Spark Hunter Badge is a badge Item in Bloodborne.
spark_hunter_badge.jpg "Badge crafted in secret by Archibald, the infamous eccentric of the Healing Church, for his friends.

Archibald was fascinated by the blue sparks that emanate from the hides of the darkbeasts, and dedicated his life to its artificial reproduction. in a style of inquiry that, incidentally, closely followed the methodology of Byrgenwerth."

Spark Hunter Badge Usage



  • Unlocks the purchase of Bolt Paper and Tonitrus from the Blood Echoes Bath Mesenger. Also unlocks the purchase of Bolt Paper for Insight.


  • Archibald was fond of the sparks emitted from the Darkbeast, and so he created Tonitrus and Bolt Paper to replicate the sparks, eventually he experimented on Paarl and turned him into a Darkbeast.

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