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Blood Bullet is a form of Ammunition in Bloodborne.

Blood Bullet Usage

  • This type of ammo is used to preserve your Quicksilver Bullets count, although it costs 30% of your health per usage.
    • Five Blood Bullets are added when you press up on the D-pad, and once loaded the Blood Bullets will take priority over QS Bullets.
    • Firearms or Hunter Tools that require more ammo than your Blood Bullet count will consume the remaining amount from your QS Bullets.
    • You will be unable to add more Blood Bullets if your health is below 30%.
  • More Blood Bullets can be added when your Blood Bullet count drops below five.
    • Keep in mind that using the technique will consume the same amount of health, regardless of how many Blood Bullets you had originally.
    • It will also reset your Blood Bullet count to five, regardless of how many Blood Bullets you had beforehand.
    • In general, it's best to first use up your current Blood Bullets before making new ones; otherwise the original Blood Bullets will be wasted.
  • You can be strategic when adding Blood Bullets by using the Rally mechanic.
  • If you die or otherwise return to the Hunter's Dream, any remaining Blood Bullets will disappear.


  • The Blood Bullet technique is available from the start of the game.


  • The Blood Bullet technique is very useful for builds that will consume a great deal of ammunition in a playthrough.
    • It cuts down on the amount of QS Bullets you end up using, making it an economical choice as long as you find a way to make up for the health cost.
    • For Firearms/Hunter Tools that take multiple bullets, this technique can help make it possible to get more uses out of them.
  • Blood Bullets do not transfer "between worlds", meaning that if you have Blood Bullets and are beckoned for co-operation or PvP you will no longer have them.
    • However, they will be saved in your own world, so if you've used them right before being beckoned, you will still have the remaining Blood Bullets before you were summoned.


  • Blood Bullets are "grasped" with a left hand gesture when the procedure is done.
    • It also produces a blood red aura.
    • When Patch 1.07 was released, it made this animation more noticeable.

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    • Anonymous

      The trivia part is wrong, the hunter loads his weapon by stabbing his left leg with a needle, like how you gain hp from the vials. See it in slow motion and from close to see it.

      • Anonymous

        is there a damage increase from the use of these bullets? i feel like it is a bit more damaging than standar bullets... new to the game btw and not very sure because range affect damage of bullets

        • Anonymous

          Using CALL BEYOND can we stack to: Call Quic.Blood Bey. Silv. Bullets 0 20 +5 25 1 25 -7 18 2 18 +5 23 3 23 -7 16 4 16 +5 21 5 21 -7 14 6 14 +5 19 7 19 -7 12 8 12 +5 17 9 17 -7 10 10 10 +5 15 11 15 -7 8 12 8 +5 13 13 13 -7 6 14 6 +5 11 15 11 -7 4 16 4 +5 9 17 9 -7 2 18 2 +5 7 19 7 -7 0 19 times????

          • Anonymous

            Wearing the Knight's Set diminues the cost of the creation of the Blood Bullets.
            Using Blood Potion will restors more health than used during the creation.

            • Anonymous

              Didn't notice this before, but when you make blood bullets, your character is actually stabbing their left leg with some sort of syringe. You're literally making the bullets out of your blood, hence why it takes health.

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