Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
12493 36300 Altar of Despair Great Isz Chalice
21223 77925 Great Isz Chalice Isz Root Chalice
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
252 336 101 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
168 170 60 55
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 999 No Yes

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos (星の娘、エーブリエタース Hoshi no musume, Ēburietāsu lit. "Ebrietas, Daughter of the Stars") is a boss and a "Great One" in Bloodborne.

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos Information






Combat Information

  • Attacking from the sides or behind is difficult as her turn speed is high and her attacks sweep very wide. It is however possible to get stuck between her two tails where you are relatively safe against attacks. Repetitive strategies are undermined by her wide move set and unpredictable nature.
  • Attacking her chest is a decent strategy, as her attacks are telegraphed more (some will even miss if you're too close to her). Learn how many hits you can get in before you should dodge away. She is also less likely to charge attack if you're close enough. The belly slam attack, which is more common should you focus her chest, is a great opportunity to put some damage into her.
  • Her laser beam attack is avoidable by running in a large circle around her.
  • Her head is the weak point in the fight and will take bonus damage, an effective strategy is to use the Cannon in the fight and shoot her head. Then she will drop down, allowing for a Visceral Attack. Immediately after the completion of the visceral attack you can charge up an attack with a long weapon. She will not recover from the Visceral Attack in time and the full R2 will make her available to other Visceral. Alternatively, hit her head with Burial Blade charge attack.
  • If you do not have the Cannon you can still lure some of her attacks to lower the head and have a clear attack. However, this strategy is risky because sometimes she'll do a charge attack, with terrible consequences for your HP (and is difficult to dodge properly).
  • It is best to just dodge her attacks and stand behind her or to her side, then hit her. Repeat this procedure with a Bolt Paper imbued weapon and she will be down in no time.
  • Like most Kin she is noticeably weak to Thrust damage. Works wonders when combined with Bolt Paper.




Moveset Description and Counter
Head Slam Slams head down in front of her, if the player is at close range.
Grab Grabs the player and eats them inducing frenzy... this attack can be a KO 1-hit if the player health is less than 1000.
Tentacle Swing Swings either her right or left tentacle at the player .... can swing in a combo if the player is still close enough.
Charge At close, mid, or far range, she will perform a charge attack that does massive damage. Extremely difficult to dodge.
Flying Used to gain some distance from the player. May cause damage if close by when taking off or landing.
Flying Head Slam If the player is in the mid-range, then she will fly into the air a bit and do a head slam at the player. Causes high damage.
Body Slam Smashes whole body on the player.
Spit Blood Spits blood at the player causing damage and inducing frenzy.
A Call Beyond Summons a large number of arcane missiles that she then unleashes onto the player, causing enormous damage. Comes in three waves. Constant movement or dodging can avoid them.
Damage Aura Casts an aura around herself that makes the player take constant damage while at close range. This is cast when her HP approaches 50%.
The aura also damages her, though not quickly enough to matter much, unless she is already near-death. (possible bug?)


How to deal with her dangerous charge attack

She can charge at player at any time at any range and most of the players get one shot killed or left barely alive especialy in the chalice dungeons. She signals pretty clearly when she is about to charge at you but dodging it is extremely difficult. However there are ways. The most important thing to know is that getting hit by her tentacles does the highest damage. Getting hit by her charging head or torso can left you alive with very little health.

  • If she charges when you are at close range there is very little to do but to stay still and take the hit from her head to avoid getting one shotted. If you try to dodge or walk to her sides you almost always get hit by her tentacles.
  • If you are pretty far away from her and she charges just dodge straight away from her or slightly to your left so that her charge can't reach you.
  • The most difficult distance to deal with the charge is the medium range. However the medium distance is one of the best places to be if you want to attack her. There are rare occasions when player can dodge left or right to completely avoid the charge but spotting these situations is very difficult. However one of the safest strategies to try to dodge the charge is to learn how to identify the attack very early, walk straight away (south) from her with no target lock and just before her charging head touches you dodge roll southwest. The charge even tilts the camera slighty to one side and helps to spot the time to roll, though player has to adjust the direction of the roll according to the camera angle so that player won't roll too much left (west). If done right player will roll to a place where he/she even dodges the tentacles barely. If however the player was too close or rolled too late he/she gets hit by Noodle-Face' head which most of the time will not one shot kill.
  • If you are bad at rolling and have trouble dodging the charge attack at medium distance use a running tactic. Every time boss tries to melee attack in any way just run straight away to avoid it. If it is the charge attack turn left or right before the charging head catches you. This tactic suits for hit n' run if the attack is body slam or some other easily punishable attack instead.


