Tiny Tonitrus is a Hunter Tool.

Tiny Tonitrus

Requirements & Scaling
Bullet Use
S 25 6


Tiny Tonitrus Description

"Tiny Tonitrus is a unique weapon crafted by Archibald, the infamous eccentric of the Healing Church workshop.
This is a similar morning star mace that utilizes Quicksilver Bullets. When struck into the ground, it recreates the blue sparks that are said to surround the darkbeasts.
Like Archibald's masterpiece, this too is a superb conductor of the powerful blue sparks."


Tiny Tonitrus Usage

  • This Hunter Tool summons several lightning strikes that travels directly in front of the caster for a considerable distance.
  • The range of the lightning strikes is comparable to the distance of a pistol shot in Bloodborne.
  • It has an incredibly high scaling with Arcane at S rank.
  • As a result, it's recommended to invest heavily in Arcane if you plan to use this Hunter Tool frequently.
  • For Hunter Tools that have scaling Arcane, the suggested end-game amount is 50 to take advantage of the damage caps.



  • From Yahar'gul Chapel Lamp: First turn around 90 degrees to the left, run up the stairs where all the Graveyard Hags are, and look on the left side wall for a ledge to drop on so that you can enter the door way.
  • Outside of the cage in the center of the room is a chest that contains the Tiny Tonitrus, but beware of the Brick Troll that guards the chest.


Player Notes

  • The Tiny Tonitrus is an obvious choice when dealing with enemies vulnerable against bolt damage.
  • Quicksilver Bullet usage can be compensated by creating Blood Bullets, resulting in 20 shots total (granted that you are not using specialized runes).
  • You can also stack Formless Oedon runes to increase the possible amount.
  • Oedon Writhe runes can also help to replenish ammunition. Although you may have to use QS bullets if you plan to parry opponents, any viseral attack is an option, including backstabs and crippling certain bosses such as wounding the Cleric Beast's head.
  • This Hunter Tool is devastating against mobs, especially when fighting in narrow passages.
  • As a result, it can be incredibly useful in chalice dungeons while baiting opponents.
  • In PVP, it can be tricky to use successfully since opponents can easy sidestep to avoid the lighting strikes, but nontheless it can be a dangerous tool in skilled hands.
  • The lightning it projects appears to be capable of clipping through certain solid objects, occasionally even low walls.



  • Tonitrus is Latin word meaning "thunder"
  • Since the Tiny Tonitrus summons lightning from the sky/atmosphere, it has a similar design to a lightning rod, albeit that it instead fires multiple lightning strikes in front of the caster rather than absorbing their power.
  • Like the Tonitrus, the Tiny Tonitrus is a nod to Nikola Tesla, a famous inventer who is known for several inventions that revolved around electricity and the ability to harness its power.
  • The Tiny Tonitrus was likely designed after an aspergillum , or "holy water sprinkler".
  • In Leviticus, an aspergillum is used to purify lepers, but instead of holy water, the priest uses the blood of a bird.




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    • Anonymous

      Large enemies lie rom or watchdog of the old lords can receive multiple lighting strikes, wich can result in higher damage than a call beyond when used against kin

      • Recently finished NG on my Arcane build, and this little guy was an absolute lifesaver so many times. The ability to back up and throw lightning from a distance is great, especially when clearing mobs like the Celestial Emissary fight (but who really struggles there?). At 50 Arcane, it was hitting for roughly 750 damage per bolt, and since I wasn't using my pistol for much besides the occasional parry, I found myself using more bullets for the TT than anything else. Even after picking up Call Beyond, this was my go-to for ranged damage, and it even staggered Logarius on a hit, which gave me the second I needed to heal.

        I rate this bad boy.

        • Anonymous

          The qs bullet cost of this makes it less than mediocre. It'll eat through your quicksilver bullets and give you little damage in return.

          • Anonymous

            Honestly the bullet cost should be 4. It can be useful in certain situations such as narrow hallways, but the bullet-to-damage ratio and the slower wind-up means that you'll most likely always have a better hunter tool to occupy an item slot.

            • Anonymous

              Not sure about, "For Hunter Tools that have scaling Arcane, the suggested end-game amount is 50 to take advantage of the damage caps". Arcane tools keep scaling well enough all the way to 99 don't they?

