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    • Anonymous

      Lumenflower Gardens - A Trip Through the Poppy Field05 Jul 2016 14:40  

      The "lumenflowers" look like bulbous, overgrown poppies. The poppy is a flower which was associated with cthonic / lunar / goddess worship from deep in antiquity: see for example wikipedia's article on the "Poppy Goddess" Moreover, the celestial emissary and his mob buddies all have round, bulbous heads, just like the lumenflowers. Their physical similarities, along with fact that you find a bunch of them clustered together in the garden, suggest that there is some connection between the lumenflowers and the celestial emissaries - perhaps the flowers have the power to transform people into such creatures? Of course, 'lumen' is Latin for 'light' - do these plants offer some sort of eldritch enlightenment to those who partake of them? "Poppies... poppies... poppies will put them to sleep... sleep... now they will sleep...!"

      • Anonymous

        Obvious reference05 Jul 2016 14:40  

        The first thing that came to mind when the aliens were coming out of the garden was that this is a reference to classical alien stories and corn fields. I could hear them going "whhoooooo ooooohhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, we're coming to probe yoooooouuuuuuuu." Why were there no cows and UFOs

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