A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth.
A transcription of "Eye," as spoken by left-behind Great Ones.

Allows one to make additional discoveries.
Eyes symbolize the truth Master Willem sought in his research.
Disillusioned by the limits of human intellect, Master Willem looked
to beings from higher planes for guidance, and sought to line his brain with eyes in order to elevate his thoughts.

Eye is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


Eye Effects

  • Boost Discovery stat.
  • Discovery governs the chances of enemies dropping items when defeated.
  • Versions: +50 / +70 / +100



  • (+50) is obtained in Nightmare of Mensis. Spawn at the first lamp and go directly northeast past the yetis and you will find it on a corpse next to the Mergo's Loft: Base Lamp. You can also spawn at the Mergo's Loft: Base Lamp if you have it unlocked and run back towards the yetis and pick it up.
  • (+70) is dropped by Ritual Master Willem in Byrgenwerth if killed at any point in the game.
  • (+100) is obtained from a Isz Root Chalice (random chance)
  • (+100) Can be acquired from a Pthumerian Labyrinth, from a chest in the Pre-Layer 1, Side Dungeon Area.
    • Glyph: p2tbyrh2
      • Path: After the first Lamp, open the door to the Pre-Layer 1 sub-Dungeon area.
      • Through the hallway, down the stairs, past the two enemies, you will enter a circular shaft. Climb the ladder to your left upon entering this pit, and then open the door to your right.
      • You are in a room where boulders barrel down from the right. Connected to that is an upside-down U-shaped hallway with 2 enemies around the corner and a third waiting to aroudn the 2nd Right turn. Make your way through this Upside-down U-shaped hallway, killing/avoiding them as necessary, while avoiding the bulder's path both times you cross its path.
      • On crossing the boulder's path the second time, further to the right ( now your left ) from your entrance, you will enter a bridge area with swinging axes and a single enemy. It throws daggers if you stand idle, and wields a pathetic-looking spear.
      • Sprint at the axes when they are closed, and dodge forward if need be to avoid them. Kill the enemies expediently to enter the next room which is a Treasure room. There is a single brainsucker in here, and no other enemies. Kill it to claim the (+100) eye rune from the chest.
      • There are two more chests on your left, and one more on your right. Don't forget to claim them on your way out.
    • Source: Youtube video: (unable to include link to video, search for the following to verify information)
      • "Early Tier 3 Eye Rune (Only Pthumeru Root Chalice Needed) - Bloodborne"
      • Uploader: Shinku No Yami



Notes & Trivia

  • To memorize this rune, you must have the Rune Workshop Tool.
  • (+100) Isz Root Chalice along with the use of Foetid, Rotted and Curse Offerings (p3umyztu, layer 1 first bonus room)
  • (+100) Isz Root Chalice along with the use of Rotted Offering (ji7y3vu8, layer 1 bonus room before boss)
  • (+100) Chalice Glyph: jmph3q6e (Sinister version Layer 1)
  • (+100) Chalice Glyph: 42hmimbm (Layer 1 bonus room before boss)
  • (+100) Chalice Glyph: rdvjjwhn no bonus offerings (Layer 1 first bonus room immediately to the left)
  • Apart from a higher chance of getting rare items, the Eye rune can also be used for more trivial farming, like for Blood Vials. Many mobs will drop more of their standard items, and a clean sweep of Central Yharnam can yield 50+ vials with high discovery.
  • Appearance is similar to a variation the Elder Sign from the Cthulhu Mythos.






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    • Anonymous

      25 Sep 2021 06:36  

      Arcane lake 100+ in L1 pre-boss sideroom at p4kbpib2 (FRC Isz). Found through short ritual chalice yesterday.

      • 24 May 2021 22:51  

        Fun fact: the p2tbyrh2 dungeon is made by Zullie the Witch, who does a ton of modding work in the Soulsborne series. The fact that we've got such a great dungeon available as early as the Pthumeru Root chalice is definitely worth praising!

