Beast Roar

Requirements & Scaling
Bullet Use
-- 15 2

Beast Roar is a Hunter Tool in Bloodborne.


Beast Roar Description

"One of the forbidden hunter tools made by Irreverent Izzy. Borrow the strength of the terrible undead darkbeasts, if only for a moment, to blast surrounding foes back with the force of a roaring beast.
The indescribable sound is broadcast with the caster's own vocal cords, which begs the question, what terrible things lurk deep within the frames of men?"


Beast Roar Usage

  • When activated, it creates an area of effect shockwave that knocks back foes.




Player Notes

  • Deals no damage.
  • The most common strategy it to employ this Hunter Tool as an anti-mob escape mechanism. An example of this would be the spiders that spawn from Rom, the Vacuous Spider, or other such enemies that are numerous and swarm the player.
    • Note: Some enemy types are incredibly aggressive and can quickly recover to attack you once more.
  • If timed correctly, it will deflect projectiles, both of physical and magical origins.
    • However, projectiles that have homing capabilities (such as those summoned via the Executioner's Gloves) are capable of reaquiring their targets after deflection.
  • Since activating Beast Roar doesn't consume stamina or stop regeneration, a popular use of the Beast Roar is to activate it when you have expended all your stamina to prevent an opponent from retaliating.
    • When paired with a fast weapon, this is very powerful against NPC hunters (or even players) by cornering and stunlocking them until they die.
  • It primarily works against small and humanoid-sized opponents. Larger enemies are often unaffected by the roar.
  • Due to the low Arcane requirement, the Beast Roar is very inexpensive to account for and use in many different builds.
    • The Beast Roar doesn't scale with any Attribute. It is one of four Hunter Tools in Bloodborne that doesn't have any scaling with Arcane.



  • The Beast's Embrace Caryll Rune grants Beast Claw users a special L2 "Feral Scream" ability that is similar to the Beast Roar, but has many differences in mechanics.
    • The Feral Scream ability instead boosts Beasthood. Both abilities can be employed to strengthen your combat potential.
    • Despite similar appearances, the Beast Roar sound is lower pitched and guttural growl, while the Feral Scream sound is a higher pitched, wailing scream.




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    • Anonymous

      I love using it against the damn rifle spear hunter in the side of cathedral ward. Trap him in a corner start smacking him when out of stamina scream. Hate that dude so ****ing much.

      • Anonymous

        The best way to use this is to spam an enemy with attacks until you're all out of stamina, then use beast roar to knock them down. Using it doesn't expend any stamina or halt regeneration. So you can safely regenerate your stamina while they are getting up

        • Anonymous

          Trivializes most npc hunter fights completely! Doesn't work reliably against Gehrman or the ones in dlc's first area, but yeah, Maria gets owned by this too.

          • Anonymous

            Does it work like dark souls 3? In that it sends the player opponent flying in the direction your character is facing?

            • Anonymous

              I accidentally found its best use: knocking the machine gun guy in old yharna, off his stupid tower thus one shooting him lol

              • Anonymous

                For those wondering, it is found in the hut that you reach if you continue running forward after the caged dogs next to the cave to iosefkas clinic, Be aware that the hut has one of those sack guys if you've defeated BSB.

                • Anonymous

                  Is this tool useless when compared to the Beast's Embrace's scream (which cost no bullet)?

                  Or is it better in any way?

                  • Anonymous

                    when you get to the wall with the small gate that you can just walk around to the left of that is a bunch of flowers follow that trail left and up to the dog cages left of dogs is iosefka back enterance, >to the right of dogs is the beast roar guarded by a bag boy<

                    • Anonymous

                      The easiest way to subdue pesky hunters that are outmenouvering you. Just dash in, roar, then dash in again as they fall backward. As soon as u reach them, ull have enough time to either heal, charge attack, or begin a combo. Repeat as necessary (limited effectiveness against some boss hunters such as Maria and German, but often still knocks them back when they charge in for an aggressive combo).

                      • Anonymous

                        i read/heard somewhere that this thing increases force or something when matched with the beast claws and runes?

                        • One thing I don't remember for sure if is this tool actually gives you hyper armor while its being activated. I'll have to run some tests on that.

                          • Anonymous

                            I had thought that this may have something to do with the beast mode/transformation. Fill your bar with Beast Claw then do a Beast Roar?

                            • Anonymous

                              Can knck down players in pvp, but take note of lag as you might need to cast it early. Can't deflect the following: A Call Beyond projectiles, Tiny Tonitrus, Flame Sprayer, Rosmarinus, and Augur of Ebrietas. Can deflect every other projectile-including Executioner's Gloves, Canon, fireballs (big and small), Shotgun blasts (Rifle Spear, Blunderbuss, Ludwig's rifle), and poison (poison shot by snakes in Forbidden Forest), Note: Amygdala's lasers are not projectiles, big enemies won't get stunned, and Beast Roar has a lingering hitbox (Beast Roar's "roar" will continue for a second after initial cast). Hope this clears up some questions.

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