Strategy 1 (Provoke Head Slam)

Simple fight, just cross over to brush the chestt, provoking head slam attacks, keep towards the front, as close as possible, (touching), to avoid provoking the tentacle and laser attacks. High Physical Resist Armor, (Yahar'gul is fine), to mitigate the tentacle attacks. Rush Noodle-Face, and roll in, then move to the left, staying very close in, (touching). Touching the chest like this will provoke the head slam attack. Take a few swings, taking note of your Stamina. Cross over, (or not), but touch the chest, to provoke another head-slam attack. Go back to one of the sides, close in. When the head drops, take a few swings, repeat. When hit, just use a vial instead of attacking. The attack you have to worry about is the left arm/tentacle swinging around to the right around the body, which is not an issue if you move behind. When Noodle-Face starts doing anything out of the this pattern, (like jumping around, spamming a cross over attack, etc), just hold your fire, and defend, waiting for the head slamming to start up again.

Strategy 2 (Endurance Battle)

Apart from all the above, I found my own way to kill her. It probably takes the longest, but it's the most safe of tactics. Step one...Don't lock on to her. What you wanna do is stay a medium range away from her (just out of reach of her tentacles) and circle her. At this range, you'll be at a range where a charged R2 from, let's say, Ludwig's Holy Blade in its transformed form (the great-sword), will always hit her when she head-slams..unless you ran a bit too far from her.

Soft-mention: it's not worth attacking her when she head-slams with her tentacles cause it's hard to hit the any sort of R2 on her tentacles, or even head, without possibly retaining damage with getting in, then getting out. It's because she recharges herself fast when she does her head+tentacle slam. I often can only get a single R1 in cause I stay relatively far in order not to die (if you get hit with the tentacle+head-slam, it will either damage you for all your hp if all hits connect or outright kill you). For this phase of the fight, up until like...the 40-50% hp mark, I didn't use any vials. Besides maybe 1-3.

You basically wanna circle around her constantly (not locked on, as I said), and when she charges, that's when you have to dodge/roll in the direction you're running. I ran left, so I'd often dodge left or else fear getting ~half my hp rammed. When she head-slams (she has good differentiated indicators for when she charges or head-slams), that's when you start to walk forward...but not too far as to get hit by the head-slam. Remember, your weapon's range, especially for something like the transformed Ludwig's, which is pretty long on its own. If your weapon is at...Let's say...+6, like mine was..And if you have a decent 30 strength (to also use the cannon), this fight should be breezy with this strategy. A charged R2 will often do 900-1k damage at 30 str and whatever dex. Careful though. At under 50% hp, he gets more aggressive and gains some arcane moves after he 'buffs' up (this is a time to R2 him as well, by the way)..A meteor which he never used on me, and some mini-soul spears that you can dodge by literally just constantly running (you don't need to sprint). This part of the fight was when I used the most blood vials because I got a bit aggressive (you get kind of bloodthirsty once he gets to 30% hp). Also, wear the Yharnam Hunter's gear. It has the most total frenzy resistance (or just use the Deep Sea rune for +200 Frenzy resistance...Or both.)...I believe the aura around him causes frenzy if you're in it for too long. In any case, the aura also causes damage. So you don't wanna be in it for too long nevertheless. I used about 12 blood vials total cause I knew I'd kill her with this strategy. Just had to be patient, keep my hp high, and not over-commit stupidly.

You can also employ use of the cannon at 30 Str and 13 Skill. (keep your bullets at max+5 via the Up-arrow on the DPAD). You do need to time it well as to not get hit by her as well as shooting her head. I only used the regular 2 cannon shots, but if you keep your bullets at +5, you'll be able to use more (Cannon takes 10 shots...you have 25 if you +5 yourself (20 normally), use cannon, then +5 yourself again..rinse and repeat...Although, I'm unsure if it will subtract from the +5 or the actual bullet count. In any case, you'll get at least 3 cannon shots to work with...each doing like ~600 damage to its head).

