Spark Hunter Badge


Badge crafted in secret by Archibald, the infamous eccentric of the Healing Church, for his friends.

Archibald was fascinated by the blue sparks that emanate from the hides of the darkbeasts, and dedicated his life to its artificial reproduction. in a style of inquiry that, incidentally, closely followed the methodology of Byrgenwerth."

Spark Hunter Badge is a badge Item in Bloodborne.




Spark Hunter Badge Usage

  • Unlocks the purchase of Bolt Paper and Tonitrus from the Shop. Also unlocks the purchase of Bolt Paper in the Insight shop.







  • Archibald was fond of the sparks emitted from the Darkbeast, and so he created Tonitrus and Bolt Paper to replicate the sparks.



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    • Anonymous

      Most pointless badge, I killed The darkbeast early and all I got was bolt paper and the ability to buy a weapon I already had.

      • Anonymous

        I know that the bond between hunters is something that's touched upon several times throughout the game but seeing the word "friends" caught me completely off guard. The atmosphere is so dark and grim yet Archie essentially made matching secret friendship bracelets for all his pals! It's so bizarrely wholesome.

        • Anonymous

          If youre too close the camera will fk you if youre not locked on or close enough he'll just constantly jump behind your camera view. Great game gj totally better than DS3

          • Anonymous

            Saying Archibald experimented on paarl to turn him into a darkbeast is entirely baseless. The misinformation on this wiki is really obnoxious

            • Anonymous

              This was a helpful guide, and there is a way to get Tonitrus without beating the Darkbeast Paarl. I find the Tonitrus to be a very strong weapon, but it does not transform but instead boosts damage when transformed. I could care less about bolt paper. I'm maining the Tonitrus and Ludwig's holy blade and find it to be an amazing combo. I hope this helped with general game things.

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