Yurie, the Last Scholar

The initial encounter with the choir hunter in the Byrgenwerth building.
Enemy Type Human, Hunter
Health 1448 (?)
Drops Blue Elixir
Weak ??
Strong ??
Locations Byrgenwerth
NG+? Yes

Yurie, the Last Scholar is an enemy in Bloodborne.

Attacks & Set:







  • Try to keep pressure on her at all times (continuous hitting) because moving too far from her will almost - always guarantee her to use A Call Beyond, which can easily bring your health down or even kill you.
  • Use the staircase as your advantage to block the spells.
  • You can easily stagger her with firearms allowing you to do a visceral attack.
  • Always fight her on the bottom floor or even outside so there is plenty of space to dodge, especially when she uses her spells.
  • Before fighting Rom for the first time and activating the fog wall, it's possible to lure her outside to the balcony, where you can knock her into the water. When you enter the boss area, she will die immediately upon hitting the water, and you can collect her drops.


Video Strategy

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- November November-

Notes & Trivia

  • She is distinguished as a choir hunter because the item she uses - the Rosmarinus, is "A special weapon used by the Choir, high-ranking members of the Healing Church." Taken from the weapon description. She also wears Choir Set.

  1. Amygdala
  2. Beast Claw Hunter
  3. Beast Cutter Hunter
  4. Beast-possessed Soul
  5. Beast-possessed Soul (Mob)
  6. Bell Holder
  7. Black Widow
  8. Blood Dobermann
  9. Blood Gel
  10. Blood-Starved Beast
  11. Bloodletting Beast
  12. Bloodsucking Beast
  13. Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
  14. Bone Ash Hunter
  15. Boom Hammer Hunter
  16. Bosses
  17. Brador
  18. Brain of Mensis
  19. Brain Trust
  20. Brainsucker
  21. Brick Troll
  22. Cainhurst Hunter
  23. Carrion Crow
  24. Celestial Centipede
  25. Celestial Emissary
  26. Chapel Giant
  27. Chime Maiden
  28. Church Doctor
  29. Cleric Beast
  30. Crawler
  31. Darkbeast Paarl
  32. Deep Sea Hound
  33. Djura
  34. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
  35. Enlarged Head Giant
  36. Enlarged Head Patients
  37. Ethereal Walker
  38. Executioner
  39. Eye Collector
  40. Father Gascoigne
  41. Fishwitch
  42. Gel
  43. Gravekeeper Scorpion
  44. Graveyard Hags
  45. Greater Viper Pit
  46. Hamlet Fishmen
  47. Henryk
  48. Hostile Choir Hunter
  49. Hostile Hunters
  50. Hunter Mob
  51. Hunting Dog
  52. Keeper of the Old Lords
  53. Keeper's Hunting Dog
  54. Labyrinth Mole
  55. Labyrinth Rat
  56. Large Huntsman
  57. Lightning Summoner
  58. Loran Cleric
  59. Mad One
  60. Madman
  61. Maneater Boar (Mob)
  62. Mannequin
  63. Martyr Logarius
  64. Merciless Watcher
  65. Merciless Watcher (Mob)
  66. Mergo's Attendant
  67. Mergo's Wet Nurse
  68. Mi-Go Zombie
  69. Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  70. Moon Presence
  71. Nightmare Huntsman
  72. Old Yharnam Beast
  73. Old Yharnam Hunter (Mob)
  74. One Reborn
  75. Piercing Rifle Hunter
  76. Pthumerian Descendant
  77. Pthumerian Undead
  78. Rat
  79. Reaper
  80. Ritual Master
  81. Rom, the Vacuous Spider
  82. Saif Hunter
  83. Shadow of Yharnam
  84. Shadow of Yharnam (Mob)
  85. Shark-Giant
  86. Silver Lady
  87. Silverbeast
  88. Slime Scholar
  89. Slug
  90. Snail Woman
  91. Snatcher
  92. Sorrowful Emissary
  93. Tomb Guardian
  94. Tomb Inspector Hunter
  95. Tormented Nanny
  96. Undead Amalgam
  97. Undead Giant
  98. Undead Giant (Mob)
  99. Vengeful Specter
  100. Vermin Host

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    • Anonymous

      I suspect she is indeed what her name implies, the last living member of the Choir and/or at least one who is still loyal to the goals of the healing church.