        • Anonymous

          13 Sep 2019 21:37  

          Why the hell do these pages NEVER say the DEPTH of the dungeon! So I have to go and just try it. Waste my *****ing time. Assholes.

          • Anonymous

            25 Feb 2019 03:47  

            p2tbyrh2 has great lake 5% a blood rock and tons of pearl slug and high grade ritual material + kins coldblood .. its also at depth 1 highly recommended to go though the entire dungeon especially since its not as hard as most other dungeons, great for making new characters into builds

            • Anonymous

              16 Mar 2017 07:28  

              Same conductor, I'm apparently lucky with Isz chalices. Generated a plain Isz with no additional offerings - not only is the Eye rune in Layer 1 pre-lamp and very easy to get, but the chalice is also incredibly rich in ritual materials and has very easy bosses. If you explore it all you'll get out of there with 17 Pearl Slug, 2 Red Jelly, 5 Bastard of Loran, 3 Sage's Hair, 6 Yellow Backbone and a lot of Tomb Mould 5. Glyph: 6q2imuex

              • Anonymous

                13 Feb 2017 19:44  

                This same glyph has a lost kirkhammer, a lost threaded cane, and so much ritual blood (5), I'm gaining insight RIGHT NOW.

                • Anonymous

                  08 Feb 2017 05:51  

                  Conductor of chalice fqtssuyg here. To correct my previous comment: the +100 Eye rune is indeed there and in Layer 2, but in a side area within the main Layer 2 area itself. Enter main area, climb the ladder on your right; you'll find yourself in a room with a witch and some enemies. Rush through it to the end and enter the door on its right side, then drop down the small ladder. You'll find yourself in a big area with a ladder, which is incidentally the same room where the illusory wall I mentioned can be found, too. For the rune, rush to the opposite end and find the only aperture in the wall. You'll see a big set of stairs. Climb it, and you'll find a bridge with swinging blades - the one I mentioned in previous comment. Eye rune is in the room after the swinging blades, guarded by a Brainsucker. I apologize for my mistake. Dungeon will stay open.

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Jan 2017 19:16  

                    I created my first ever Root Isz so I could join glyphs. Bafflingly found a +100 Eye rune in the pre-lamp bonus area of Layer 2, in a well-guarded room on the other end of the bridge you immediately find yourself on, right after a trap with a pressure plate. Furthermore: the vast main area of Layer 2, reached from a door just on the right side of the lever, also contains an illusory wall. It is exactly opposite to another tunnel, the one leading up to the swinging blades. Said wall leads to the bridge you can clearly see in the pre-lamp corridor of Layer 2, just above your head. Features a hidden room with Ritual Blood (5) and two Scurrying Beasts which drop gems.

                    Dungeon is now public. Glyph: fqtssuyg

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Jul 2016 08:39  

                      Activating the lever: When you arrive at the first lamp for layer 1 (second of all lamps available) walk into the great hall and turn right, there will be many enemies in that hall (either kill them or run past them). The third door hall on your left side is where you should go. (The first one is where the gate will open, the second one contains a locked door). Now run straight through the hall and now you'll find a pit which you should jump down in. The pit will contain two ways, choose the one that has the ladder on its right side. Now you will meet a brainsucker and many frenzy creatures (Not the ones with the big brain). Go straight and you will find the lever. Run back to the gate. Getting the rune: Walk into the side door which is before the boss room. Now run straight through the room and you will reach a bridge, cross it, and when you enter the hall on other other side you will hear a sound, ignore it, it wont affect you. The next room will contain spiral stairs (Or what's it called), a ball of fire will roll down on it. Run up the stairs and head to your right (the first door you come across after the stairs). Walk into the room and head right and run to the other side of the room and head left, you'll see a opening there. Run over the next bridge and open the door that follows. This room will contain the exact same enemies that were where the lever was. Kill these if you want a higher chance of surviving, after getting the rune. The rune is in the end of the room in a coffin. There you have it! :)

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Jul 2016 08:39  

                        the dungeon works for the +100. it's in a "treasure room" before the actual dungeon. It's sweet because you don't actually have to go further than the first lamp to get it.

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