Old Yharnam

Lamps 2
Recommended Level
Weapon Upgrade
20 to 25
+2 or +3
Secrets Discovery Insight: 3
Bosses Blood-starved Beast
Multiplayer Yes
Changes in NG+? Yes/No

Old Yharnam is a location in Bloodborne.

"You there, Hunter. Didn't you see the warning? Turn back at once. Old Yharnam, burned and abandoned by men, is now home only to Beasts. They are of no harm to those above. Turn back... or the hunter will face the hunt...".


Old Yharnam Information


NPCs in the area






Unique Items


Lore Papers

  • In the hidden room below Djura's firing range (fall from the edge where the crows are and there is a gap in the fence. Same location you find the Rifle Spear): "The red moon hangs low, and the beasts rule the streets, Are we left no other choice, than burn it all to cinders?"





You will enter this area from Cathedral Ward, and notice a door sealed with a note near the lamp. Go through the door, and hear Djura warn you to turn back. From the entrance and straight ahead of you, a Loot Enemy can be defeated to obtain some materials. You can also drop down here to gather a Blood Stone Shard, Coldblood Dew and point 1, the Hunter's Torch. Be careful dropping down here as there is a trap with two hooded enemies. They're not too strong in themselves, but they can inflict slow poison on you surprisingly quickly. One will be stood on its own in a courtyard, but when you attack it you'll get attacked by the second one. Once they're dealt with, use the walkways and ladders to return to the start of the area.

Back to the previously sealed door, walk towards the nearby bridge and pick some Blood Vials on a corpse, then cross the bridge and face the first beast. The beasts in the area can be quick on their backsteps, but they shouldn't prove too difficult. Behind the fog a second beast is waiting to ambush you, simply use the lock on to spot him and you won't end up surprised. Defeat the total 3 beasts in this section and grab a Coldblood Dew from the nearby corpse. Go to the left of the church building and you'll encounter another hooded enemy but this time on his own, kill him and pick up the items near by, then head round the front of the church to the other side, you'll notice an enemy creeping behind a tree to the left, dispatch it and then find 2x Blood Stone Shards on a corpse around the corner.

Down the stairs, you will be warned again to go away and soon attacked by more enemies. After a short time, the fire of a Gatling gun will get you so get behind cover. There are stairs to the right of the area that you can rush down to avoid the gunfire. Below, you will find a hooded enemy, 3x Antidote, and a Blood Stone Shard on an adjacent balcony. the downstairs exit will lead you to more gunfire and 2 aggressive enemies. Lure them inside to defeat them safely, as the gunfire can create explosions with the Oil Urns laying on the area. Once they've been dealt with, exit and hug the right wall to grab 3x Antidote. You can now return towards the exit and cross a narrow wooden bridge.

Here, a group of Crows is devouring a corpse that holds a Blood Stone Shard. Once you have dealt with them, go inside the building and defeat the three enemies inside. Check the right indoor room to obtain Bloodtinge Gemstone, and then pick up an Antidote near the exit.

Alternatively, instead of heading down the stairs, on the first area where Djura starts shooting at you, run over to the right and there is a gap in the wall. Drop down here and you will enter the same area with the hooded enemy. Deal with them as before and when you come out towards the front of the darkened room, position yourself in cover next to the ladder. This next bit is tricky, but if you time it right you can get through the area unscathed. Wait behind cover until Djura stops firing then sprint off the edge, do a roll forward as you land then keep rolling forward and side to side. You'll not get hit by the gunfire and if you're lucky the patrolling hunter won't catch you. You'll see some steps going down into a building, rush in here and wait for a moment. If the hunter doesn't follow you in, you're good and you can progress with the level.

You will now exit to a courtyard where gunfire can reach you, and 3 enemies are ready to ambush you. Lure them into the safety of the building to fight comfortably. Once defeated, you can go out on the courtyard to grab a Coldblood Dew and then dash along another narrow wooden bridge. You are now at Exit A, but you cannot yet activate it. to your right, you may return to a courtyard with Hunter but in the range of the Gatling gun. To your left, stairs leading to Djura, the hunter who has been gunning at you. If you fight the hunter on the courtyard, make sure to stay behind the statues for protection. You can pick up 6x Bone Marrow Ash from this area.

  • Note: It is advised you do not engage Djura at this time, and come back here later to engage him in dialogue. Check his page for details.

From the courtyard you fought the hunter, find an opening on the wall to drop down (marked on the map). Drop to a ledge below and then further to the entrance of the lower floor. Here you will find a chest with a Tempering Blood Gemstone and some Blood Vials, but you must defeat the enemies within. You can deal with them via AOE attacks or by parrying, as you gain invincibility frames when doing a visceral attack and it has a "push back" effect on nearby enemies. Once you have dealt with them, head up the stairs, grab the Rifle Spear of a corpse then grab point 2 on the map: the Charred Hunter Set at the top, along with a Coldblood Dew right outside. Beware of more enemies rushing you as you exit!.

