Fading Lake

A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth.
This transcription of the Great Ones' inhuman voices ripples like a watery reflection.

This rune means "Lake," and those branded by it enjoy augmented defense.
Great volumes of water serve as a bulwark guarding sleep, and an augur of the eldritch Truth.
Overcome this hindrance, and seek what is yours.

Fading Lake is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


Fading Lake Effects

  • Increases Fire defense. Fire DMG Reduction
  • Versions: +5% / +7% / +10%
  • Increases in Fire defenses are visible in the menu
  • Runes stack additively, with a system of diminishing returns.
  • When a rune stacks, its effect is reduced by 10% of "what's already there".
  • For instance if Fire defense is already 200, then the increase will be reduced by 20 Fire defense.
  • +10% Fire defense = +100 Fire defense, which will become +80 if Fire defense is already 200.






  • To memorize this rune, you must have the Rune Workshop Tool
  • Fading Lake + 7% - Chalice Glyph: 9d6vhapi (Layer 1: pre-boss loot room; also Uncanny Tonitrus in Layer 1 pre-lamp side area), r4qs4gux (Layer 3), fddm4rz7 (layer 2, pre-boss bonus area)
  • Fading Lake + 10% - Chalice Glyph: kkqmduet (Layer 2), 2ufsqve2 (Layer 1, Loot room directly after Chamber of the Seal. Run straight through all the doors)



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    • Anonymous

      I'm still not shure how it works, the glyphs works in any of the gravestones? Or is a specific one for the glyph?

      • Anonymous

        Rotten Lower Loran [s49gj4bc] (F/R/-) L1: Fading Lake+10% L3: Uncanny Blade of Mercy L4: Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis+20% L2 main room has a strange shape. Two rooms are concatenated to one.

        • Anonymous

          FRC Loran dskffdu5, very easy to reach. L1 Fading Lake, L2 Stunning Deep Sea, L3 Lost Beast Claw, L4 Uncanny Burial Blade and Lost Tonitrus. Ritual materials: 20 Ritual Blood 5, 12 Tomb Mould 5, 24 Blooming Flowers, 10 Bastards of Loran and 4 Red Jelly. Bosses: Beast-possessed Soul, Undead Giant (chains), Loran Darkbeast and Amygdala.

          • Anonymous

            +7% - 5njfipyu

            Layer 1, at the end of the first side-section before the lamp. Very few enemies in the way, with the only real threat being a Bone Ash Hunter so its rather easy to reach. The same dungeon also holds a Lost Rifle Spear in Layer 4, inside a sarcophagus. I'll try to leave it up, so I hope it helps.

            • Anonymous

              J2uymeiv. +10 fading lake at the very first bonus room. Also has clawmark+30 at the bonus room before boss. Both on layer 1

              • Anonymous

                Before, the 9d6vhapi glyph was listed as containing both the +7% and +10% versions of the runes. Obviously, this isn't possible - and I can confirm that the dungeon actually DOES contain the +7% version. I've updated the page to reflect this.

                • Anonymous

                  2ufsqve2 Glyph is for real. Fading Lake +10% in first bonus room, literally 2 enemies to fight and the rune is yours.

                  • Anonymous

                    In the Layer 1 pre-area there's an Uncanny Burial Blade and in the Layer 1 pre-boss area there's the Dissipating Lake +10% You're welcome :)

                    • Anonymous

                      It dropped for me in lower loran root chalic dungeon when I offered everything at the chalic , first layer if I remember

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