Formless Oedon

A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth.
The Great One Oedon, lacking form, exists only in voice, and is symbolized by this rune.

Those who memorize it enjoy a larger supply of Quicksilver Bullets.
Human or no, the oozing blood is a medium of the highest grade, and the essence of the formless Great One.
Both Oedon, and his inadvertent worshippers, surreptitiously seek the precious blood.

Formless Oedon is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


Formless Oedon Effects

  • Higher Quicksilver Bullet max. Max QS bullets held UP.
  • Versions: +1, +2, +3, +4, +5






Notes & Trivia

  • To memorize this rune, you must have the Rune Workshop Tool
  • One of only two runes to have five different versions (the other being Communion)
  • Glyph (+2): vy8hiwxx (First Layer pre-boss side room) Sinister
  • Glyph (+2): 868i2ga3 (Third layer pre-boss side room) Fetid & Rotted rites
  • Glyph (+5): wikifcsa (First layer) Fetid, Rotted & Cursed rites
  • Glyph (+5): 6aima33e (First layer side-room, right after chamber of the seal) Cursed Rite, but no difficult enemies along the way
  • Glyph (+5): dm3dhxf5 (Layer 1 before the first lamp) Sinister Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice (Sinister Bell).
  • Stacking all three Runes allows one to have up to 4 shots for the Cannon combined with the use of Blood Bullets.


Caryll Runes
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    • Anonymous

      To be honest Oedon writhe is better for viscerals madmen amongst the players.
      But these runes are best for bloodtinge and canon and church canon runs

      • Anonymous

        Meaningless rune.
        Formless Oedon is a Caryll Rune +5: 5X QS bullets
        Communion is a CaryII Rune +5(Max vials held UP +5): 25X bullets
        Funny :)

        • +4 layer 3, before blue gate in Rotted (FR) Lower Pthumerian: 77d9fbxd

          Getting lots of goodies here. I already posted the same Glyph for a Great One Coldblood.

          • Anonymous

            I crafted a Sinister Lower Pthumeru dungeon that had Formless Oedon +2 on I think pre-bonus layer 2. The dungeon also had an Uncanny Rifle Spear, Lost Saw Spear and Uncanny Kirkhammer throughout the bonus areas. Glyph is efdg2weg.

            • Anonymous

              +5 Odeon in a Ihyll root chalice FDC off room prior to first boss, also +5 communion off first side room: sph2z8bi

              • Anonymous

                I found a +5 in a Ihyll root chalice with no offerings I made if anyone is interested. Glyph qwa2rnp8. It's in layer 1 first side room with no difficult enemies in the way. Top tier Heir rune is in layer 2 first side room and Lost Chikage is in the first side room of layer 3.

                • Anonymous

                  There's really no other way to get the one from Agatha? I'm just testing stuff for what's gonna be my real 100% file and the way he says "I just wanted to help people" seriously broke my heart. He doesn't just give it to you somehow?

                  • Anonymous

                    When doing the vy8hiwxx glyph for the +2 version, the first area bonus room has an Uncanny Kirkhammer (the area is fairly easy too)

                    • Anonymous

                      These are some codes that you might be looking for 2xe8g93y FR lower hintertomb Deep Sea+100 pre-boss layer 1 3zcvutw8 FRC cursed pthumerian defilement Blood Rapture+250 pre-boss layer 1 vxnwjixk FRC cursed pthumerian defilement Lake+5% pre-boss layer 1 279c3aqs R lower loran Beast+100 pre-lamp layer 1 2r8ghidm S lower hintertomb Great Deep Sea+50 pre-boss layer 2 p3anuwen lower pthumerian Formless Oedon+2 pre-lamp layer 2 PS. Thank you for people who have created all these dungeons

                      • Anonymous

                        You can find a +5 version in this chalice dungeon [6aima33e] its on the first layer right when you enter it go to the bonus area before the first lamp. Brainsucker is guarding it and the enemies are weak, its cursed though.

                        • Anonymous

                          Heard the little girl drops this one if you send her to the clinic. Is it true you absolutely HAVE to glitch through the forest door to get it?

                          • Anonymous

                            4dgdfu9q The rune is in the first subdungeon before the boss room. The place is still rotted and fetid, mind you, because come on, what's Bloodborne without a little challenge? Also treat yourself to Heir, sweet blood gems, and Clockwise Metamorphosis later on.

                            • Anonymous

                              Finally edited the wiki to reflect that indeed, there are five versions of this rune (the +2 version was missing). Also added a glyph to that obscure rune. Since there are three existing versions better than it, likely only the completionist will concern themselves with getting the +2 version. But I know such people are out there - I'm one of them! (P.S. Bloodborne's Platinum is a little disappointing in how easy it is to get... you don't even need to collect 100% of the runes!)

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