You can now return towards the ladder leading to Djura, and have two choices to proceed. If you climb the initial ladder, turn right, and fall onto the balcony below, there is a small bridge with a larger robed wolfman, leading to the rafters of the altar chamber. From this vantage point, there is an inconspicuously tied rope at the end of the bannister which can be attacked, to drop flammable oil onto the demon in the center of the chamber, lighting the demon on fire and killing many of the enemies on the ground floor. Otherwise, you can walk forward and left into the large abandoned building. In this area, you will find many attacking enemies as you proceed. It is recommended you watch the exit towards the beams and makeshift structures of the building to grab the many items hanging from them. You will have to perform several drop-downs and come back up to obtain all of them. Please see the map below for details and note point 3, the Bloody Messenger Head Bandage.

Assuming you do not go out on the beams, you will obtain 3x Antidote from the corpse next to the stairs, 1x Madman's Knowledge from way down and a Blood Stone Shard from a corpse in the second floor balcony. Enemies will "wake up" and rush you during the descent, so be careful turning corners and remember to divide and conquer.

The bottom floor of the building has some hooded enemies that can be dealt with safely in the large environment, and hide away 1x Madman's Knowledge and 1x Ritual Blood on the altar. Exiting the building will place you at:

Old Yharnam Map 2

From Entrance B, turn left and fight a group of crows to claim the Blood Stone Shard they protect. Then go towards point A and collect 6x Blood Vial. You can now go up the ladder of point A and unlock this shortcut leading upstairs to Djura.

Back on the lower floor map, continue on and fight the three enemies ahead of you, including the Loot Enemy in the area. Look for a corner on the second open area to collect 2x Pungent Blood Cocktail but be careful as there are two werewolves patrolling this area. Best advice is to wait for them to split up and go after the right hand one first, then return and deal with the second one, unless you want to take on both together. Walking ahead the narrow dead-end corridor to the right there are 2x Blood Stone Shard - you will not be able to open this door towards Darkbeast Paarl yet.

Returning towards the area where the wolves ambushed you, continue down the street towards Point C, being mindful of enemies breaking through the house doors. Stick to the left side down a narrow corridor and at the end you will find 6x Beast Blood Pellet. Once you've picked the pellets up, a beast will drop from the side of the building and try to ambush you. Back on the main street, a werewolf beast will come through a door, that reveals the path to Shortcut C. Explore the stairs to find an Antidote, an ambushing beast next to 2x Blood Stone Shard and 2x Fire Paper at the top next to the shortcut opening.

Returning downstairs, follow the path until you hear a screeching sound. Ignore that for now and go to the right of the small building to take on another werewolf. Like the other werewolves in this area, he can cause slow poisoning, so be careful. Once the werewolf is done go down the smoke filled alley on the left of the building and kill the hooded enemy. Right before the wooden ramp, you can collect 2x Bold Hunter Mark and 10x Quicksilver Bullets. There's another Loot enemy beyond the ramp, to your left.

Continuing on, a large open area with burning fires and some beasts awaits. Stick to the left side to defeat the beast that hides next to the tree and collect a Coldblood Dew. You can also check the opposite side of the map for more Coldblood Dew next to a large rock, but beware, there are three hooded enemies lying in the long grass in ambush. You won't be able to lock on until you've triggered them but if you keep an eye out you'll be able to see them and use the opportunity to do a charged attack on them.

Proceeding forward will trigger the fight for Blood-starved Beast and unlock the next lamp. Should you struggle with the boss fight, next to the stairs that bring you down to the area there will be a note, read it then ring your Beckoning Bell to summon Alfred as an NPC summon (providing you agreed to cooperate with him when you met him in Cathedral Ward).


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    • Anonymous

      09 Feb 2018 09:23  

      One thing I rather dislike about this area is that the game is like: "Hey, we know this area is rough as you probably just started the game, and by now you should have a +3 weapon, and the giant Gatling gun and the hunter and the beast patients can be tough, but at least it's optional. Optional, that is, if you don't wanna do the chalice dungeons, or start much later and then having to end up do them anyway because you need the ritual blood." You can just skip it and save it for lategame, but it's a pain in the ass regardless. And accidentally killing a beast after befriending Djura feels like when you're playing with a magnifying glass, looking down, and realising that you killed 50t ants and their colony, burnt a hole in your shoe and foot, and looking up and realising you're on mercury. Bloodborne is amazing, but just this particular section seems just a tad forced.

      • Anonymous

        13 Sep 2017 06:26  

        Trying to kill the hunter in the courtyard I accidentally killed a beast, is there any way to re-pacify Djura?