Strategy 3 (Pull Her to the Entrance)

Another option is to lure the boss back towards the narrow hallway by the fog doorway through which you entered the boss chamber. Pull her, then run back there, hugging what was the right side when you first came in (and faced the boss) but is now the left side (as you run back to it, away from the boss you just pulled). After she meanders over to you, she will charge you with her head. Whack it, should you so desire. Once she recovers from this move, your job is to consistently move clockwise, staying behind the boss and beating the living daylights out of her tails. I used lightning paper when she was at about 55%. Why 55%? At about 50%, the boss goes bananas. However, by using lightning at 55%, I was able to begin a combo with my threaded cane +9 that got it to about 40% and caused it to drop its head down. Then, I wailed on the head repeatedly. When it picked up its head and started doing stuff again, this head bashing had reduced its life to about 5%. Only then did it finally get its aura and laser beams ready. It was dead before the aura could affect me or the lasers could fire. This was on NG+ (2nd time through); I am level 157. I used the 15% to max stam., the all dmg. reduction by 4%, the arcane dmg. reduction by 7% (which wound up being unnecessary), and stamina recovery speed up (the best of the covenant runes by far, in my opinion). It beat me about 75 times before I tried this technique; I killed it my second attempt using this strategy. The first time, I got it to about 10%, and the boss wised up and moved out of the hallway by the doorway and lasered me. Being in the narrow hallway, I had nowhere to dodge. The second attempt, I timed my use of lightning paper better to preclude this from happening. I died more to Noodle-Face than all other bosses combined, if that gives any solace to others.

Strategy 4 (Kirkhammer Strategy)

If you're using a strength build, get the Kirkhammer (Also known as the Hammer of God Killing) fortified as much as possible. Use every buff possible (Bolt/Fire paper, Empty Phantasm Shell, Bone Marrow Ash, etc.). Try to keep your health at max as much as possible, as some of her attacks, mainly the head slams and arcane barrages, can one shot you if she gets you on a counter. Taking the Clockwise Metamorphosis rune is helpful, as more health is always fun. Also, taking Great Lake and Lake for the physical defense helps out a lot as well, because the only non-physical attacks Noodle-Face has are easily dodged, and the Arcane Barrage will one shot you anyway.

The fight has two phases, but the strategy should be the same for both: stay to the boss' right side, and make sure NOT to lock on with the camera. You'll be able to dodge every single one of her tentacle sweep attacks this way with a fair bit of good timing on your part, and at random times, she will perform the head slam attack. This is your chance to get a charged R2 off on her with your Kirkhammer (Or whatever lesser weapon you happen to be using), which, when I used it at level 65 and with 35 strength, caused about one sixth of her health bar in damage (Sorry, I don't remember the exact numbers). Stick with the Kirkhammer's hammer mode the whole time (Or whatever other transformed mode you have for your lesser weapon), as Ebrietas' recovery time on her tentacle sweeps is long enough to potentially get a charged R2 off if you stay on her right side and sometimes her back. While it does decreased damage when not used on her head, it will still deal a decent amount of damage. When Ebrietas is charging her constant AOE up, which occurs at around 50 percent HP, you can get another charged R2 attack on her head. If you pull it off, her health will be fairly low when the phase starts. Her attacks will be faster in the second phase, but still stick to her right side just as before. If your HP is getting low because of the AOE, you'll have plenty of time to pop a blood vial in between her tentacle sweeps. When she pauses and clenches up, she's about to cast her Arcane Barrage. The easiest way to avoid this is to just run to either your left or right, as dodging seems to be a bit...dodgy when trying to avoid this attack. Usually after this attack, you'll find yourself at medium range. She'll either use her blood spit attack, or try to charge you at this point. If she charges you, DO NOT DODGE (Sorry Piccolo). Instead, run to the left or the right. Dodging this attack is incredibly tricky, and you'll almost always end up getting hit by one of her tentacles as soon as you come out of it. If she uses the blood spit attack, run as fast as you can back to the original position, avoiding the slow blood spit attacks of course. You'll have a moment to pop a vial or get in another hit once there. The one thing that can really annoying about the positioning here is when Ebrietas uses her jump/float thing, she has a chance to hit you when she moves. If she does, you'll lose a bit of health, but more importantly, you'll miss the chance to get an easy head attack on her when she lands. Another benefit of being in this position during the fight is that she won't use some of her attacks on you, such as the charge or the grab. Even if you don't have the Godhammer, staying to her right side will make the fight significantly easier.