      I suspect she was sent by the higher ups in the choir chain of command to find and destroy Rom so they can make a go at stopping the ritual.

      She failed but she’s continuing her search via the university library to find answers, seeing as Master William is unable to speak she has to figure things out on her own.

      When you arrive she’s naturally hostile for to her you’re just another common vagabond looking pillage the school of its valuables and so in turn makes an effort to try and stop you at all costs.

      My theory anyway, it’s possible she’s just a body guard and aid sent by the healing church to look after Master William and make he’s well looked after.

      • Anonymous

        Smack, smack, beast roar, then smackedy smack... beast roar again.... smack smackedy, smack, beast roar.... again rinse and repeat until your troublesome hunter is dead, you're welcome!

        • Anonymous

          Seriously, this chick is *****ing lethal. I legit brought one of the Madaras twins to fight her with me so she'd stop killing us on the way to Rom.

          • Anonymous

            I have a question, what it she doing there in the first place? Was she there to protect Master Willem or was she sent to kill him?

            • Anonymous

              I just killed her! Eat that stupid Yurie of the waste! Now to die 1,000 more time to another fight, gotta blast.

              • Anonymous

                You can also aggro her then step through the fog wall (if you teleported away from Tom or died). Then you can easily kill her through the fog wall, it blocks her call beyond spell.

                • Anonymous

                  I didn't know she could visceral you!!? I've ONLY ever been visceralled by the Bloody Crow before. I wonder if all hunter enemies have the ability to do so? Or maybe it's just the stronger ones.

                  • Anonymous

                    was able to beat her by constantly parrying her attack and punishing with the tonitrus. dont get too far from her, getting hit with that magic spell *****in sucks

                    • Anonymous

                      I don' get it. Hunters are easy targets. This one has a large health, but who cares? You can perform viserals and stun them. Firstly I killed her with my Hunter Axe. I did not even know she is there. I was peacefully admiring wooden staircase when she attacked like mad, so I killed her. On NG+ she had to remember me, because she killed me instantly with A Call Beyond spell, so I took my Holy Blade, Beast Roar and took her scalp. Really easy fight. Just attack to 0 stamina, then use Beast Roar, repeat. How this hunter can kill most of the players more times than bosses? :D

                      • Anonymous

                        Ok I don't get it guys. Why does everyone knows her name? Where I can find the item in which her name is written? Why "Yurie"??

                        • Anonymous

                          Pin her in a corner hit her with a beast roar stunlock her with attacks until stamina is almost home then hit her with beast roar again. Repeat until dead

                          • Anonymous

                            When you make her chase you down the stairs, and then use the stairs as a cover in a merry-go-round, it might happen Yurie gets stuck due to wall clipping. Happened to me,she might still attack you but won't move any more so you get an easy kill. It happened like once per 10 fights, so just a rare glitch, but if you are lucky .... ;)

                            • Anonymous

                              Trigger her and then go through the fog wall after having met Rom, she should still be aggro and you can cheese her from behind the fog wall, just watch out for the rosmarinus because it can go through

                              • Get Blunderbuss and a fast weapon. Stunlock her with the weapon until you are out of stamina and then stunlock her with Blunderbuss until your stamina is full again. Rinse and repeat. Easy win.

                                • Anonymous

                                  This is going to sound crazy, but it worked for me. I used a +6 Hunter Pistol, and +6 Axe single hand.

                                  Run up there and start firing and swinging while locked, block her in the corner. R1 until the combo is done, shoot the pistol while your stamina recharges, repeat. Don't let her escape the corner. Should take less than a minute with those tools

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Step onto the staircase to trigger her inspection, then quickly duck under said staircase. She'll walk all the way to the bottom, then immediately turn around and head back up, into the circle of sofas where the chest containing the student uniform is, with her back to the player for an easy visceral. It probably won't kill her, but it'll help to reduce the time it takes to fight her, and hopefully she won't use her damn Call Beyond in that time, or spray you to death with the Rosmarinus.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      also if you trigger her movement and then hide, she'll go back to the treasure chest with her back open for a visceral, also calling damian will make thefight tremendously easier.

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