Madaras Whistle is a Hunter Tool in Bloodborne.

Madaras Whistle

Requirements & Scaling
Bullet Use
S 18 4


Madaras Whistle Description

"Whistle of the Madaras twins, denizens of the Forbidden Woods.
The twins grew up alongside a poisonous snake, and developed a silent, inhuman kinship.
The poisonous snake grew uncontrollably, raised on a healthy diet of beast entrails.
Even after their deaths, it is said to respond to the call of the twins' whistle from within the Nightmare."


Madaras Whistle Usage

  • Using this Hunter Tool summons a gigantic snake directly underneath the user.
  • The snake cannot be controlled and will always spawn under the user.
  • It deals a large amount of arcane damage in an aoe radius, originating from where it was summoned. Ther eis also so lingering splash damage after the bulk of the initial snake bite.
  • The snake can damage the caster along with the enemy. The user, however, can cast the spell and quickly move away to avoid damage by either rolling, dashing or even quietly walking if keeping the same direction.
  • It can be used as a trap against your victim(s) when used creatively.
  • Despite what the animation looks like, the snake does not provide protection against attacks (they go straight through it).
  • If you're desperate (or bored), it can be used as a suicide move in online play.
  • As an adversary, one can use this on low health with the goal to kill oneself (either by the snake or the host) and lure the host in at the same time to hopefully die as well.
  • Alternatively, a better usage of this move is if you know you can survive the snake's damage, but you believe the opponent will not, making this an unexpected (and very painful) execution method.
  • you can trigger true combos against most humanoid size opponents (not players nor hunters though)  in the games primed with this tool: while the target is launched into the air, it retains a hitbox and therefore you can shoot it with the gun, hit it with tools like the molotovs at landing or hitting it with your weapon's R1 or R2. It requires a good mastery of movement, distance management and ideally of the ravioli step to use fully those features but they are highly satisfying when mastered, albeit circumstantially useful at best: certain mobs/bosses like the beast possessed soul or the brain sucker can be comboed to death before having a chance to fight back when done properly with high damage output. See full guide to advanced use of the madaras whistle.



  • It's carried by a hostile hunter in the Forbidden Woods who appears under certain circumstances.
  • When you crush at least five Vermin, you will advance Valtr's questline, and he will announce his departure. Upon reloading the area, you will find an item he left in his place. After picking up the helmet, the enemy hunter NPC will spawn outside without needing another reload. Defeat him, then you will acquire Madara's Whistle as a reward.
  • The enemy hunter will also appear after you kill Valtr; walk back to lamppost afterwards and he will be waiting for you, no reloading necessary.
  • You can kill the enemy hunter easily by pushing him off the ledge in the elevator room, located in the hut next to the lamp. Run straight away into the elevator room in the hut - the enemy hunter will follow you. Using strong attack you can push him over the edge and he will fall to his death. The Madaras Whistle will appear in your inventory.



  • Madara's Whistle requires/scales with Bloodtinge, a unique trait among all known hunter tools but deals arcane damage which can be useful against opponenets resistant to blood and physical damage but vulnerable to arcane damage.
  • In PVE, simply learn the enemy's movement patterns/tendencies and you can bait them into a deadly snake trap.
  • In PVP, this item is useful as a sneak attack against unsuspecting opponents.
  • One of the best ways to surprise opponents is to avoid initially wielding weapons that reveal yourself as a high bloodtinge user to the opponent (e.g. Chikage) and bait them into the trap.
  • Alternatively, this item can be useful as a method to discourage opponents from getting too close to you if you need time to recooperate.
  • For instance, using the Kirkhammer and this item in conjunction gives you ways to scare off opportunistic foes who will try to attack in-between swings.
  • Take care if you're low on stamina yourself, since you need to escape the deadly snake as well.
  • Useful if you wish to kill yourself in conjunction with blood bullet creation in order to reset your world with only one load screen and without using Bold Hunter's Marks.  Alternatively the Chikage provides the same result.



  • The snake summoned is similar to the ones the Shadow of Yharnam summon during the boss encounter in the Forbidden Woods.
  • There are various cultures/places that have superstitions based on whistling in the night.
    • Many of these superstitions (mainly Eastern) tell of foul things, snakes and evil supernatural beings, who are summoned whenever someone whistles in the night time.
    • Coincidently, in Bloodborne the hunter can summon a gigantic snake during the night of the hunt by using a special whistle (evidently sunset counts as well once you hit NG+).
  • "Madaras" means "of birds" in Hungarian. It is also a town in Transylvania known for its mercury mines.







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    • Anonymous

      i got attacked by this madaras guy in the forbidden woods and while fighting him he used this whistle and the snake that came out of the ground killed him. lol

      • Anonymous

        The "Hostile Hunter" is actually the confederate Younger Madaras Twin... If you kill him for the Whistle he no longer appears in the usual spots (Forbidden Woods, Byrgenwerth) even with the Impurity rune equipped. It's even mentioned on this site in the Hostile Hunters category... i don't know why it was omitted here. I usually use hunter NPC's during boss fights (more fun that way, imo)... so if i forget to kill Henrik, during Eileen's questline, and i also kill Madaras, there will be no one left to summon for "The 3 Stooges of Yharnam" boss fight in the Forbidden Woods.

        • Anonymous

          After reading it elsewhere I had to try it to believe it and what do you know, this thing revives Adeline after you finish her questline! No dialogue after though.

          • Anonymous

            Cool fact for anyone trying to get the hunter tool trophy: because this was added in a post launch patch, it doesn't count towards the list of tools to get your trophy. So you don't have to semi-grind coop or murder poor Valtr if that's worth anything

            • Anonymous

              Surpringsingly it is not needed for the Hunters Craft Trophy despite beeing a vanilla tool. (got my trophy yesterday, have no whistle)

              • Anonymous

                I obtained this item without really knowing why. It must be a bug. I was walking trough the bridge near the lamp in the Forbidden Woods, fighting the enemies there and trying to avoid the trap, when suddenly I picked up an item on the ground thinking it would be a blood vial. But nope, it was Madaras Whistle. I fought no NPC nor even started Valtr's quest, so I don't know how this item came to me.

                • Anonymous

                  I really feel guilty for killing him, but i got no choice since my account wasn't plus to spare him instead :(

                  • Anonymous

                    No idea if this will help with people's search for what exactly spawns the Hostile Hunter however after I crushed 1 Vermin I obtained the cane and the oath, I obtained a second vermin after this however I went into the forbidden woods without crushing it and the hostile NPC was there waiting for me, he dropped the whistle. I think the NPC might just spawn after you rank up once

                    • Anonymous

                      It's kind of like a delayed Wrath of the Gods that also damages you, unless you move. The snakehead bites upwards and will hurt anyone within range. These guys always know how to add a little twist so things stay interesting. By the way, I didn't even crush a vermin before the NPC appeared. I just warped back after my first co-op session and there he was. I also equipped the Impurity rune, so that might be the trigger. but you probably also need a vermin.

                      • Anonymous

                        for me the hunter appeared when i summoned an invader, so i freaked out thinking they where TWO invaders, not sure if the sinister chime triggered the npc through

                        • Anonymous

                          I joined the League, but did not use Vermin. Summoned the other twin for the fight against Shadow of Yharnam, died and when respawned a lantern near bridge, the guy was there.

                          • Anonymous

                            It seems to do more damage if the enemy is in mid dodge. Tested against Boom Hammer hunter in Hunter's Nightmare on NG+, 50 BLT. Unmoving does 1020, but during dodge it does 1340-1400.

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