Strategy 5 (Depth 5 Chalice Dungeon strategy)

Do not use target lock. Use a heavy hitting weapon and concentrate only on hitting her head. Attack after her head or body slams and the single right hand smash that makes her lower her head a little too. Dodge all the other attacks and do not attack even when she merely jumps. Kirkhammers moveset is the best since R1 attack swings high and hits her head often even without target lock. Keep aggressively medium distance and stay directly in front of her. Staying too far away triggers the dangerous charging attack too often and staying too close makes dodging hard. Remember always to have plenty of open space behind you that you can dodge her charge attack and she won't squeeze you between her and a wall. When she is close to 50% health use a bolt/fire paper and when she is about to enter her second phase smack her head to hopefully stagger her, interrupt her long Aura attack and get a visceral attack. Right after visceral attack take two steps forward and hold R2 for hammers charge attack which often gets a free and heavy hit on her head.

Strategy 6 (Ludwig's Holy Blade - L2+R2+Visceral)

For this strategy, a Beast Blood Pellet is what I found most effective for a 30 Strength and 20 Skill set with a +9 Holy Blade. Use it as you approach, dodge into her first sweep, back up, and L2 her in the face. From here, back up as she comes back from the lesser stagger, and dodge left for her head slam. Charge and hit her with an R2. Repeat Lesser stagger using L2 when she recovers from R2. Visceral when able. Rinse and Repeat. Due to her AI, I was able to kill her without her leaving her initial combat stage. You may be able to stack a Flame/Bolt paper to do so more quickly.

Strategy 7 (Rakuyo w/Bolt Paper)

I actually found this to be the easiest and fastest way to win this boss fight. She is extremely weak to thrust and bolt damage. This means the Rakuyo can melt her health bar away in seconds. The transformed R2 thrust attack can be spammed over and over due to the low the stamina cost. Summing the Old Hunter Damian will help distract her for most of the fight. All you need to do is run behind her and fit into the nice snug space in between her... butt tentacles? Use Bolt Paper then hit R2 and only stop to either heal or run back behind her should she jump out the way. The majority of her attacks will completely miss you. Including the all powerful A Call Beyond magic attack. Mainly you need to watch out for the backhand or AoE attack. Even a decently upgraded Rakuyo will deal massive damage despite not being her weak point (her head). If you get a visceral you'll most likely miss the chance but a complete combo of the R2 attacks actually will do almost as much damage. I've used this strategy a couple times now and the fight is always over before the Bolt Paper even runs out. Fire works but the damage is slightly less than Bolt.


(( Please respect these guidelines ))



Note & Trivia

  • For some odd reason when she charges she may end up instantly killing you, (this is probably due to both her arm and tentacle hitting you getting double the damage) if you have a problem with this your best possibility is to stand still and get hit by her head. This sounds backwards but it's worked for me (I was in the Isz chalice dungeon with only 18 Vit she kept instant killing me but when I got directly hit by her head I survived with 20% health left).
  • On the second attempt and onwards she will not be idle until attacked, but it is possible to sneak up on her, like with most normal mobs.
  • The elevator bug (that left Ebrietas lift and elevator inoperable ) was fixed in Patch 1.03.
  • The appearance of Ebrietas is heavliy based on Cthulhu from H.P. Lovecraft's novel The Call of Cthulhu.
  • In the oldest trailer of Bloodborne (), Ebrietas was originally a boss for the Grand Cathedral, she was replaced by Vicar Amelia.
  • Despite the "Make Contact" -gesture been close by Ebrietas does NOT give you anything if you use it on her before making her hostile
  • The damaging aura she summons during phase 2 consists of tiny stars which rotate around her like fireflies. Oddly enough, this aura also damages her and can even kill her if you wait long enough.
  • When she uses A Call Beyond she summons from the cosmos directly. The Living Failures do something very similar.
  • She has winking False Eyes where her wings connect and the black tentacles along her neck could be a kind of hair.
  • Despite her title as "Daughter of the Cosmos" she does not infact have said cosmos in her mouth as some have claimed. It is instead a round mass of flesh with dozens of black eyes set in it. This mass does somewhat resemble a nebula full of stars at a glance though.




Ebrietas Back.png

Ebrietas Charge Crop 1.png

Ebrietas Regal Swat.png



    • Anonymous

      22 Apr 2019 05:52  

      Couple things that are putting me off with this boss: One- the fact she is literally a giant slug with wings. Fat, and slow moving but surprisingly able to quick turn like nothing. She moves at like 3 MPH but can whip her snail trail around like nothing to it. 2- the fact she can fly. I’m sorry, them things on her back are withered, decayed, and barely look like they can get her one draft let alone manage to propel her ass across the way and battering ram you before she throws her vag mouth down to finish you. Get real. There is challenging and then there is software “reaching” pretentiously and trying to make it more challenging than what qualifies as challenging. What a joke...

