A standard spider.
  • A human-faced spider enemy. These are found near the lever which lowers the Brain of Mensis in Mensis.
  • Human-faced spiders can summon a tiny explosion.
  • Red versions, summoned by maidens in dungeons. Like all summoned enemies, they will disappear once the maiden is killed.
  • A huge version in Mergo's Loft, hanging from the ceiling.


Notes & Trivia

  • They can interrupt all of your actions (running, rolling, attacking, jumping)
  • There was maybe a bug in older versions of the game with the transformed chikage, hitting the spider with it stunlocked yourself.
  • Among the Nightmare Apostles, Patches The Spider is a 'friendly' individual.
  • Cheese- the huge one in Mergos loft cannot fit through the door. It has arcane resistance, but not too high, also you can bait it and hit and run w melee too.
  • Cheese2- Referring to the same group, run to the back of the room and pick up the Shaman Bone Blades. Throw one at the huge spider and let them fight each other.




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    • Anonymous

      04 Feb 2018 12:37  

      It is always amazing to do a strong R2 attack on them with Ludwig's Holy Sword (greatsword form), they go sliding on their asses and just die like they aught to. Then again, I loathe spiders with an intense passion so just doing anything to render them even a little comedic is a godsend. Just remember to punch them when they are charging for you, that usually gets them most times unless you misjudge the distance or if they decide to break your attack off by trying to hit you.

      • Anonymous

        22 Aug 2017 14:24  

        It's not just the human-faced ones that can summon arcane blasts, but it seems the standard versions do it far less frequently. I know I've seen the red summoned spiders use it on occasion. Of course, this attack is incredibly easy to avoid, considering it takes them a good while to "weave" the spell, and its range is incredibly short--except when the giant spider uses it. In such instance, the range and damage output is increased manifold.

        • Anonymous

          That.16 Sep 2016 14:20  

          Ridiculous amount of dmg in Chalice Dungeons. :'( And I'm referring to the summoned ones. Yea, those swarming you after you open a door and when you go back to retrieve the 200k blood echoes you have to wait for the spider that got 'em to spawn. Jesus.

          • Anonymous

            Good Weapons05 Jul 2016 14:43  

            I find that the Hunters Axe is a particularly good weapon to use against these enemies, especially the L2 attack. If you get the timing down, you can easily dispatch a large group of them running towards you at the same time. Also, if there's multiple spiders, you can potentially regain all of your lost health if you take any damage.

            • Anonymous

              Cheese the large nightmare apostle05 Jul 2016 14:43  

              An easy way to kill the large spider in nightmare of menesis is to simply stand on the bridge in that room and throw the large spider with a pebble and it will fall then jump attack the spider from the bridge , rinse and repeat as it cant follow you to the bridge

              • Anonymous

                Ahhh05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                These spiders creep me out so much. At least the ones with Rom didn't look like real spiders; these ones just look too...real. Makes me shiver every time I think about them.

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