Orphanage is an optional location in Bloodborne. 

General Information

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Orphanage Map


NPCs in the area

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Orphanage Walkthrough

Getting to the Orphanage

The Orphanage is a hidden location with 2 optional Great One Bosses. You need to acquire the Orphanage Key (Brainsucker drop) and Upper Cathedral Key (found in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village).

From the Healing Church  climb the ladder, open the locked door with the Upper Cathedral Key to access Upper Cathedral Ward. Go across the large bridge and climb the long ladder inside the next building, on the balcony you will find the Brainsucker which drops the Orphanage Key. Go down the dual stairs and open the large door, entering the Celestial Emissary boss room. You can find Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos, shortly after.

Entering the Orphanage

Entering through the large door on the ground floor of Upper Cathedral Ward , you will need the Orphanage Key dropped from a Brainsucker on the top floor, turn left and go up the staircase and cross the bridge. There should be a Celestial Mob standing on the bridge. At the end of the bridge you will enter a large room where the first of two boss fights, will take place.

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BOSS FIGHT: Celestial Emissary.

Once the they have been defeated there will be a lamp to activate (Lumenflower Gardens). It is a good idea to return to Hunters Dream at this point and stock up as the next boss fight is in the next room. 

Once you have returned for stocking up turn round from where you spawn at the lamp and jump at the wall/window. You will crash through an onto a balcony with a Celestial Larvae under your feet. Run round the balcony on the right side to the outside end from where you entered, halfway along you will find A Call Beyond. A Celestial Mob will come through the archway and another of the laser firing variety will be hiding on the left as you go through the archway, he will also be drawn out when the first is killed. Once both are down take the elevator to the floor below. You'll find a group of Celestial Larvae at the bottom which you can just run past to avoid the Frenzy damage. The imminent boss fight is a tough fight, a lot more so than Celestial Emissary so don't be afraid to return to this fight later.

bbboss edtc

BOSS FIGHT: Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos

Orphanage Map



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    • Anonymous

      oh... Ebrietas was trying to resurrect Rom but she failed. She isn't hostile until you hurt her... quite sad

      • Anonymous

        first try. gotta admit: beast claw, no lock on and going on her left side works fine cause she always pushes you with her while you attack. only got 1 hit and that was the rush at the beginning cause I didn't know about this

        • Anonymous

          Wish there was more to do here. There's clearly another floor between the Lumenflower Garden and the Altar of Despair. This area and Cainhurst are disappointingly short.

          • Anonymous

            Ok i found the Brainsuckers far most painful and dangerous than the 2 bosses. I'm not a super good player but i kill both boss in 1 fight each and i even use only 1 or 2 health bottle for the daughter lol. Ok i call a ghost to help me for the daughter but he even lost a lot of heath neither. But i'm fine, don't mean to be bad about the game, just telling for people having trouble with the bosses. My advice : just go close to them and hit them lol.

            • Anonymous

              "The imminent boss fight is a tough fight, a lot more so than Celestial Emissary so don't be afraid to return to this fight later." *Laughs in 99 arcane build*

              • Anonymous

                Nice detail in the Grand Cathedral upper floor: The altar statue above where you fought Vicar Amelia is only visible from neck-down. The balcony blocks its decapitation from view. There's something cool about that, but I don't know what exactly.

                • Anonymous

                  A helpful tips: use oil urns for her and have old Hunter (don't remember his name) be a punching bag while you charge attack with a fire weapon

                  • Anonymous

                    Whats with the dead thing in the back of the room in wich you fight the daugther of cosmos? Can I do something with it?

                    • Anonymous

                      Just lost 5 insight to the brainsuckers trying to find the Orphanage with this lousy description. I still have no idea where it is.

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