Empty Phantasm Shell

 Empty Phantasm Shell x
Requirements & Scaling
Bullet Use
-- 15 3

Empty Phantasm Shell is a Hunter Tool.


Empty Phantasm Shell Description

"Empty invertebrate shell that is said to be a familiar of a Great One. The Healing Church has discovered a great variety of invertebrates, or phantasms, as they are called.
Shells with slime still harbour arcane power, and can be rubbed on weapons to imbue them with their strength."







  • Empty shells are often times the result of a creature who died and thus left the shell abandoned. Due to the Healing Church's experimentation with phantasms (and by extention, the Choir), it's possible these shells are all that's left of "failed experiments," other than the ones that were possibly discovered in the Chalice Dungeons.




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    • 05 Jul 2016 08:47  

      I don't quite have a full understanding on which DLC weapons can actually be buffed, but when I do find out, this page will be completed.

      IMO, this is an underrated arcane tool for the "poor man's arcane build." When you plan on running only 15 arcane for the Old Hunter Bone and Beast Roar (and the Messenger's Gift technically speaking), you get this tool as a free bonus. It can certainly be useful for buffing your weapon against enemies who are vulnerable to arcane when you're not running a 50 point arcane build.

      • Anonymous

        05 Jul 2016 08:47  

        It only adds 80 arcane damage, I attacked the doll and I was only doing 15 more damage. I know it does more damage against enemies with arcane weakness but I just feel like it should be stronger.

        • Anonymous

          05 Jul 2016 08:47  

          Used Ludwig's. Stand to his side as much as possible. Dodge attacks as they come, stab with R2 in regular sword mode. Try to save hitting the tumor still the end. Try to get him in a mode where the only move he uses is the spinning chains... dodge as soon as they come at you. Rinse and repeat until 25% health. At 25% health, you can try the same, but the timing changes for the chians. I backed up, used oil urn --> molotovs then poison knives until he died. Used 0 blood vials and I was around lvl 75 with 20 str, 35 skill, +7 ludwig's.

          • Anonymous

            05 Jul 2016 08:47  

            God ***** this buff is loud! So annoying sound that i rarely use it. Really hope they tone down the sound in future patches

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