Bloody Messenger Head Bandage


Accessory adored by naive messengers imitating the bandages of scourge victims, unaware of their meaning.
The spatters of blood give it a particularly nice touch.
The inhabitants of the stump appear to have an intrest in adornment. Why not let them be happy, and revel as babes?"

Bloody Messenger Head Bandage is a Messenger Skin Item in Bloodborne.




Bloody Messenger Head Bandage Usage

  • Changes the appearance of messengers to wear bloody bandages.



  • In Old Yharnam, accessible by climbing up the first ladder to Djura and dropping to the right then performing a jump onto the wooden platform where this item is located on a corpse.


  • Player note 1



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    • Anonymous

      First jump, made it, got it, came here to read that people are literally having problems with the jump... am surprised, but it is kind of understandable actually in some way. Anyway, I think this really wasn't worth it because this item is basically purely cosmetic, and if you don't like the looks then it basically has no value at all. And it also cannot be undone (or can it?)

      • Anonymous

        I got it on my first try. Came here to find out what it did and was surprised to find people having a hard time with the jump. I lined my back against the railing and took a step forward while running and then pressed the jump button. I landed on the right side of the platform. You don’t need a running head start. Hope that helps!

        • Anonymous

          kinda weird, i remember trying this jump like twenty times before i got it back when the game first came out. now i came back to the game like 4 years later and i got the jump my second try even though all my skill with the game is lost. i think i just happened to try it right my second time. the first time i tried to just sharply turn right with the left analog stick and do the jump. this caused me to jump at a pretty erratic angle. second time i tried moving both analog sticks in a northeast direction. like right-up with both analog sticks. made the camera move about 45 degrees and made the player move about 45 degrees. that seems to cause you to jump at exactly a 90 degree angle to whatever direction you're initially sprinting in. as long as you get the timing down seems you're guaranteed to get it. incredibly awkward holding circle then tapping circle, it's doable but it makes timing feel so imprecise and anxious. i have this problem with all the souls games, jumping is just the lowest priority so they're not gonna give it its own button. but then if they're going to make jumping an imprecise system, essentially an afterthought, they shouldn't make rare, desirable collectables that you need to make a precise jump to get. it's so infuriating lol. not that i wasn't satisfied when i got it, but that doesn't change the fact that the game would be better if there were some other challenge required for getting the headband

          • Anonymous

            surprisingly got it on second try. you need to get a running start from the rafter perpendicular to the jump point, then turn left at that corner and turn sharply right as you hit the jump button. gl

            • Anonymous

              This jump is insanely hard. I've tried at least 30 bloody times. I can see the spectres of other trying and failing at the same time as me. GGGRRRRRRR.

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