Darkbeast Paarl

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
19524 NG+
Hypogean Gaol Spark Hunter Badge
Bold Hunter's Mark
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
120 144 120 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
120 75 85 300
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 999 Yes No

Darkbeast Paarl (黒獣パール Kokujū Pāru lit. "Black Beast Paarl" ) is a Boss in Bloodborne. A malformed beast enveloped in blue lightning. With a long body made of only bones, and a wrinkle-covered skull, people say this beast must be very old, very ancient. Or perhaps, it is a descendant of the city of the plague of beasts.

Darkbeast Paarl Information

  • Henryk's Hunter Set is highly effective against Paarl, as it has extremely high Bolt resistance.
  • Entering the Darkbeast Paarl boss room and gaining 1 Insight causes Djura to become friendly and you can peacefully talk with him on the tower. It seems that it doesn't matter if you have engaged him before or killed his partner on the ground. The only thing that matters is that you don't get spotted by him while getting into the location from this entrance before you ascend the ladder.
  • After Paarl's defeat, a shortcut to Old Yharnam is made available.
  • During the boss fight, one may perform a special attack on the beast's head by knocking it down and performing a regular attack to the downed head. This will result in a visceral attack which will take about a third of its health.



  • In Hypogean Gaol, from the lantern, go down into the spiral stairs and enter the first prison room with two Witches and Snatchers. At the end of the room there is a hole that leads outside where you drop down a ledge and fight the boss. (Same location in Yahar'gul, only difference is the enemies encountered).




Combat Information

  • Weak to Arcane and Fire Damage. It can also be knocked over with R2 charged attacks aimed at the center (such as the Axe)
  • Strong against Blunt and Bolt damage.
  • Slow and steady wins the race. Watch out for his swipes, usually 2-3 (left, right, or left, right, downward) then go for a hit. Run away, rinse/repeat.
  • Instead of backing up from him to avoid his AoE, unlock the camera and attempt to roll through it. You will have a good 2-second window to land free hits on him after that.
  • Look for windows to launch a strong attack. Several of these plus well-timed small hits could make short work of the boss.
  • After approximately 1 minute of fight, boss will infuse himself with more electricity. This moment can be clearly seen: boss will stand at two legs and howl when starting to glow more intensively. At this stage, his pattern will become more aggresive, swipes will be faster and gain additional range — electric bolts will flow out of beast's claws with each strike.
  • Beating this encounter with locked-on camera can be tough, because it may go haywire due to Paarl's speed and chaotic moves. Consider using unlocked camera and rolling in his swipes (making use of invincibility frames), straight under his belly.
  • Each of Paarl's leg have its own healthbar, which doesn't have visible indicator. It is possible to knock him down multiple times in a row if you manage to attack different legs simultaneously. Also, his skull can "break" too. It won't knock him down, but will stagger him for a solid 3-5 seconds and discharge his electric field.
  • After losing his electric field, Paarl will try to attack you 1 or 2 times, and then escape to safety and infuse himself with electricity. If you constantly chase him, he won't be able to recharge. A wise hunter can make some use of this weakness.
  • In NG+, Paarl recovers both electrical charges much more rapidly with the second stage almost immediately after the first.
  • You can summon Defector Antal to assist you in the fight. His summon is to the right after you drop down the ledge to Paarl's arena.


Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Claw Swipes Paarl swipes his claws up to three times in succession. This attack does moderate damage, but is fast. When Paarl's power is fully charged, it also unleashes 3 balls of electricity that travel in a straight line.
Leap Swipe Paarl can leap toward a distant hunter as he swipes at them. His leap covers a lot of distance, so always try to dodge it.
Slam Paarl slams his claw, and then emits a blast. Paarl can use this attack in combination with his swipe attacks.
Electric Nova After channeling for a few seconds, Paarl unleashes a nova around him that does high damage. If the hunter manages to stagger him during the channel, Paarl will fall down and become completely vulnerable for a few seconds. This will also cause his attacks to be no longer infused with electricity until he recharges (which he tends to do as soon as possible). Standing behind his tail will prevent any damage from this attack.
Electric Breath After a short channel, Paarl damages everything near his head .If not in vicinity of his head, the hunter can safely go in for a few hits. Pay attention to which part of Paarl's body is glowing to tell whether he is doing a nova or a breathe. If his chest glows, he is preparing for a nova; if his head glows, he is about to breathe.


Strategy 1 (Molotov Strategy)

As with most enemies, dousing Paarl with an Oil Urn followed by hitting him with a Molotov Cocktail will cause massive damage. Additionally, the hits will sometimes knock Paarl off balance and dissipate Paarl's electric charge. While he's off balance, the Hunter can charge in and attack his legs, furthering the stun and causing Paarl's legs to give out altogether. Once Paarl gets up he will try to gain distance to restore his Bolt aura, allowing an easy re-use of the combo and further stunlock until Paarl is dead. (You can save quit out of the fight to reload on the safe side of the fog gate and you can aim with the Monocular and throw Oil Urns and Molotovs until you are out. On ng you can take out more than half of it's health before even stepping foot into the fight.)