              • Anonymous

                Lol, the Nikola Tesla "souce" is wikipedia. Anyways, putting that aside, it doesn't matter what Nikola Tesla accomplished, the argument wasn't "they aren't similar inventions in theme", it was "there is no substantial evidence that inspiration was taken from Nikola Tesla in the design of the Tiny Tonitrus". If you want to respond to what i said PROPERLY, try to cite some quotes from the game designer emplying such or some text from the concept art? Something. Not just "these look similar so this took inspiration from this". Dicks have been around longer than popsicles, are popsicles designed with inspiration from Dicks because they're shaped similar. As far as my misuse of the word "absorb", the definition of "absorb" is: "to take in or soak up (energy, or a liquid or other substance) by chemical or physical action, typically gradually.", so no, i wasn't using the wrong word. The lightning rod TAKES IN the lightning PHYSICALLY. Again, the idea is that a lightning rod TAKES IN the lightning, not SHOOTS IT OUT, so comparing the two is reaching at best.

                • Anonymous

                  All the trivia but the 1st point is retarded and baseless, point 2 compares it to a lightning rod while admitting it doesn't work in the only way a lightning rod is supposed to work (It doesn't absorb lightning, lightning rods are called that literally BECAUSE of that function. It is only a lightning rod in the sense that it is a rod with lightning elemental properties, it was compared to an actual real life lighting rod ), point 3 says that both tonitri are nods to nikola tesla? Sources please. Point 4 says an in game item was "likely dedigned after" -insert real life inspiration-, which is just sheer speculation and shouldn't be referenced as a notable point of trivia. Again, Sources please. Point 5 is completely irrelevant to the game, it's about religion for crying out loud, and is only even worth looking at if point 4 is substantiated... Can you guys NOT just post whatever thoughts that popped out of your heads 5 minutes ago as actual canon trivia?

                  • "For Hunter Tools that have scaling Arcane, the suggested end-game amount is 50 to take advantage of the damage caps."

                    The recommended amount of Arcane for scaling Hunter Tools is 70 minimum, with 99 as an option if you can spare the levels for it. This is because their scaling increases past 50 instead of slowing down like weapons do. Nobody ever recommends using Hunter Tools at 50 Arcane, because at that point the damage is too low to be worth the bullet cost.

                    • Anonymous

                      I picked this item up but I never seemed to got it. Looked in the vendor to see if I had to buy it but it's gone, and the chest is now empty

                      • Anonymous

                        Step one "turn around" to what? your guide sucks from the start. Place a video or be more descriptive because an "about face" does nothing but meet a wall.

                        • Anonymous

                          Why its so absurdly underpowered? 50 arcane,600 damage against mobs for 6 bullets,thats 2 swings from my weapon,3-4 bullets from an Evelyn in a bloodtinge build and an r2 from a quality ludwigs.....From why? It mades soul bolt and WDB look top tier...

                          • Hmmm....I'm really 50/50 on the usage of his item on arcane builds. On the one hand, it's extremely useful in chalice dungeons/areas where narrow passages are common and there's no doubting the deeps this item can do. On the flip side, it's rather tricky to use in PVP because many people who are experienced in fighting arcane users will know to dodge to the side (which is effective against the arcane sprayer weapons and moving around helps you dodge the homing arcane damage tools).

                            Anyways, did some cleaning up on the page. At the end of the day, this item would've made Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla proud.

                            • Anonymous

                              This thing absolutely destroys those 2 bosses because of their bolt weakness even with the minimum required arcane. It also takes care of their minions :D

                              • Anonymous

                                This baby absolutely melts foes of all kind. What use to make me swear and throw my controller is now a puddle of ooze. The runes that increase vials and bullets help for these outrageously expensive bullet usages

                                • Anonymous

                                  This item has single-handedly won me almost every match. All you do is land a visceral attack, and the second you can us this item just make sure you're locked on and this will follow them out of their roll. Or better yet it will hit them before they roll (like, most of the time). Seriously, this item here makes STR/ARC builds viable. Who the hell needs increased visceral damage when you can one-shot them every time?

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