      • Anonymous

        02 Mar 2019 02:50  

        You can get a free visceral on her at alter of despair, just unload on her head to start the fight and by the time her health bar drops you get a freebie. And then you can just hang out behind her and unload on her backside again and again, don't give her a break. Just bang, bang, bang away. Cum

        • Anonymous

          30 Jan 2019 00:33  

          Someone just killed her two shot with the bowsword when she was basically full health. How did the happen?

          • Anonymous

            20 Dec 2018 14:12  

            Just to clear up the confusion. The one in the upper cathedral ward is really easy. Even easier with the summon. The chalice one is hard as balls.

            • Anonymous

              14 Dec 2018 21:48  

              I’m surprised this boss is so weak to Bloodtinge. I shot it’s face with Evelyn with that bone powder stuff and it died quickly...

              • Anonymous

                04 Dec 2018 19:52  

                I almost had her, but I got greedy and died when she had the thinnest sliver of health left! And now the NPC summon keeps getting grabbed and eaten! It’s almost funny actually.

                • Anonymous

                  17 Sep 2018 21:04  

                  I beat her by summonning the npc to distract her, using the tonitrus +8, staying between her tails, and spamming L2(self buff) then a charged R2, super easy and quick.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Sep 2018 03:25  

                    My Strategy? Buff up a +9 Ludwig's Holy Blade with Bolt Paper and a Beast Blood Pellet, stand in her butt crack and thrust thrust thrust Turned out to be overkill, she died in like 30 seconds

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Aug 2018 14:37  

                      She looks awesome, but the fight - one of worst bossfight in bloodborne. weird hitboxes*****ty camera and random glitchy AI. I never had to much trouble with her before I come to chalice with 55 level char. And not like something changed in my playstyle - she just started so random and bull*****things every fight. I tryied my old tactics - trying to be mid range and bait her long range stomp. Nope - she almost never ever was doing stomp - only tentackles and charge attacks. Decided to try most close range - to bait her close range stomp - she started to do charge even more often (its hard to me to dodge charge when I'm so close to her). One time she cornered me and I died watching my camera had love with textures, one time I literally go through her body and got damage - when I simply dodged her rare long range stomp from close to her position - just every fight some cheap bull*****even so I killed her many times before same way... You can never had problem dealing with that boss. And one day you can stuck on her just because.

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Aug 2018 01:25  

                        is it just me when i say that the summon does not really help? if i summon him and start fighting he kinda just stands behind the fog. is this a glitch or is supposed to do that?

                        • Anonymous

                          13 Jul 2018 12:45  

                          Based on what all I have seen of other theories, ive put together my own interpretation of the events leading up to and taking place within Bloodborne’s plot:

                          The Great Ones, more capable of understanding the functions of the universe and it’s inner mechanisms, found a way to ascend this lowly mortal plane to become as “gods.” However, not all left this plane. Indeed, some Great Ones (and their Kin) were seemingly abandoned in their Chalice Dungeons, to linger with, what would have been at the time, the Pthumerians. Ebrietas was one such being.

                          The Great Ones are all unique and have their own ambitions and ideals. Ebrietas, however, is not a Great One. She is Great One-like, to the point of being able to ascend with them, but she herself is not a Great One. She is a Celestial Child; a halfbreed of a Great One, potentially Oedon, and a lesser being, probably a Pthumerian. Though directly related and capable enough of understanding higher truths, she is not a Great One and never will be, nor will any Kin of any description. Her feelings on this aren’t obvious. The general assumption is she is sad, but we don’t necessarily know that, or to what extent. She might just be mourning Rom at her altar.

                          Ebrietas could have left to join her higher brothers and sisters to create a dream of her own, but no. She stayed behind, with the Pthumerians. She would outlast their civilization, and most Pthumerians in total, and would later be escorted from the Chalice Dungeon by man to be sheltered beneath what would become the cathedral ward of the Healing Church. Here she willingly communes with only the highest of the clergy, leading them in blood ministration and even going as far as to grant them her augurs, to summon her higher self to aid them in combat and in their studies, if only in part. Direct communication would likely be a challenge, given her higher state, the nature of what she’s trying to teach, and the daunting language barrier between two vastly anatomically different beings. Progress is slow, but steady.