Strategy 2 (Hunters Axe)

This is an easy and effective strategy. Using this I beat the boss on my first try. When you start the fight rush in and get under him as fast as you can. Stay locked on and keep attacking with a 2 handed Hunter's Axe. Spin attacks are efficient but should be used carefully. With any luck you can cut one of his legs and stun him. Then just keep spamming attacks until he gets back up. Rinse and repeat. If he does his AOE attack try dashing into the bottom of his head (into the bottom of his jaw) as soon as he's about to blast it. Make sure you attempt this from under him. By doing this you don't take any damage! Further testing may be required, but this technique had me kill him in less than a minute with a +6 hunters Axe (26 strength, 18 skill). Good luck!

Strategy 3 (Empty Phantasm Shell or Fire Paper w/ Threaded Cane)

Make sure you are stocked up blood vials, Quicksilver bullets (for Phantasm Shell) or Fire Paper, a weapon you can use it with ( Threaded Cane +6), and armor with high bolt resistance.
The key here is to do some dry runs to get his move-set down. Paarl is very much an offensive boss so you will just have to wait for your opportunities.
1. It's recommended getting your Fire Paper or Phantasm Shell off as soon as you get in the arena as Paarl roars. Then sprinting off to left and getting ready to dodge.
2. You should be close enough now to lock on and be ready to dodge since he usually does his swipe attack first. There are two ways to dodge this attack. You can either be far enough away from it or close enough to his body. Getting close will give you an opportunity to attack (but he will go for an AOE bolt attack so get out quick).
3. Your goal is to get enough damage on him to knock his charge off of him and stun him. This will give you a chance to do a visceral attack on him from the front. The window on this is very short so be careful. It's worth it though as it does massive damage.
4. Don't feel bad if you spend most of the fight dodging his moves and healing. Just make sure you can get a few hits in by dodging in front of his swipe attack and getting behind him.

Strategy 4 (Being aggressive)

You're going to have to learn to be offensive 90% of the time, make sure you have a +6 weapon. Now as soon as the fight starts run to one of his front legs and hit it (unless he's about to do a AoE then run away), now dodge his attacks and hit his legs, do this and he'll fall once then go to his face and introduce your fist to his skull. Repeat the following until your victory (if your on NG you'll only have to do this once and win).

Strategy 5 (Stunlock)

A little strat I did to beat Paarl without tearing my hair out.

  1. Acquire Ludwig's Holy Sword and level it to +6 (Minimun)
  2. Access a bloodgem of Fire, radial or waning, it doesn't matter.
  3. Summon Defector Antal
  4. Enter arena and immediately trick switch to greatsword mode
  5. Get underneath paarl, and while Antal distracts it, full charge a R2 and let it fly.This should immediately knock down paarl, no matter where you hit.

Now from here on, keep getting underneath it and charging those R2's, always full charge, DO NOT LET GO TO AVOID HIS BURST ATTACK! The charged attack WILL knock him down and he can't discharge.Antal will likely angro on Paarl, this should cheese him via stunlock. Oh, and enjoy watching Paarl squirm.




Notes & Trivia

  • Archibald was fond of the sparks emitted from the Darkbeast, and so he created Tonitrus and Bolt Paper to replicate the sparks.
  • Paarl is Afrikaans for "pearl", paarl is based on the Dutch word for pearl, "parel".
  • If you've fought him at least once before you can find Paarl poised, looking at the nightmare gate like a cat ready to pounce. Paarl is also wagging his tail and making growling noises that sound a lot like that of a lion.
  • While casting his electric explosion Paarl curves his long neck all the way down then swings it back across his back. The animation is so dramatic that it would cause whiplash in any real living animal.
  • The Burial Blade can trivialise this battle due to it's incredibly long reach and top tier rally potential, when hit skirt through him and unleash a flurry of transformed swings  to simply recover your health 
  • There are lore theories to be found under Darkbeast Lore.




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    • 27 Jul 2019 17:12  

      I struggled with this bastard a lot. (Ludwig's Holy Sword +6 with 29 Str, 13 Skill.) Trying to attack with R1 resulted in a lot of whiffs with and without locking on. I switched to attacking with L2 and beat him pretty fast after by chain-staggering him. This is for my Holy Sword boys.

      • Anonymous

        03 Jul 2019 23:15  

        Literally one fire paper and a +7 saw cleaver got him down in maybe 60 seconds. Didnt even touch me. His moveset reminds me so much of Vordt from ds3 which made it 1000x easier

        • Anonymous

          31 Dec 2018 15:08  

          Using bone marrow ash with the repeating pistol can constantly knock it down. Took about 30 seconds and it landed 0 attacks.

