A Caryll rune discovered by the old hunter Ludwig along with the Holy Moonlight Sword.
Boosts amount of life recovered by rallying.

When Ludwig closed his eyes, he saw darkness, or perhaps nothingness,
and that is where he discovered the tiny beings of light.
Ludwig was certain that these playful dancing sprites offered "guidance"
They could empty Ludwig of his fears at least in the midst of a hunt.

Guidance is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne. It is part of The Old Hunters DLC


Guidance Effects

  • Boost rally potential by +10%, +20% and +30%*



  • 10% Dropped by Carrion Crow on top floors of Research Hall
    • Once you raise the stairs and gain access to the very top part of the rafters, there will be a single crow on a ledge, with its back turned to you, close to the windows. It will drop down as you approach, seemingly escaping, to the platform below with the Enlarged Head NPC and two other crows.
    • This rune is the only rune in the game that drops more than once in each subsequent playthrough. In each new game, the crow will drop the same rune.
  • 20% Dropped by Ludwig, The Holy Blade
  • 30% "Code for the 3rd Tier Guidance Rune exists in the game but that it has no drop table" = not obtainable. 



  • To memorize this rune, you must have the Rune Workshop Tool.
  • *The term "rally potential" is confusing; this rune boosts the amount of health recovered per hit on a rally, not the total "rallyable" health (the orange section after taking damage) or the uptime of rally.
  • A third guidance rune does exist (30%) in depth 5 root dungeons as listed in the dlc game guide, but no one has managed to discover it as of yet.
  • Lore theories can be found under Ebrietas Lore and The Fool.








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    • Anonymous

      11 Mar 2021 04:45  

      "When Ludwig closed his eyes, he saw darkness, or perhaps nothingness,
      and that is where he discovered the tiny beings of light"

      In most cases, light phenomena such as lightning are caused by mechanical effects on the retina. Cracks or detachments in the retina, e.g. after injuries or traction-related with pronounced myopia, are characteristically associated with the perception of bright light stimuli. But detachment of the vitreous can also lead to lightning. The flashes of light mostly emanate from the same place in the field of vision and appear above all in the dark or when the eyes are closed. Since the sight of lightning is an alarm signal for an imminent or existing retinal detachment

      • 10 Aug 2020 11:42  

        basically, the rune doesn't increase the amount of HP you can get back or increase the window of time in which you can rally, it increases the amount of HP regained per hit.

        • Anonymous

          06 Jun 2020 05:08  

          Wait, so do you recover an extra 20% of the health your weapon would normally recover, or an extra 20% of the health you lost?

          • Anonymous

            13 May 2020 19:04  

            Regardless of if it "says on the page/rune" or not, it can still be interpreted wrong. Does it increase the rate you heal with rally? Does it increase the amount of potential you can heal with rally? Does it increase the duration rally is available? What does "potential" mean?? Try to actually help other players who don't fully understand.

            • Anonymous

              30 Apr 2020 19:57  

              Pathetic! The rune was found in 2016. Glyph: oamlyya | Area: Lower Defiled Isz Root Pre-boss bonus area L5. I totally lost my trust in this wiki. The "awesome" comment function doesn't let me post the link here.

              • Anonymous

                04 Mar 2020 12:33  

                Wow, a lot of noobs in the comments. This rune is fantastic. A good player rallies their health back, not wasting vials. If you play aggressive, this is the rune for you. You can always use the stamina and hp runes but they're so boring and bland.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Feb 2020 13:49  

                  To those who still think this rune is terrible, wake up as this rune is broken with Gherman's Scythe, as you can full heal any lost HP within 1-2 hits if you stay aggressive and never back off to heal, the Rally mechanic is insane when using this rune.

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Mar 2019 03:27  

                    keep wanting to think that, as some kind of twisted joke, the day before the release of Shadows Die Twice, From will put out an update file for Bloodborne that puts the third rune on an actual drop table, thereby truly freeing people from this nightmare I blame Micolash for all of this

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Sep 2018 16:07  

                      Eu liguei para a Sony e me disseram para fazer o gesto canalizar em frente ao cerebelo de olhos ... fica a informação para a terceira runa orientação

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Mar 2018 18:14  

                        Guidance +3 doesn't exist in game files. There's an entry for +1, +2, but no +3.
                        Someone far smarter than I has delved into the actual item values below to prove it.

                        • Anonymous

                          01 May 2017 12:44  

                          Tier 3 is fake, friend went though game files nothing on a third guidance rune another troll move by Miyazaki

                          • Anonymous

                            20 Apr 2017 13:01  

                            Ok I got tier 3 but you have to kill rom in depth 5 frc a million times throwing knife only naked no quickstepping.

                            • Anonymous

                              31 Jul 2016 00:51  

                              So apparently this whole time it can't be obtained. That is unless you have a debug copy of the game. For whatever reason it is only able to be found in the debug version of the game.

                              • Anonymous

                                17 Jul 2016 14:57  

                                Son of a *****... I actually have the third rune, but I have absolutely no clue where I got it. I wish I'd known it was this elusive before I got it. I'm sorry, Bloodborne community, I have failed you.

                                • Anonymous

                                  05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                                  PSN: PatriotPigeon Send me a message if you are interested in helping me repeatedly create and clear FRC chalices in an attempt to find the 30% rune. Or, if you are already searching for it, please PM me if you would like some assistance in clearing areas. We will have to have a lot of the ritual items in order to make a new/different root chalice each time one is cleared without finding it.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                                    Maybe what we are missing is the middle rune and not he max rune? We have the 10% and the 20%, maybe we are missing the 15%?

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