Blacksky Eye

Requirements & Scaling
Bullet Use
S 16 1

Blacksky Eye is a Hunter Tool in Bloodborne; it was added with the DLC The Old Hunters.


Blacksky Eye Description

"Soft eye blessed by a phantasm. They were discovered through Byrgenwerth's contact with the arcane, but in the end revealed nothing.
Deep within the eye lies a vast stretch of dark sky that rumbles with an endless meteor storm. The slightest rub of the tiny orb, and the rock will tumble and soar."


Blacksky Eye Usage

  • When activated, it fires a straightshot meteor-shaped Arcane projectile in a linear fashion (the projectile has no tracking what-so-ever.)



  • It's located in the balcony area of the Research Hall, accessed with the Balcony Key.
    • You will find it on a body sitting in a chair among the Lumenflower field.
    • Be careful of the enemies surrounding this area as they will attack on sight.


Player Notes

  • The Blacksky Eye is used as a powerful source of Arcane damage at an inexpensive cost of one Quicksilver Bullet.
    • It can stagger some humanoid and medium sized enemies repeatedly.
    • It's incapable of parrying enemies in order to Visceral Attack.
  • Due to its high Arcane scaling, it's worth investing high amounts into Arcane to maximize its potential.
  • The projectile launched is relatively fast, and best suited to targets at a medium range. Due to the lack of tracking, it can be difficult to hit moving targets at longer ranges.
    • Likewise, the lack of tracking makes it difficult to hit fast and smaller moving targets, or enemy Hunters in Player versus Player (PvP).
  • Unlike Firearm bullets, Blacksky Eye meteors don't suffer from bullet damage drop over distance.



  • It's unknown who exactly this eye belonged to, but the corpse's appearance reveals it as a patient.
    • A possibility is that it was once part of a skull that is now used as a Madman's Knowledge or Great One's Wisdom, as both items result in gaining Insight when used, and therefore an Arcane-based eye would have possibly come from these types of skulls.




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    • Anonymous

      you 100% cannot parry with this. BUT you can stagger an enemy into a "broken" state leaving them open to a visceral attack. anyone saying they parried with this is lying or deeply mistaken on game mechanics

      • Anonymous

        This article is wrong, I have parried with this before. Accidentally but I still did it. I use this spell a lot cause it's one of my fav's and it's happened a few times.

        • Anonymous

          This works wonders for the slimey things that drop on you in chalice dungeons, it seems to one-shot them regardless of your arcane level, aslong as you can use it.

          • Anonymous

            I wonder, could Rom's eyes be a bunch of Blacksky Eyes? Not to get too literal, but its eyes are solid black, and Rom possesses the ability to rain down--and up--a meteor storm upon the Hunter, as well as releasing arcane novae. If phantasms are the embodiment of ideas, it would make sense that Rom may have come into contact with them, metaphorically speaking.

            Though, the eyes of the Pthumerians are also solid black, and I don't recall any of them possessing snowy blue arcane attacks. Still, it seems unusual that blackened eyes appear in all of these apparently "enlightened" individuals.

            • Anonymous

              Lol, i saw the item description and imagined Exodus's "meteor" attack from Final Fantasy 12, then i read "has no tracking whatsoever" under the usage category and my hopes were shattered. Now i imagine boulder heave from ds3...

              • Anonymous

                I feel like, if Augur of Ebrietas can parry, this should be able to parry too. Since this item is essentially an arcane bullet.

                • Anonymous

                  I think more than any other item in the game the Black Sky Eye suffers from the Augur of Ebrietas getting buffed so hard. For the same bullet cost the Augur does noticeably more damage and has the added benefits of back stabbing, parrying, AND knocking enemies away if the first two effects don't trigger. It's only real advantage is range, but with the Augur's knock back effect there's no real danger in just letting enemies get a bit closer and taking the higher damage. Considering the eye's only purpose is to do damage I feel it'd be better to give it more damage than the Augur.

                  • Anonymous

                    Doing an Arcane/Blootinge build and this thing replaces my Evelyn most of the time. It's basically a gun that lets me have my torch out so I can see, I love it.

                    • Anonymous

                      I tried on the doll with 20 Arcane and it was 170~ damage. I can't believe its only 300 at 50 Arcane. Worst S scaling ever.

                      • Anonymous

                        This item stops the teleportation of Rom and prevent her from getting to second phase where she will start attacking , giving you the chance to kill her easily while she is deffenceless , just make sure to kill all the little spiders first .. The first time I encountered this method when I was fighting her in another hunter's world who summoned Old Hunter Mensis Scholar Damian , this old hunter used the Blacksky Eye from distance before and during Rom's teleportation and prevented her succefully , giving us the chance to kill her immediately .. I tried to do it myself and I managed to stop her while the beckoner kept hitting her until her health bar became in the middle , but then she got away , I think timing is essential .. My level 279 Arcane level 50 Need more testing to figure out the timing and maybe where the shots should mark ..

                        • Anonymous

                          Got this equipped with Moonlight Greatsword, Loch Shield and mostly armour. It was at this point I realised that, this far in the game, I'm still playing it like Dark Souls.

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