Oedon Chapel Dweller

General Info
Location Drops
Cathedral Ward Formless Oedon

The Oedon Chapel Dweller is a friendly NPC that lives in the Cathedral Ward.
He is blind. Upon speaking to him, he tells the Hunter that the incense in the Chapel Ward keeps the beasts away, and he compels the Hunter to advise anybody looking for a safe place to stay the night to come to the Oedon Chapel. Once survivors start arriving, he comments on what he makes of their character, and how willing they are to converse with him.






Upon first arriving:

Ahh, a hunter are ya? Very sorry, the incense must've masked your scent. Good, good. I've been waiting for one of your ilk. These hunts have everyone all locked up inside. Waiting for it to end... It always does, always has, y'know. Since forever. But it won't end very nicely, not this time. Even some folks hiding inside are goin' bad. The screams of wimminfolk, the stench of blood, the snarls of beasts... none of em's too uncommon now. Yharnam's done fer, I tell ya. But if you spot anyone with their wits about 'em... Tell 'em about this here Oedon Chapel. They'll be safe here. The incense wards off the beasts. Spread the word... tell 'em to come on over. If you wouldn't mind... Hee hee..."

General Dialogue (A):

Ahh, the hunter. Alive and well, are ya? This here's a safe place. Stay as long as you like. But... next time you're out on a hunt, remember what I asked. If you find any sane survivors, tell 'em to seek shelter at Oedon Chapel. Cause there's nothing to fear here... ha, hah ha!"

General Dialogue (B):

I know I shouldn't be askin' you, but... If you happen upon someone while hunting, tell 'em about this here Oedon Chapel. If they seem worth being told that is... Oh, and I do sincerely hope they are... Hee hee hee hee hee..."

Notes & Trivia

  • Note on gender discussion: in the German version of the game the Oedon Chapel Dweller is synchronized by a male voice actor. In the Spanish and Brazilian version it's dubbed by a male as well.
  • The Skeptical Man mentions him as a male. Additionally, clipping though his game model reveals no breasts.
  • If you deal damage to him without killing him (can be done with a pebble or just clipping him with the blunderbuss), then talk to him, he'll give you a pebble.
  • He has nothing but good intentions, designed to put you off by appearance. He is extremely distraught whenever any of the survivors die and even asks to be friends with you after you bring in all possible survivors. If killed, presumably with nothing left to lose nor any reason to lie, his dying words are that he just wanted to help people.

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    • 22 May 2021 16:34  

      Wow. The trigger on the PS4 controller is sensitive. I dropped my controller and killed about the only truly decent character in the game. I should have been more careful after shooting the Doll. May the good blood guide his way and so on.

      • Anonymous

        30 Apr 2021 18:42  

        Does the Dweller die from that bandage head guy from forbidden woods because i sent that guy to the catheral ward and the. Dweller is dead. I think i made a mistake

        • Anonymous

          25 Mar 2021 13:02  

          "Additionally, clipping though his game model reveals no breasts."

          Thank you Fextra. Now I can finally rest.

          • Anonymous

            01 Dec 2020 19:41  

            It pains me so much that this guy holds one of the Oedon Writhe Runes necessary to obtain all runes and 100% of the game. It doesn't state his death dialogue here but as far as I'm concerned he has two pieces of Diaglogue depending on the actions of the player.

            If the Player kills him 1st: "I just wanted to help... people...."
            If the player kills him after another NPC is killed and his questline is finished: "I only wanted...to be your...friend."

            There might be more that I haven't encountered but I'll never know. After the Rune is obtained, You'd have to be heartless to kill him for no reason.

            • Anonymous

              19 Oct 2020 00:07  

              I swear the way NPC's laugh in Bloodborne made so ****ing suspicious of them during my first playthrough. I'm glad this guy is just a genuinely nice man in the end he's the homie.

              • Anonymous

                19 Sep 2020 12:31  

                Oedon chapel Dweller is blind but seems to be extrasensitive otherwise. When every NPCs are send to Oedon chapel or Iosefka clinic or died, he says he can't ear any more people, outside, and deduce there are no survivors. He drops formless Oedon rune, he is maybe able to sense him in a way... But he is not omniscient. If you kill a NPC in the chapel, he will not understand it was you. Furthermore, only one citizen survives and can not be killed in the entire game. This an Yharnam inhabitant at the bottom of Healing church tower, just after the beast.

                • Anonymous

                  29 Apr 2020 11:42  

                  be careful. this guy pretends to be all kind but in blood moon phase arianna disappears and there's are blood-stains around her chair, and when asked this ugly sack of potatoes has some smug dialogue about it. felt extremely good turning him into minced meat with my ludwig's holy blade. and yes, i do know about the suspicious beggar. i killed him without even talking to him in forbidden woods. there's no way he could have killed arianna in my game.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 May 2019 11:48  

                    Oedon grants a woman wig a child on the blood moon. Adella, if in the ward, becomes pregnant. The Chapel dweller, in the ward, drops Formless Oedon. WAIT A SEC.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Apr 2019 19:56  

                      while i was leaning over to text my buddy about how sweet they were when they asked to be friends, i accidentally clipped them with my sword!!! i'm so lucky they didn't die, but scaring them like that made me so sad... :(((

                      • Anonymous

                        20 Feb 2019 19:47  

                        So, I killed Adella for reasons. When I walked over to the Chapel Dweller, he was cowering, arms raised and face turned away! I quickly reloaded back into the area and he was back to normal. I felt so bad.

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