Great Deep Sea

A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of ByrgenwertThis transcription of the Great Ones' inhuman voices depicts downreaching currents.

This rune means "Deep Sea" and grants augmented resistance. Great volumes of water serve as a bulwark
guarding sleep, and an augur of the eldritch Truth.
Overcome this hindrance, and seek what is yours.

Great Deep Sea is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


Great Deep Sea Effects





  • To memorize this rune, you must have the Rune Workshop Tool
  • Great Deep Sea +50 - Chalice Glyph: 2r8ghidm (Layer 2), Lower Hintertomb Glyph: nynpssra (Layer 1) First bonus room / w8zxj7h5 (can't remember which layer, but I just found three runes in this chalice)
  • Great Deep Sea +150 - Chalice Glyph: 5xe4d3ny Fetid+Rotted (Layer 1) - First bonus room, u97try9e (Layer 3), wcyfiszj (Layer 3) side passage before boss
  • Great Deep Sea +150 - Chalice Glyph: b9agc8f4 , Sinister Isz Gravestone (Layer 1) - Bonus area after opening boss gate.



  • ??






Caryll Runes
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    • Anonymous

      Rotted Isz [yn25ttgu] (F/R/-) L1: Great Deep Sea+150 (first side area) L2: Great Lake+5% L3: Lost Kirkhammer Patches the Spider will appear in main room of L2

      • Anonymous

        Rotten Lower Hintertomb [pjtguzwy] (F/R/-) L3: Great Deep Sea+50 L1: Deep Sea+100 Bath Messenger fountain is located in the first side area of L1. You can access the shop without encountering enemies.

        • Anonymous

          found a tier 3 version of great deep sea in 9rabn7cr; layer 3 pre-boss bonus area (FRC offerings required) if you want to know the bosses beforehand, l1 is a maneater boar and l2 is a brainsucker as an added bonus, there is also a tier 3 deep sea rune in layer 1 pre-lantern bonus area

          • Anonymous

            "Great Deep Sea +150 - Chalice Glyph: b9agc8f4 , Sinister Isz Gravestone (Layer 1) - Bonus area after opening boss gate" ......glyph has been removed however i found this glyph 5xe4d3ny with a video on youtube to be correct

            • Anonymous

              These are some codes that you might be looking for 2xe8g93y FR lower hintertomb Deep Sea+100 pre-boss layer 1 3zcvutw8 FRC cursed pthumerian defilement Blood Rapture+250 pre-boss layer 1 vxnwjixk FRC cursed pthumerian defilement Lake+5% pre-boss layer 1 279c3aqs R lower loran Beast+100 pre-lamp layer 1 2r8ghidm S lower hintertomb Great Deep Sea+50 pre-boss layer 2 p3anuwen lower pthumerian Formless Oedon+2 pre-lamp layer 2 PS. Thank you for people who have created all these dungeons

              • Anonymous

                In the chalice dungeon, I found a rune that's not the one list on this page, is it a mistake, or did I get a different one.

                • Anonymous

                  Ds on lvl 1 pre dungeon, GDS on lvl 3 bonus dungeon. Also get a Blood Rock from killing lvl 3 boss. Will keep up for ppl. Glyph is e8tb9z3n.

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