                          Ultimately, Ebrietas is what caused the church to form, and from which blood ministration is known in Yharnam. She is the source of their expertise, and the blessings all inevitably stem from her.

                          At some point or another, probably long after the rise of the Healing Church, maybe when Rom ascended, Ebrietas decided that the scholars were worthy enough to bear her own blood. The intent: bring them to where she is, and into the fold as Kin. They’ll never be a true Great One, but ultimately that isn’t necessary. They can still ascend. They can still join the family.

                          It goes poorly. What would be known as the epidemic of Ashen Blood spills out into the city. Traditional blood ministration does not work, only poison resistance, and that’s temporary. Panicked and desperate, the Healing Church resorts to desperate measures to try and find a cure...such as, say, another known strain of blood from another Chalice Dungeon, from another Great One - one with intentions not nearly so harmonious as Ebrietas.

                          So now we have the blood of the Moon Presence, which, miraculously, cures this Ashen Blood ailment, because the blood of a higher being, or else the meddling of the Moon Presence, was enough to force out and eradicate the pale blood of Ebrietas, or at least its influence.

                          Congratulations! The ailment that frightened you is gone. Now you’re slave to the plot of the Moon Presence.

                          It isn’t a terribly grand scheme, really: Moon Presence (or Flora) wants to know everything. Blood echoes and insight are manifestations of knowledge, both mundane and “eldritch” respectively. She wants all of it. So with her blood she sets up a handy system: she turns the humans against the “beasts” that are essentially themselves Kin of the strain from Flora, and maddened and senseless, the beasts turn on the humans. The entire system of Yharnam cannibalizes itself, and she is in the center of it, blessing hunters and collecting the insight and blood echoes of those slain as she nudges them at specific beings, particularly Kin of other Great Ones, and eventually the currently un-ascended child of Oedon itself.

                          One can only imagine what the blood of a direct descendant of a Great One has to offer by way of knowledge...and if I had to guess? Flora is responsible for the plague of deaths that so routinely haunts the children of every Great One in existence. She was likely responsible well before ascension, though probably not known to others yet, else she would never be allowed to ascend...or maybe she was known and she eventually worked out ascension on her own from the insight of those she hunted down. It certainly matches her theme, and the lust for knowledge of such intensity would almost certainly be all-consuming. This is who and what Flora is, down to her deepest level: she wants to know more. Doesn’t matter the topic or the relevance. No cost is too great in the pursuit of knowledge, however mundane, but obviously, higher knowledge is always better.

                          It also explains her desiccated, blood-drained appearance: because Flora is forever starving, forever thirsting for the knowledge that trickles back to her on rivers of her own blood, the blood that knowledge-hungry humans willingly imbued themselves with and now join her in their ravenous hunger that will never know satisfaction. An eternal cycle of rabid cannibalization and gluttonous ambition.

                          Flora has no particular love for humans, nor Kin, or even other Great Ones, as she is willing to let them die in droves at her own behest for her own benefit, but she isn’t evil, per se. In fact she could be considered kind, like the rest of the Great Ones, who are ultimately sympathetic in spirit; she blesses Gherman with the Doll because he was lonely, after all, and she certainly didn’t have to do that. However, she is cold to humanity, and views lessers in general as animals, with the occasional exception when empathy is evoked from her. Her own interests regularly outweigh the wellbeing of those around her.

                          Seek Paleblood? The kin have pale blood. Seek Kin. Seek Ebrietas. Seek Kinship from Ebriatas to escape the hunt. Ascend to a higher plane, where Flora cannot destroy you, nor your children. Open your eyes.

                          It makes sense to me that Oedon and Ebrietas are allies, or at least close. She is his blood, after all, if only in part, and both want their children to ascend. Ebrietas just doesn’t limit herself to children born from her. Blood is blood, after all, be it from parent to child, or a covenant sealed.

                          In summary? Ebrietas is a good girl. Fuck the Moon Presence.

                          • Anonymous

                            10 Jul 2018 14:54  

                            I had such a hard time with this boss. I rushed it not knowing it was there but goodness did it take a long time to un**** my roll timings.

                            • Anonymous

                              06 Jun 2018 06:17  

                              If you stay behind her tucking in between her "tails", it'll make the battle a lot easier, especially in her first phase. Just be sure to dodge her long range arcane attacks later on.

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