Beast-Possessed Soul

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
2205*   Central Pthumeru Chalice Tempering Blood Gemstone (2) or Adept Blood Gemstone (2)
??   Bottom of the Healing Workshop Tower Beast Rune
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
106 106 106 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
106 70 50 70
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
120 180 Yes No

Beast-Possessed Soul (獣憑き Kemonotsuki lit. "Possessed Beast") is a Boss in Bloodborne.

Beast Possessed Soul Information

  • It is similar in appearance to the Loran Cleric found in Aling Loran Chalice.
  • Primarily utilizes pyromancy and melee attacks, can grow frenzied if grappled.
  • It may also appear as a regular enemy that respawns in higher difficulty dungeons.






Combat Information

  • Weak to Serrated but unlike the regular variant, not weak to Fire.
  • The Beast-possessed Soul utilizes a few fire-based attacks. Most commonly, it will channel and throw 2 fireballs at the hunter (low or no AoE).
  • Pungent Blood Cocktail distracts the beast-possessed soul briefly. Might require being in shorter range than Blood-starved Beast (might just be because of erratic movement).
  • The Beast-possessed Soul usually does a succession of 5 or 6 swipes in a row, which can be easily parried. It would continue the assault even if the hunter backs off and it whiffs.
  • Not only Blacksky Eye can cancel out its fireball projectile, whenever it get it repositions itself, one may exploit this and stagger it over and over again.
  • Do not let the grapple or bite be connected, or else the Beast-possessed Soul will grow frenzied by having a taste of blood.
  • It also has a lengthy parry window during its right hand leaping attack. Simply shoot in the middle of his leap.
  • If encountered in a room with pillars the fireballs can destroy some pillar if you try hiding behind them



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Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Claw Combo Back away and get a free hit at the end, or wait til second to last hit, dodge around, charge hit. Tough to get full charge. Riposte possible. try backing away and shooting when clawing. It has fast horizontal swipe and slow vertical slash variant.
Grapple Charged grapple, if connected, it will bite you and go frenzied.
Bite A sudden bite, if connected, it will go frenzied.
Fire Spray 90 degree cone. Comes from left to right (your pov).
Fire Balls Hurls one or two fireballs toward you, it can be cancelled out with Blacksky Eye.
Fire Punch Charges a slow but heavy punch with small fire explosion at the end. It does high damage but is very easy to dodge. When this enemy is encountered in thight corridors of high level dungeons this attack is much more dangerous than in open boss arenas.






    • Anonymous

      09 Aug 2018 21:52  

      Mine appeared to have more damage the longer fight has gone appearently his beasthood stat was building up after hitting me succesfully multiple times. at the start of the fight he needed 2 attacks to remove 70% and at the end 1 to remove 95% of my hp also, before "bloodlust" of bite kicked in

      • Anonymous

        20 Mar 2018 14:26  

        I was actually having trouble with this guy because if you get over confident with him its easy to get caught up in a combo and if your out of stamina and don't have much vitality that can be a problem, what turned this fight into a joke though was using an upgraded whirligig saw, bolt paper and the L2 attack, I love that weapon!

        • Anonymous

          28 May 2017 18:50  

          I just learned last night while exploring a Fetid/Rotted Loran chalice that apparently, other beasts do not like this guy. I woke one up expecting a scrap, but then from a door behind him came a scourge beast that just started fighting him FOR me, and they both fell to the lower level of the room and eventually the Beast-Possessed Soul killed the scourge beast... It was probably the weirdest thing I've seen in the game yet. I guess these beasts are the type that become "infected" thanks to their obsession with hunting other beasts. That would at least explain why it can use pyromancy.

          • Anonymous

            20 Feb 2017 19:07  

            I 4-Shot him with a fully upgraded pizza cutter (jumping R2 attack ONLY). Confirmed good method for STR builds.

            • Anonymous

              13 Jan 2017 02:13  

              Just kept backing off until he finished a combo, then nailed him with the beast cutter's R2. Took awhile, but it worked.

              • Anonymous

                Attack missing from list?05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                I don't know if someone already said this, but this boss also has a grab attack. He bites you and blissfully drinks your blood before becoming charged up and red (similar to foetid enemies)

                • Anonymous

                  same creature05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                  Location needs to be updated. He's not only found in dungeons. You can find a similar creature at bottom of the healing church workshop. He is not a boss, he is more like a "mini-boss" like the hostile hunters (normal but though enemy that dosent respawn)

                  • Anonymous

                    1st layer ailing loran05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                    found him on he first layer ailing loran chalice as a boss, and a glitch occurred during the fight. He tried to use the dual fireball throw spell while on a destroyed pillar, the second one hit the top of the pillar, and after casting he was stuck there. my first visceral attack wasn't even able to knock him free, and he couldn't turn around to attack me.

                    • Anonymous

                      Easy strategy in Chalice Dungeon05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                      Assuming you fight it in a room with pillars, here's an easy way to beat it. Step 1: Counter and V.Atk. Step 2: Run away and hide behind a pillar, out of sight Step 3: It'll try to find you, seemingly get bored, and then walk back to its starting position Step 4: Walk up and V.Atk. it again. Step 5: Repeat 2-4 until dead.

                      • Anonymous

                        beast posessed soul boss weakness05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                        Try the holy blade transformed on him. Something cool happens. He is afraid of it. You can then cheese him

                        • Anonymous

                          easy 2handed Ludwig's Blade tactic05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                          you can push him in to a corner and just hammer on him with the L2 to stagger him every time, having the Hunter rune helps because of faster stamina regain

                          • Anonymous

                            he can assist you05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                            he attacks other NPCs if you lead them to him or vice versa. this is obviously not the boss version

                            • Anonymous

                              How to MLG this boss05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                              This is by far, the most easy-to-parry boss in the game. All you have to do is just fire at him when he is attacking.

                              • Attack Patterns05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                                If both hands light up it willfling 2 fireballs, one hand seems to be a flame swath, and if it pulls a fist back and holds it with NO flames... Dodge. He has a flame attack he will pull occasionally where he charges up an explosive punch. With 1000 hp and decent defences it did around 950 or so, so is probably meant to finish off or one-hit. Other than the flame moves he can do a 4 swipe combo with good tracking on the 4th hit. He has a few swipe combos other than that, but strafing works fine. Boss has spawned on multiple occasions in a room with oil on the floors, so be careful of your footing.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Easy enough boss05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                                  Only came to this page to mention how great the image is, he's just happily waving hello :)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Souls Reference05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                                    Pyromancy using boss named Beast Possessed SOUL? Similar to Keeper of Old "Lords", who also is a pyromancer.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      One of my more memorable fights05 Jul 2016 14:54  

                                      I fought him in Ailing Loran and surprisingly I found him to be one of my favourite fights. It was somehow tense and I remember coming close to dying, particularly after his bite attack. The way he swallowed my hunter's blood and seemed almost possessed by it was terrifying. The music only added to the fight perfectly. The only other fight that comes close is the second to last boss in the game fought upon a field of white flowers. (I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't beaten the game yet.)

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