Lecture Building

Lamps 2
Recommended Level
Weapon Upgrade
50 to 60
+6 or +8
Bosses None
Secrets Discovery Insight: ??
Timezones: ??
Multiplayer? PvP Only?
Changes in NG+? ??

Lecture Building is a location in Bloodborne.


Lecture Building Information

  • This location is connected to Lecture Building 2nd Floor by a ladder.
  • Online co-op is not allowed within this zone.
  • It can be used as farming location the first time you access the first floor (get the tonsil stone in the forbidden woods and then let the Amygdala catch you). There is a room with many Slime Student enemies which are fairly easy to kill and located really close to the lamp, giving you around 15,000 echoes per run. Use a Bolt or Fire weapon if you can, as these enemies are stronger against physical and arcane damage. Thrust attacks may also be advantageous to the lower level character. Use combo or strong attacks for maximum echoes, and of course runes if you have any. Finally, using a Bold Hunter's Mark (bought relatively cheap from the Hunter's Dream) to respawn the enemies, and taking advantage of the short loading time for this area, there's a minimum of 45 seconds per run, making this method extremely useful.
  • Having decent item discovery can allow you to use your flamethrower virtually non-stop due to the high drop rate of quicksilver bullets. Since the students deal massive durability damage, using this strategy will help avoid needless trips to the Hunter's Dream.
  • Very nice place to farm Quicksilver Bullets as well.


NPCs in the area



  • None





  • Slime Scholar
  • Slime Student with water cannon - shoots slightly exploding projectiles.
  • Church Giant - Flaming Fists
  • ??


Lore Notes

  • Three



To reach this location, let the Lesser Amygdala in the church to the right of the Grand Cathedral kill you while having the Tonsil Stone in your inventory. You'll see a cutscene then you'll be deposited next to the lamp on the first floor of the Lecture Building. Alternatively you can get to the Lecture Room 2nd floor by beating the One Reborn, and just past him through Advent Plaza, there is a mummy that you can inspect that teleports you to the 2nd floor lamp of the Lecture Building.

If you came in at the First Floor

You'll wake up in a side room with a lamp. There's nothing else in here, so light the lamp and then head through the door. Directly opposite you is another door, if you interact with it you'll get some slightly demented dialogue from Patches The Spider. Once he's finished his little speech head back into the main room. There are two doors on either side of the room, the door on the right can't be opened from this side, so instead head left.

In this next room, there'll be a collection of desks but nothing of note, so head through the other door in this room. Prepare for a jump scare as when you walk in the room a Slime Scholar will fall on top of you and deal some damage. Fortunately he only has a small about of HP, so kill him and heal up. There is a wheelchair at the front of the room with the Lecture Theater Key and a body in the middle of the room with the Student Set. Head out the other set of doors which will bring you out at the end of the main room. Enter the double doors to be transported to Nightmare Frontier.

Open side areas for items. Get past the giant and find a ladder to access first floor and meet a spider NPC, to open a shortcut.

Exiting the building on the second floor leads to Nightmare of Mensis.
Exiting the building on the first floor leads to the Nightmare Frontier.


Video Walkthrough

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    • Anonymous

      18 Mar 2018 04:53  

      I seem to have found a glitch if you die on the first floor of the lecture building by blood echoes disappear I don't know if it's just but I wasn't paying attention and got ganked by the slime scholars and lost a lot of blood echoes

      • Anonymous

        19 Aug 2017 18:34  

        It's implied this location is a part of Byrgenwerth, but that the Lecture Hall itself is "adrift in the Nightmare," according to the Lecture Theater key. I wonder if that sealed trapdoor in Byrgenwerth would have just lead down here? Willem's rocking chair is found in the Lecture Hall in the room with Patches, after all. Except, this place has quite a few windows, which would be pointless in an underground space... unless they look out under the lake, which would be impressive, and not all that surprising considering the school's fixation on water and its connection to the cosmos.

