Pthumerian Elder

Elder Crossbow 3.png
General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
2381 1625 Lower Hintertomb Chalice Short Ritual Root Chalice
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
110 110 110 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
110 52 60 154
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
250 180 - -

Pthumerian Elder is a Chalice Dungeon Boss in Bloodborne.

Pthumerian Elder Information

This Pthumerian royal is a magical expert with a big bag of tricks. He can change his staff into almost any weapon and many of his attacks have magical secondary effects, fireslashes, explosions, summoning flaming spears underneath you. They can appear in any root chalice dungeon and are a good source of Cold Blood Gems





Combat Information

  • The Pthumerian Elder utilizes pyromancy to transform his staff (or stick, to be appropriate) into various weapons: spear, crossbow, sickle, scythe, lance, and morning star. All of his attacks deal fire damage.
  • When taking damage, the Pthumerian Elder teleports (usually twice in a row) to safety. He can teleport either forward or backward.
  • As soon as the fight starts run left to avoid the crossbow bolt. Be aware of your surroundings in doing so, as the sides of the short bridge leading into the arena drop away to a bottomless pit, instant death should you fall in. Do not immediately dodge to either side to avoid the bolt.
  • His sickle and scythe attacks have very long range, but have trouble hitting a hunter hugging the elder.
  • Look for the slow starting first scythe swing or the sickle yank. As soon as the staff is raised at its highest point fire pistol to get a parry. After visceral attack dash in and spam R1 until he teleports away
  • Watch out for the fast lance poke that looks like a slow move but isn't. Dodge whenever you see a lance. Do not try to parry the attack.
  • Looking for an opening to get close is a good strategy since he doesn't fight back if you are very close. He only teleports away giving a few free shots before vanishing.
  • After he enters the second phase (drops below 50% health), his morning star smash attack will be followed by a proximity explosion soon after where he hits.



  • Focus on stunning the elder rather than dodging all of his attacks, it takes just one heavy hit.
  • Black-Sky Eye is extremely effective at stunning the elder, can even be used to finish him off.


Video Strategies

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Rolling Strategy

The elder is a tough boss to be sure. He's got range, teleportation and his attacks have a MASSIVE hit box. Your going to have to be a little inventive to survive here. But my main suggestion would be this: Don't lock on and never run, always role. His attacks are super wide, and the short dodge simply can't get you to safety most of the time. If you don't lock on, you will roll further and hopefully behind him and outside his range. Then you are free to get a few strikes into him. Also as I said, never walk towards him. He loves to use his super fast spear/slash combo on you while you are stunned. Constantly rolling reduces the chance of him hitting you. This is the same for his crossbow attack. This might seam like a small change, but it can help a lot. Remember, be persistent, and you will get it eventually.

Safe opening hunt -strategy

Use fast weapon like Saw Cleaver in short range mode. Tactic here is to wait for openings to get close savely and then spam R1. If he does not teleport try to cancel his attacks with occasional L1 mode change attack which might stagger him. While attacking slightly moving right helps to avoid some of his swings. When he teleports away immediately start dodging because he especially near walls he can teleport behind you and attack with sickle.
To get safe openings to dash in close, keep your distance and avoid those dangerously fast lance pokes. Stay in one quick step+some walking distance away from him. In his first phase safe openings are mainly the crossbow attacks and if you can counter shot the scythe. In second phase, if you keep your distance, safe openings are lance charge (dodge forward) and scythe jump (also dodge forward). The scythe swing right after raining fireball attack is easy to counter shot. In top of that poison knifes work too.




Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Crossbow Transforms staff into a crossbow then fires flaming bolt. Later in the fight he'll fire multiple bolts in succession. Often uses this attack after teleporting away from the player. Dodge to the side to avoid getting hit.
Scythe Combo Transforms staff into a scythe before swinging it three times. The first two swings send out waves of fire while the third is a ground smash. On occasion, the ground smash will done with an axe or mace. When the Elder is below 50% health and his staff has transformed into a mace, the final smash will create a delayed explosion.
Jumping Scythe Attack Transforms staff into a scythe then jumps at the player while attacking. Dodge just before he lands to avoid taking damage.
Wide Scythe Swing Transforms staff into a scythe, pulls it behind his back, then swings. Be wary of this attacks' extremely wide range.
Mace Smash Transforms staff into a mace, spins it around his head, then smashes it into the ground.
Sickle Attack Transforms staff into a sickle then yanks the player towards them. If the first attack hits it's followed by a downward smash.
Lance Charge Transforms staff into a lance and charges at the player.
Ground Pierce Transforms staff into a spear then thrusts it into the ground. The tip of the staff then shoots up under the player. Has moderate range. Dodge as soon as you see the Elder thrust the tip of his staff into the ground.
Raining Fireballs Twirls staff above head while fireballs rain down. The move ends with a wide scythe swing. Stand clear of this attack until he swings his scythe.


Notes & Trivia

  • It is possible to get the boss to teleport to its own death .
  • They have a cane that looks like a darker version of the Threaded Cane. They tap it when teleporting which could be its function.




Elder Slash 1.jpg
Elder Overhand      Elder Lance Close-up      Elder Crossbow 
Elder Lance      Elder Flying Reaper




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    • Anonymous

      Farming this guy for a good arc scaling gem. I have had good luck with this strat: stay far enough away that he uses the crossbow attack, dodge forward through the bolt, immediately hold O again to continue running towards him, hit him with a strong attack and as many follow ups as you can before he teleports. Repeat til phase 2, then burn him down with blacksky eye stunlock (takes about 20 shots at 99 arc in a depth 5 dungeon to remove his remaining 50% health, use blood bullets before fight to give yourself a cushion). Doesn't work with a non arc build, obviously, but why would a non arc build farm him?

      • Anonymous

        I'm fighting a phtumerian elder but he wields the scythes like the descendant does in normal chalices. Weird glitch or intended?

        • Anonymous

          Fought this guy for the first time inside of depth 5 Isz F/R/C as the final boss. Probably the hardest place I could fight him in so it took a bit, but his 2nd phase did less damage than the first for some reason. You can kinda follow the same steps of baiting his triple hit combo out and then parrying the 2nd hit of it, just like the descendent. Was it worth it? No, he dropped a horrible gem. Kinda cool boss, he teleports too much. 7/10.

          • Anonymous

            arc cheese: dodge the crossbow attack, get behind, then you can backstab and executioner gloves back to back till he's dead.

            • Anonymous

              It was the last boss in Layer 3 of Ailing Loran Root Chalice dungeon also. This Wiki needs updating it seems.

              • Anonymous

                This b*tch is the Bloodborne version of Lady Butterfly from Sekiro. I swear their models look extremely similar. Lady Butterfly....forgive me!

                • Anonymous

                  So if he can change the staff to anything he wants why doesn't he just turn it into like 15 guns and bbrrratttt you to death

                  • Anonymous

                    You can practically knockdown / stunlock him with Augur if you are running an ARC build. He will either stagger or get knocked down, and if at a wall it can be a particularly potent strategy.

                    • Anonymous

                      don't bother trying to dodge the lance lunge. it has 180 degree tracking and you'll get 50% extra damage for being mid-dodge. just tank it (if you have decent fire def) and heal.

                      • Anonymous

                        If Bloodborne ever gets updated for the ps5 via remaster or whatever, they need to have this dude drop his weapon upon death. I think it would be an amazing fire arc weapon

                        • Anonymous

                          Oeden Writhe, Clawmark, and Clockwise Metamorphosis or Blood Rapture is an excellent combination for this fight. Even low skill characters will be able to do consistent damage being aggressive and using VA on interrupts.

                          • Anonymous

                            Just met this guy as a mob for the first time and I was very confused, because something shot me with a fire arrow/bolt and I had no idea what was happening till I saw him. Guess it's time to beat up old people again.

                            • Anonymous

                              The Blacksky Eye is incredibly effective against him during his second phase. You can stagger him into oblivion with it, similar to how the Gatling Gun works against other hunters.