        • Anonymous

          15 Jul 2017 02:17  

          you never mark where to jump down on the map to acuire the charred hunters gear... after entering the courtyard you fight the hunter in, head to the statue to the back left, hide and kill the beasts that attack while our trigger happy friend tries to cut you in half with the chaingun. put your back to the statue an you'll see a gap between the building in front of you and the railing. Drop down, and drop again from that ledge (I tried clearing the gap between the platforms, didn't make it... almost had a heart attack until I fiured out I landed right where I was supposed to be, haha)

          • Anonymous

            Wtf04 Aug 2016 20:19  

            When I go down the stairs where Djura starts shooting at you, there's a beast that is glitches underground, idk why this happens

            • Anonymous

              Twin Blood Stone Shard05 Jul 2016 14:51  

              The guide mentions a twin blood stone shard... I don't see it? The map isn't very helpful... Is by the Gatling tower? Also, twin blood stone shard page doesn't have the location posted... As far as I can see.

              • Comment: I don't know if this is actually true...05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                I don't know if this is actually true. They never seemed afraid of my Hunter's Torch like the other Beast Patients when I went through. Can anyone else confirm either way?

                • Anonymous

                  Torch05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                  Carrying a torch in this area is very helpful, the small common enemies (not the hooded ones) back away from the flame.

                  • Anonymous

                    Ashen Blood Sickness05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                    So I was going through Old Yharnam when I noticed something. The enemies with the blanket/cloth over there head have red eyes, just like the normal guys who can poison you. Could that mean that red eyes were a symbol of the Ashen Blood Sickness that it talks about in the description of the Antidote. Which leads me to the second theory I have, what if the enemies with the cloth over there head were trying to hide there eyes so they would not be figured out. This also could explain why the normal guys have all sorts of scars and burns while the cloth guys are not damaged at all. Could the cloth people be people who survived the burning of Old Yharnam unharmed but were soon turned in to beasts? That would explain why they are often found either off to the side or in a group. The big ones also show more intelligence than the more burned guys, like when one of the cloth guys falls down from the rafters and attacks you from behind. This would also explain why they don't fear fire as much, they weren't burned or injured during the burning. Sorry for the scatter brained mess of this article I literally just came up with this a few minutes ago but I would be interested to see what people think

                    • Anonymous

                      I'm confused...05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                      So to have Djura be friendly I need to get snatched by a Snatcher, but those only spawn when you kill the Blood-Starved Beast...which can only be reached by going past Djura which would aggro him and therefore make him hostile. Could someone please explain like I'm five, I'm probably just missing a point but any help will be welcome

                      • Anonymous

                        Is anyone else having this problem?05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                        I just defeated the Blood-Starved Beast with someone in Co-op and after it took the other person out I went to use the new lamp to go back to Hunters Dream and it goes through the animation but it doesn't do anything. I shot the blank to end co op but it still isnt letting me go back to the Hunters Dream. I ran to the other lamp and it did the same thing I can't go back. Is this part of the game or is this a bad glitch???

                        • Anonymous

                          Blood Starved Beasts Brother05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                          The crucified Beast in the Cathedral of Old Yharnam is exactly identical to the BSB back skin and all. Interesting note.

                          • Anonymous

                            A small detail, not sure if intended or a glitch05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                            If you go back to Old Yharnam after the blood moon has appeared, it will still be a normal moon, I would think its intended since it seems impossible to miss.

                            • Anonymous

                              Courtyard hunter05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                              Hey, is there an easy way to quickly kill the ground hunter next to djura? I'm using an un upgraded hunter axe

                              • Anonymous

                                Farming05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                                Early on, right after you beat the BSB, this area isnt bad for farming. Takes 10-12 minutes, gives about 15k blood echoes. That's from the Old Yharnam lamp to the Good Chalice lamp.

                                • Anonymous

                                  secret spot05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                                  theres a staircase behind one of the bookshelfs in the beginning of old yharnam its got the 1st big cloaked beast in it and the a tiny balcony right behind it. you can move the camera to a spot to see it but i cant destroy the bookshelf to get to it

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Did you guys05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                                    See that floating statue near the Old Yharnam lantern. If you go through the giant wooden door with the sign that says "hunters not wanted or something" and look straight up you will see a floating statue just like the floating door in DKS1.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Good ol' From Soft Geography05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                                      You can easily see Old yharnam to the right on the Bridge to Gascoigne, and even spot Djuras tower; directly to the left you can see the temple where you fight the BSB, even when you slide down the ladder to the aqueduct you are level with a window and see into it. When you are in Old Yharnam tho, the distance from the bridge is much taller and misaligned from the former position and wen you look out the same window the balcony is way off and out of sight. Just found it interesting.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Noises05 Jul 2016 14:51  

                                        I hear what seems to be crying at certain points on old yharnam. It happens randomly then stops after a few. Anyone know what thats about?

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