        • Anonymous

          Apparently no ground floor. However in certain cultures there is no ground floor, so it could be a misnomer.05 Jul 2016 14:35  

          In U.S., ground floor and 1st floor mean same thing, so that might be the confusion there. Just FYI.

          • How to get to the second floor?05 Jul 2016 14:35  

            Topic. I've run all around that area, but I either just didn't see a ladder? Or something, or else I'm missing something.

            • Anonymous

              Another way of getting here05 Jul 2016 14:35  

              You are teleported here if you just touch the body past the old one reborn. No need to get eaten by the Amygdala hanging from the ceiling. This page should definitely mention that...

              • Anonymous

                IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BLOODSTAINS05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                Now I don't know what the deal is if you don't have access to this area yet, or why it happens, but for anyone familiar with DaS2, iirc if you died and turned off the game your bloodstains would still remain where you died. In Bloodborne, however, if you die, leaving your bloodstains somewhere, and turn off the game, they won't be there - I had lost to logarius, came back the next day and could not find my echoes as I killed him. Looking up potential glitches about it I found and confirmed it right after that your echoes will end up HERE for you to safely claim, right outside the the 1st floor lamp.

                • Anonymous

                  No ground floor05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                  Could these lecture halls be under Byrgenweth in that trap door you can't open and that's why there's no ground floor. It could be true as Rom is a great one (like Amygdala in the nightmare frontier) who resides under the lake as in under ground level where these lecture halls could be. My theory is the nightmare is like a sphere that surrounds Yharnham. Go up or down far enough and you'll get close. The amygdalas that try to catch you are invisible until the blood moon comes down. My theory is that killing rom made the nightmares grip tighter on Yharnham revealing them. And the old labyrinths are also underground. This could also explain the architectural structure of Yharnham and why it always keeps building up.

                  • Anonymous

                    Can't teleport with tonsil stone05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                    Amygdala will only transport me to the hunters nightmare how can I go to the lecture hall without defeating the one reborn

                    • Anonymous

                      Return to lecture building.05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                      I went to lecture building using tonsil stone, however i mistakenly open door to nightmare frontier without lighting the lamp in the first place in the lecture building. now what can i do to return back to lecture building? please advice.

                      • Anonymous

                        No,,,05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                        Um, something happened, I killed the spider (hate spiders) was teleported, then the door was open was grabbed by the big thing on the wall, transported killed the boss, came back but now the door is closed and i cant open it....

                        • Insight matters?05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                          I have the tonsil stone but when I run out to where Amygdala's hand is he actually teleports me to the gate just a few feet away taking quite a bit of HP with him. Do you also need to be able to see him (have 40 insight)?

                          • Anonymous

                            *funny note05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                            To the funny note yes they may have fallen asleep in class... but for the XP(or w.e) run they are the ones yu let kill you.... lure them.back a bit and there yah go..

                            • Anonymous

                              Lecture Hall Coin05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                              Not sure if this has been pointed out but there's some sort of coin on the wall in the Lecture Hall, which I haven't seen anywhere else. From the lamp take the first door on the right to find yourself in a small anteroom outside one the area's theaters. head to the wall opposite the entrance and turn left, between the wall and the closet/cabinet. At the end of this short corridor is a coin or a disc on the wall. I haven't been able to interact with it but I wandered around the rest of the area and didn't see it anywhere else. Any ideas?

                              • Anonymous

                                Best grinding stop.05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                                It is the best grinding stop I have found yet. The Slime Student are very weak to fire and drop bullets, so you just have to go there with a flamethrower and a hunter torch. You open the door, lure the Slime Student out and wait for them in the door frame with your flamethrower. Then you respawn, either by consuming a Bold Hunter Mask or by letting the last Slime Student kill you (don't forget to retrieve your blood echoes). Including the loading it takes me maximum 4 minutes to make approximately 15000 Blood Echoes. This is the easiest and quickest grinding spot I know of, tell me if you know a better one.

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