Burial Blade


Imprints (Normal)


Imprints (Uncanny)


Imprints (Lost)

physical_atk.jpg blood_atk.jpg arcane_atk.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_atk.jpg
80 -- 30 -- --
slow_poison.jpg rapid_poison.jpg VS_kin.jpg VS_beasts.jpg durability.jpg
-- -- 100 100 200
Requirements & Scaling
strength.jpg skill.jpg bloodtinge.jpg arcane.jpg qs_bullet_use.jpg

Burial Blade (Japanese: 葬送の刃 Funeral Blade) is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne. It is one of two skill/arcane hybrid weapons.


Burial Blade Description

"Trick weapon wielded by Gehrman, the first hunter."
A masterpiece that defined the entire array of weapons crafted at the workshop. Its blade is forged with siderite, said to have fallen from the heavens.
Gehrman surely saw the hunt as a dirge of farewell, wishing only that his prey might rest in peace, never again to awaken to another harrowing nightmare. "


Burial Blade Information

  • Transforms from a one-handed curved sword to a two-handed large scythe.
  • Deals bonus damage when performing quick-step, sprinting, and backstep attacks.




  • It can be purchased from the Messengers for 60,000 Blood Echoes after defeating Gehrman, the First Hunter and acquiring the Old Hunter Badge from him.
    • To make Gehrman fight you, the "Refuse" option must be selected.
    • If one accepts his proposal, the game will outright end there and it will be impossible to obtain this weapon in that playthrough (not including the uncanny/lost forms found in the chalice dungeons).
    • Normally, the Burial Blade can only be obtained in NG+ and beyond. However, one can bypass this by using Bold Hunter's Mark, or being killed, during The Moon Presence boss battle.

Uncanny Burial Blade

  • Pthumerian Labyrinth
  • Glyph:
    • nzzn259g (Layer 1) Speed run strat: This is the earliest dungeon after you create your own Pthumerian Labyrinth after beating Blood-Starved Beast and can be entered after doing so. From starting lantern, enter next room, open and enter left side door (not progression doors marked by lanterns). Climb ladder, turn left to go through open door. Enemies will start appearing as soon as you enter this room and they are tough! Turn right and go thru open door, then go diagonally across the next room to far right corner. Open door and enter. Enemies will be waiting as soon as you open the door. Cross this room, drop down to lower level and proceed through the open door in the middle of the far wall. Head up the stairs and straight ahead to the coffin for the weapon. 
  • Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice
  • Glyphs:
    • kkqmduet (Layer 1) Go into the first side door before the first lamp, and continue until you get to the treasure room. There are two bell maidens in the room before the treasure room and a Silverbeast guarding the coffin with the weapon
    • uae9r5av (Layer 2) After the lamp go the way right, in the next room use the door on the other side (not down the hole), go through the next rooms to the end of a suspension bridge and use the the door in the middle. In the next room, take the ladder up and go over the next bridge and through the door. A Silverbeast guards the coffin.
    • 6rxwxu3e (Layer 3) In a treasure room before the final boss, in a coffin guarded by a Silverbeast. A Blood Rock can also be found in a coffin through the first door at the beginning of the dungeon.

Lost Burial Blade

  • Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice (Cursed Fetid Rotted)
  • Glyphs: rv86s442 (Layer 1)
  • Note: In the treasure room at the third section before the first boss fight