                              • Anonymous

                                Honestly one of the most disappointing parts of bloodborne for me was using the descendant in the depth 5 chalice instead of the elder. The elders fight is on another level of entertainment compared to the infuriating simple spam fest and shotels thrown through pillars battle with the descendant. Comparing the depth 3 elder at the recommended level for those chalices to the recommended level for depth 5 descendent he's also far more difficult AND interesting to fight with only some minor issues like teleporting behind you for a quick cheap shot but it isn't nearly as cheap as the descendent. Huge mistake. I know there's depth 5 roots to join but that's optional and requires the player to set it up rather than being fixed.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Dropped a Cold Abyssal Blood Gem (rating 20) and a Blood Rock as the final boss in a Root Lower Loran Chalice for me today.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    If you want to make your Arcane build successful, this guy is the secret. If you learn how to save scum, you can farm him until you get a Cursed Abyssal Cold gem with +65 ARC Scaling and a secondary effect. This means that almost any weapon in the game can become an elemental monster with an S scaling in ARC. Even if you have barely any ARC, I would recommend getting a crescent one with +65 scaling just so you can have a fire saw cleaver since they make most chalice enemies a piece of cake. For some reason, almost everything in this game is weak to fire.

                                    Just felt the need to post this since someone below me was talking smack about the gems this guy drops. They actually were***** before the DLC patch that added +50 and +65 scaling gems for Arcane and Strength (Heavy Gems).

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Knocked 2/3 of his health on my 1st try and took him down on my second.

                                      I noticed he has surprisingly weak fire defenses considering his attacks are fire based and I spammed him with my fire Ludwig long sword (arcane build so you do you, those were just my two cents).

                                      Remember high fire def so use the bone ash set or something.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        When I was fighting this boss in an isz chalice it seemed the pillars in the room messed with his teleporting.

                                        When ever he teled it would be in a circle around me resulting in him just being beside me and instantly attacking leading to annoying deaths.

                                        When I brought him to the middle of the room he would teleport normally away from me and gain some distance but eventually ended beside the wall and pillars again and just teled right beside and instantly attacking again.

                                        Having fought this guy loads before and this only ever happening in this type of room it seems unintentional and a bug.

                                        • I fought this boss with the Chikage, and at first used the one-handed version and tried to parry. I eventually found that switching to the two-handed version was much more effective - every single hit would stagger the boss, preventing him from teleporting, attacking, moving, retaliating or defending himself in any way. Perhaps this is just because the two-handed version naturally does slightly more damage, but I racked up far more damage against this boss than I would have in the same amount of hits against normal enemies - nearly 3000 damage from 4 regular swings.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            13473 blood obtained from beating this the first time. Which is a far more sensible number than just over 1k This was the typical scenario the first time you beat him - low hintertomb, depth 3, NG, not NG+ (even though NG+ doesn't affect dungeons anyway. Someone should edit that in.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              In case anyone is reading this and having difficulty, this boss becomes a lot easier if you can get parrying down on him. In the first phase he teleports a lot, especially if you are far away. This makes it hard to target lock. But if you get close it's easier. Just be ready to dodge roll if he teleports out of your line of sight. Get close to him, circle around him and be ready to shoot when he nears the middle to end of one of his attacks. Once you parry be quick to get the visceral attack. Before he gets up, pounce on him. You should be able to get at least one to three free hits in before he teleports away. It gets a little trickier after he gets to about half health. Be careful to not get hit by one of his lance charges, it's a fast attack and it hurts. Same as when he jumps in the air. Similar to martyr logarius, it can be dodged, just be quick as he is about to land. This phase it's harder to get closer as his attacks change and appear to get quicker. But still be sure to get close and just follow the same formula as the first phase with parry/viceral attacks. I didn't try fighting him any other way, something like 5 or 6 visceral attacks along with a few cheap shots before he got up and the fight goes pretty quick

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Just use a heavy hitting weapon like Ludwig's or Kirkhammer, you can cancel all his attacks if you land a hit. Stay close and HAMMERTIME!

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  This guy is a huge pussy for a final chalice boss. Get in his face and hit him. He will chicken out and teleport away, which is when he'll use his lame, easily dodgeable crossbow attack. Anytime you get in trouble, just back off, he'll leave you ample time to heal up. Pathetic, really.

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