          • Anonymous

            22 Dec 2018 18:41  

            Just beat this guy with +2 Saw Spear, 2nd try. Here's what I recommend: * When you enter the boss arena, sprint towards him for a bit and immediately throw a molotov, he's super weak to fire * For all of his attacks, dodge foward TOWARDS the boss. His swipes have a super wide hitbox so dodging to the sides won't be any good. However the vertical hitboxes are almost non existent so you can just roll right through * NEVER EVER EVER LOCK ON * Try your best to stay close and under him so you can swipe his legs and eventually stun him * When he's about to unleash his charged attack, roll right when he lifts his head * Staying far is ill advised, as his leap slam is super deadly at that range. You can't roll through it when he's about to land, it's damage is huge, and it becomes almost unavoidable. * Transform attacks are your best friend when you get under him. 2-3 of them on one leg can instantly stun

            • Anonymous

              01 Nov 2018 15:02  

              I honestly didn't know this was a boss people had trouble with... I'm actually pretty surprised.. I don't think I've ever had a problem with him. Just focus a leg until he collapses and repeat. The hardest part of the fight is his hitbox, but he's not particularly difficult... One of my favorite looking bosses

              • Anonymous

                09 Oct 2018 07:22  

                Strategy for TLDR: When he swipes dodge underneath and attack his back legs. When he collapses, attack a different leg and he will fall again. His AOE explosion can be rolled through with good timing; risky but it allows you to remain aggressive and keep him on the ground longer.

                • Anonymous

                  02 Jun 2018 16:10  

                  When Paarl's charging up he curves his neck and brings his head to ground level. It's actually possible to hit his head with a charged R2 during this time while standing under him, which will stun him, interrupt his AoE, open up for a visceral AND dispel his electric shroud. It works best with weps like Ludwig's Blade (greatsword form), which have a charged thrust and good range. Locking onto his head will also help, but NOT on his body. Dodge his swipes, get under his belly (somewhat near to the head) and if he starts his AoE, immediately start charging your own wep and smash it into his skull. It's a good way to stun him if you can't seem to get his head from the front, or restart the stun-cheese if you messed up previously.

                  In this way, i was able to beat him at SL37 with 20VGr, STR and END, using Ludwig's blade.

                  • Anonymous

                    16 May 2018 21:16  

                    I've got to say I found this easier than expected. Broke him with a +5 spear and +5 cane, the spear for the first phase with fire paper and the transformed cane for the second. Patience is kind of key with this one which seems counterintuitive due to his fast movement. I'd definitely recommend the cane as for one you can hit multiple limbs at once and secondly it allows you to use proper spacing.

                    • Anonymous

                      14 May 2018 08:24  

                      You can chain stun this guy with ease. Pup a beast blood pellet and fire paper and go to town on one of the legs with your saw cleaver / spear (i had +6). Once he falls, move to the nxt leg and wack it until it breaks and resets his flat belly pose. Rinse and repeat 4x. I was surprised how quick and easy this was, it's basically cheese. Remember to to transform attacks for max damage and beasthood buildup. Good hoonting folks

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Mar 2018 15:56  

                        Saw Cleaver +8, keep buffing with empty phantasm shell, whilst wearing Henryk’s Hunter set. Stand between his legs, keep on hitting him. Done and dusted within a minute or two. Possibly worth summoning the old hunter as a decoy.

                        • Anonymous

                          24 Mar 2018 00:43  

                          If a summon appears on the other side of the fog wall, Paarl won't attack until the Beckoner enters the arena. You can let the Phantom kill a non-aggressive Paarl for literally no effort. To become a summon on the other side of the fog wall, all you have to do is wait at where the fog wall was and when the save symbol appears in the corner indicating you are being summoned, you run until you are almost at Yharnam. If you do it right, you can kill Paarl with no effort and the Beckoner gets a free boss kill.

                          • Anonymous

                            22 Mar 2018 18:22  

                            Yes, the Old Hunter summon really makes this boss doable for noobs. It allows you to maintain camera lock on Paarl and simply go in beneath him with heavy, vertical blows as the opportunities present themselves. LHB +5 (or +6) with fire paper will make quick work of him. Henryk's armor also helps with its great bolt protection.

                            • Anonymous

                              16 Mar 2018 22:13  

                              I hate this boss with a *****ing passion every time I get him low on health my character decides to stand still and butchered while I'm over here spamming the dodge button at full stanima

                              • Anonymous

                                16 Mar 2018 21:40  

                                What the actual ***** he did the claw swipe and only lowered me to half health I backed up and healed and he did the same attack and it somehow one shot me

                                • Anonymous

                                  07 Mar 2018 03:11  

                                  To this day I still hate this boss, not for it's damage or even that it's hard. Nope, it's hitbox is so hard to hit, half the fight is just trying to hit the thing.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    24 Feb 2018 15:13  

                                    Shouldn't the location be the Unseen Village? Sure, you can open the door that leads to Old Yharnam, but to get to the boss in first place you have to be captured by the Snatcher.

                                    Also, that explosion attack is bullshit.

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