Player Notes

  • Compared to other weapons with similar attack speeds, the Burial Blade sacrifices a bit of raw damage for better crowd control capabilities thanks to its wide swings, long range and high rally potential (especially in scythe form).
  • The curved sword form utilizes wide swings with decent range and attack speed.
  • The scythe form grants an even further reach that specializes in crowd control as well.
    • It grants poise mid-swing, allowing the hunter to withstand light damage without being staggered.
    • Enemies struck by just the handle will take the same damage as if hit by the blade proper.
  • Both forms' R2 attacks change direction depending on how long they are charged:
    • The curved sword's R2 attack is a vertical slice when tapped, and horizontal when fully charged.
    • The scythe's R2 attack is a horizontal slice when tapped, and diagonal when fully charged.
  • When fully charged, the scythe's R2 attack has extraordinary reach and is capable of sending most regular sized enemies flying, including some bosses.
    • This attack can pierce through walls and thin surfaces, allowing one to hit enemies behind doors or pillars.
    • However, it also consumes a huge amount of stamina (100) and has trouble hitting small enemies.
  • This weapon shares many similarities with the Blade of Mercy.
    • Both weapons innately scale with Arcane.
    • Neither can be buffed by external sources.
    • Neither weapon changes its damage type when Arcane, Fire, or Bolt gems are applied (though both receive the full effect of flat damage gem effects).
    • Both have the same unique visual effect and sound for the quickstep, backstep, and running attacks.
    • Both weapons' descriptions state they are made of siderite, a rare material. They are the only weapons known to be made of the material.
  • While blood gems that increase Arcane damage work on this weapon, the low base Arcane damage means gems that affect Physical or all damage are often more effective. 




80 -- 30 -- -- -- --- 100 100 E C -- D


88 -- 33 -- -- -- -- 100 100 E C -- D


96 -- 36 -- -- -- -- 100 100 E C -- D


104 -- 39 -- -- -- -- 100 100 E C -- D


112 -- 42 -- -- -- -- 100 100 E C -- D


120 -- 45 -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- C


128 -- 48 -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- C


136 -- 51 -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- C


144 -- 54 -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- C


152 -- 57 -- -- -- -- 100 100 E B -- B


160 -- 60 -- -- -- -- 100 100 D B -- B


Average Physical Attack Increase

Strength Stat

Stat Range Damage per Point Estimated Attack Gained
11 to 25 1.53 23
26 to 50 0.68 17
51 to 99 0.14 7

Skill Stat

Stat Range Damage per Point Estimated Attack Gained
13 to 25 3.69 48
26 to 50 1.68 42
51 to 99 0.37 18

Arcane Stat

Stat Range Damage per Point Estimated Attack Gained
8 to 25 1.11 20
26 to 50 0.60 15
51 to 99 0.12 6



Move sets & Videos

Numbers were tested on a level 120 player with no armor using a +10 Burial Blade. Numbers are rounded to the nearest hundredth.

Regular Move Set

Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1x, 1.04x, 1.09, 23 Four hits: Right-to-left horizontal slash using the convex side of the blade, left-to-right reverse with the concave side, nearly vertical top-to-bottom slash with the convex, reverse bottom-to-top slash with the concave. Sequence repeats if you have enough stamina. The first two hits are good for enemies trying to surround you.
Quickstep R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.09x 25 Advances forward using the point of the blade in a straight thrust. You finish half a step ahead of where you started. Decent speed, okay reach.
Backstep R1 thrust.jpgarcane.jpg1.05 22 The sword is thrust directly forward.
Rolling R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.20 25 After completing the roll, the blade is raised from the ground to overhead in a mostly vertical slashing motion.
Dash R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.4x 20 (+run) A left-to-right horizontal slash that is at least a three-quarter circle.
R2 Attack physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.45x 45 Nearly vertical top-to-bottom slash after a short windup. Has a slight recovery time.
Charged R2 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg2.5x 65 A right-to-left full circle horizontal slash.
Backstep R2 physical_atk.jpg1.6x 38 Overhead vertical slash, slams the ground.
Dash R2 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.66x 25 (+run) Identical to the uncharged R2 attack.
Leap physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.84x 60 Overhead swing that slams the ground.
Transform Attack physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg2.3x 25 (+x) Quickly puts the blade onto the folded handle, handle extends, pulls scythe around and down a right-to-left diagonal slash. The slash is very fast.

