Oedon Chapel Dweller

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Cathedral Ward Formless Oedon

The Oedon Chapel Dweller is a friendly NPC that lives in the Cathedral Ward.
He is blind. Upon speaking to him, he tells the Hunter that the incense in the Chapel Ward keeps the beasts away, and he compels the Hunter to advise anybody looking for a safe place to stay the night to come to the Oedon Chapel. Once survivors start arriving, he comments on what he makes of their character, and how willing they are to converse with him.






Upon first arriving:

Ahh, a hunter are ya? Very sorry, the incense must've masked your scent. Good, good. I've been waiting for one of your ilk. These hunts have everyone all locked up inside. Waiting for it to end... It always does, always has, y'know. Since forever. But it won't end very nicely, not this time. Even some folks hiding inside are goin' bad. The screams of wimminfolk, the stench of blood, the snarls of beasts... none of em's too uncommon now. Yharnam's done fer, I tell ya. But if you spot anyone with their wits about 'em... Tell 'em about this here Oedon Chapel. They'll be safe here. The incense wards off the beasts. Spread the word... tell 'em to come on over. If you wouldn't mind... Hee hee..."

General Dialogue (A):

Ahh, the hunter. Alive and well, are ya? This here's a safe place. Stay as long as you like. But... next time you're out on a hunt, remember what I asked. If you find any sane survivors, tell 'em to seek shelter at Oedon Chapel. Cause there's nothing to fear here... ha, hah ha!"

General Dialogue (B):

I know I shouldn't be askin' you, but... If you happen upon someone while hunting, tell 'em about this here Oedon Chapel. If they seem worth being told that is... Oh, and I do sincerely hope they are... Hee hee hee hee hee..."

Notes & Trivia

  • Note on gender discussion: in the German version of the game the Oedon Chapel Dweller is synchronized by a male voice actor. In the Spanish and Brazilian version it's dubbed by a male as well.
  • The Skeptical Man mentions him as a male. Additionally, clipping though his game model reveals no breasts.
  • He has nothing but good intentions, designed to put you off by appearance. He is extremely distraught whenever any of the survivors die and even asks to be friends with you after you bring in all possible survivors. If killed, presumably with nothing left to lose nor any reason to lie, his dying words are that he just wanted to help people.

    • Anonymous

      15 Mar 2018 16:13  

      I walked by him like four times and didn't even notice him, come the fifth time, I notice him and he scares the***** out of me. I mashed him with a full force Kirkhammer blow. I tell my friends on I just whack-a-mole'd some weird looking goblin in the church only to receive massive backlash and reticule from them. I hear the chappel dweller utter out the words "I just wanted to help people." as he dies. My friends still insult me to this day for my actions.

      • Anonymous

        10 Mar 2018 03:28  

        Oh I'm so glad I never hurt him I was always just suspicious and kept my guard up now I even feel bad for that. Sweet man thing....

        • Anonymous

          07 Jan 2018 08:36  

          "If killed, presumably with nothing left to lose nor any reason to lie, his dying words are that he just wanted to help people."

          Easily the saddest thing in the game. If you haven't seen it, don't. It's not worth the heartache.

          • Anonymous

            12 Dec 2017 01:31  

            What if he looks the way he does because he made contact with "Formless" Oedon? I mean... he has his Carryl Rune... and he does resemble the almost formless remains of a human, ALSO he is the only NPC to originally reside in "Oedon Chapel". I don't see this connection made anywhere else and thought it worth mentioning.

            • Anonymous

              22 Nov 2017 12:49  

              After two NPC's die, he makes mention of his "mum," which I thought was strangely endearing despite the context.

              Personally, I don't think there's anything special about him, other than the fact that he's not special whatsoever. Despite being completely unexceptional, he's doing all he can to help the people of Yharnam through simple acts of hospitality. Most Yharnamites believe the Hunt is the only way to save the city, when in fact it's the one thing perpetuating the nightmare. His benevolence is completely unmatched, but his potential is entirely overlooked by the citizens, who evidently believe him to be a mere waste of skin.

              • Anonymous

                18 Jul 2017 09:10  

                So apparently, after filling up the Chapel with all friendly NPCs, his dialogue changes if you kill him. Instead of saying "I only wanted to help people," he says "I only wanted to be your friend."

                And y'know what made that text even more heartbreaking? I killed everyone else in the chapel and he thought it was all his fault. He also says that his mother stated that he couldn't help people so he starts apologizing to the gods for mercy while crying. The things you gotta do to get all the items for that completionist feel v.v

                • Anonymous

                  25 May 2017 17:35  

                  Got him and everyone in the chapel killed because I didn't know about the beggar guy, blind runs can be hard sometimes, in more ways than one. Killed him and got revenge though

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Mar 2017 06:17  

                    I had the old lady, skeptical man, Arianna, adella and chapel dweller in the chapel. After defeating Mergo, all of them were dead. No suspicious beggar, killed him in the woods. And Arianna was already post-partum and dead. Is this normal for all of them to die post-mergo?

                    • Anonymous

                      10 Jan 2017 04:28  

                      If you've killed the chapel dweller and send the old lady to the church - and kill her - he comes back l to life.

                      • Anonymous

                        Interesting scenario.18 Aug 2016 05:17  

                        So I just loaded up the game and went to walk on the elevator to the right, but that whole area had failed to load in properly yet, causing me to fall to my death. A little salt later I decided it was no big deal, I could quickly recover them and be on my way once the elevator loaded in. But they were gone. After searching for too long, I noticed the chapel dweller's eyes were glowing, like that of an enemy who has your blood echoes. I found this small thing interesting as that must mean the game registered him as an enemy for him to take the echoes like that.

                        • Anonymous

                          DID YOU JUST ASSUME ITS GENDER ??!!!06 Aug 2016 20:03  

                          Let him be a queergender duck flying cockroach but stop assuming his gender

                          • Anonymous

                            incense urn31 Jul 2016 21:01  

                            notice when i broke the urns they contain human either this guys killed all the survivors from last hunt and use them as incense urn or he just a necrophilia...

                            • Anonymous

                              Killed him16 Jul 2016 09:33  

                              i feel so bad about killing him and the old lady i wish i could redo it so i didnt kill them :,(

                              • Anonymous

                                Gender05 Jul 2016 14:50  

                                I can confirm that even in the Italian version of the game the voice of the Oedon Chapel Dweller is masculine.

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