Parasitic Leech

Enemy Type
Thick Coldblood
Nightmare Frontier

Parasitic Leeches are enemies in Bloodborne. They can be found in the poisonous swamp of Nightmare Frontier . They come in two sizes.

Parasitic Leech Information




  • Parasitic Leech are exclusively found in the Nightmare Frontier's poison swamps. This makes engagements an intrinsically dangerous prospect, as the Hunter must deal with the continual build up of slow poison. Either set of Church Attire and poison resistance increasing runes are helpful here.
  • That said, the Parasitic Leech themselves do not inflict slow poison. They move slowly, and attack primarily by launching themselves at the Hunter over a short distance. These body blows are slow to wind up and can be easily evaded by moving to the side. Backstepping can be dangerous, as the Leech can continue to throw themselves at the Hunter over a deceptively long distance.
  • The smaller variety of Leeches have less health and do less damage. To compensate for this, they have access to an acidic projectile that will deal moderate damage and inflict rapid poison build-up. The smaller ones will puff themselves up and rear up before launching the projectile, giving the hunter plenty of time to move out of the way.
  • The larger Leeches do not have a long range projectile to utilize. Instead, their body blows are powerful and cover long distances, capable of staggering the Hunter to set up successive hits. They are also capable of inflicting rapid poison by rearing up and exposing their grotesque undersides, which releases a toxic cloud of gas that will cause significant build-up if stood in. This ability does not do any physical damage, so a perfectly viable tactic is to simply ignore the cloud and pile on damage while the Leech is vulnerable.
  • If the rapid poison gauge fills up, the Hunter will take a significant chunk of damage, like a more mild variation of Frenzy. Ideally, it should be avoided, but it is not the end of the world if the gauge fills up.

Notes & Trivia

  • The Parasite Leech shows a loose resemblance to Kos, they also have Messengers underneath.

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      I'm not sure about this, because i never really payed attention when i played, but in a video i saw something, what seems like Messengern in the mouth of the big ones when they spit their fast poisen.

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