Transformed Move Set

Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.2x, 1.2x, 1.25x 28 First strike is a diagonal left-to-right slash. Then there's a horizontal right-to-left, followed by two left-to-right horizontal strikes. Then it repeats the right-to-left.
Quickstep R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.3x 22 Dodges backwards, gives a short hop forward, and a short right-to-left cut, almost pulling towards them. Only recovers about half the distance of the dodge.
Backstep R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.18 22 The weapon is brought in front of and slightly to the right of the hunter. The blade is then pulled in and down to slash the blade back toward the hunter.
Rolling R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.12x 22 Similar to the sword form, the weapon is scraped on the ground and raised in an upward slashing motion.
Dash R1 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.55x 18 (+run) A left-to-right diagonal uppercut.
R2 Attack physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.95 40 Drops the scythe blade-down behind the back, pulls it around into a left-to-right horizontal swing. Shorter range, but appears to have at least 180 degrees of arc.
Charged R2 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg3x 100 Holds the scythe blade-down with both hands, releases it into a diagonal right-to-left slash with a step forward.
Backstep R2 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.95x 38 Hops backwards, takes a step forward during a three-quarter-circle left-to-right slash. Starts behind you, finishes on your right side.
Dash R2 physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg2.05x 25 (+run) Overhead swing, slams the ground.
Leap physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.95x 60 Good distance on the leap, overhead swing slightly from the left, slams the ground.
L2 Two-handed special physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.85x, 1,5x, 2.05x, 2.05x 40 ~ 50 Seems to be four hits: Overhead ground slam from left-to-right, overhead ground slam right-to-left, left-to-right rising diagonal slash, left-to-right horizontal slash.
Transform Attack physical_atk.jpgarcane.jpg1.2x 20 (+x) Left-to-right horizontal swing of the scythe, detaches the blade at the end of it, transforming it into a sword.




  • The Burial Blade was the first trick weapon ever created, and inspired the development of other trick weapons, usually on the premise of transforming to adapt to different combat scenerios.
  • The Burial Blade was created and exclusively wielded by Gehrman.
  • A Burial Blade can be found above the workshop table in the Hunter's Dream.
  • The weapon's description mentions that "Its blade is forged with siderite, said to have fallen from the heavens."
    • Siderite is the real-life alternate name for an iron meteorite.
    • Both the Burial Blade and the Blade of Mercy mention the use of it in their descriptions.
    • Both weapons resemble the talons of Mergo's Wet Nurse.
  • The shape of the scythe highly resembles Rurufon's scythe from Shadow Tower Abyss, an early title created by From Software as well as being recurring weapons in Souls series.
  • A strange bug on rare occurrences the cape on the hunter may come off, usually in a boss fight you could notice if you dodge back and do an R1 combo the cape disappears. [Note, I haven't seen this happen in a while, it's possible that it may have been fixed, but I'll need confirmation on this]


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      does nzzn259g still exist? I have my pthumeru chalice, 2 ritual bloods and blood echoes but it tells me missing requirements

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            The dash-R1 attack in scythe form is so good. I managed to beat all three of the Yahar'gul hunters without cheesing them for once just by spamming that, lol. Hate those basturds

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              I used the first glyph recommended to find the lost burial blade and I cant find it at all on layer 3. Went through it twice. I'm convinced its not there.

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                A surprise question i wanted to know , is it possible to get the Uncanny Burial Blade running Bloodborne on a PS5 & Offline ? Or it isn't possible ? I heard someone said running BB on a PS5 it isn't patched , hence maybe i thought the Modded Glyph Chalice might not work for the Uncanny Burial Blade.

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                  Lost Burial Blade found on pre layer 1 bonus room, right after you spawned.

                  Glyph is: nvxv69nx

                  Its inside a sarcophagus guarded by a bell maiden, and a fat red hot poker weilding watcher.

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                    The false depth glyph for the uncanny should be clearly labelled as that, not every player wants to use exploits.

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                      Something that should be put on the Uncanny Burial Blade instructions is that you need to complete 2 layers of the first chalice dungeon before you can use a glyph to make a chalice dungeon.

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                        Rotted Pthumeru Ihyll [ykfd7rhi] (F/R/-) L2: Lost Logarius' Wheel L3: Lost Reiterpallasch, Lost Burial Blade L3 is a very large area with 3 treasure chests.

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                          Is it just me or does anyone else find the untransformed moveset wonky, choreography-wise? IMO it feels really awkward to see the hunter swing a dex weapon around that way when Gehrman used it so gracefully. Also i feel that the unstransformed normal combo of the Beasthunter Saif is how the moveset shoud have been.

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                            Arcane dmg is low on this and blade of mercy, but enemies are more resistant to physical than arcane including and especially for players (usually phys defense is higher than arcane defense by 100, or phys def is double the arcane def).

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