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Blood Bullet is a form of Ammunition in Bloodborne.

Blood Bullet Usage

  • This type of ammo is used to preserve your Quicksilver Bullets count, although it costs 30% of your health per usage.
    • Five Blood Bullets are added when you press up on the D-pad, and once loaded the Blood Bullets will take priority over QS Bullets.
    • Firearms or Hunter Tools that require more ammo than your Blood Bullet count will consume the remaining amount from your QS Bullets.
    • You will be unable to add more Blood Bullets if your health is below 30%.
  • More Blood Bullets can be added when your Blood Bullet count drops below five.
    • Keep in mind that using the technique will consume the same amount of health, regardless of how many Blood Bullets you had originally.
    • It will also reset your Blood Bullet count to five, regardless of how many Blood Bullets you had beforehand.
    • In general, it's best to first use up your current Blood Bullets before making new ones; otherwise the original Blood Bullets will be wasted.
  • You can be strategic when adding Blood Bullets by using the Rally mechanic.
  • If you die or otherwise return to the Hunter's Dream, any remaining Blood Bullets will disappear.


  • The Blood Bullet technique is available from the start of the game.


  • The Blood Bullet technique is very useful for builds that will consume a great deal of ammunition in a playthrough.
    • It cuts down on the amount of QS Bullets you end up using, making it an economical choice as long as you find a way to make up for the health cost.
    • For Firearms/Hunter Tools that take multiple bullets, this technique can help make it possible to get more uses out of them.
  • Blood Bullets do not transfer "between worlds", meaning that if you have Blood Bullets and are beckoned for co-operation or PvP you will no longer have them.
    • However, they will be saved in your own world, so if you've used them right before being beckoned, you will still have the remaining Blood Bullets before you were summoned.


  • Blood Bullets are "grasped" with a left hand gesture when the procedure is done.
    • It also produces a blood red aura.
    • When Patch 1.07 was released, it made this animation more noticeable.

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