Short Ritual Root Chalice


One of the root chalices that breaks various seals in the Old Labyrinth.

The glass chalice, when full, is used in a short ritual to quickly create and join a Chalice Dungeon (not for use in a ritual using standard materials).

Short rituals are conducted at the makeshift altar.

Short Ritual Root Chalice is a Chalice Item in Bloodborne. You can create this chalice dungeon by combining the materials listed below at the Makeshift Altar in Hunter's Dream. This Chalice is used to quick search Dungeons as a guest, host or invader.


Short Ritual Root Chalice Information





  • Used to Quick Search for Dungeons online as a guest, host or invader.
  • Before the 1.04 patch, you could join any root chalice dungeon, even if you haven't gained access to them yourself. After the 1.04 patch was released, it limited the dungeons that you could join to just the ones you have access to.



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    • Anonymous

      20 Jun 2021 09:29  

      For example, if I want to join someone in Loren, will just simply having the correct chalice work or do I have to conduct a ritual with it first?

      • Anonymous

        22 Mar 2021 18:26  

        So if I understood this right: Even if you have a password set up so you can have a friend use this chalice to help you out, he can't help you as long as he doesn't have the same chalices as you?

        • Anonymous

          25 Sep 2018 06:15  

          I'm so tired of dungeon scrubs who use the damn Beckoning Bell , then die either as soon as I enter or even worse , they die as the chalice forms before it even sucks me in . I literally stop playing most nights because of it . If you're not experienced or just plain not good and need summons to help , at least wait a few minutes for them and stop wasting peoples time who are trying to help you please

          • Anonymous

            22 Jun 2018 06:45  

            I am playing on the most current patch and this was dropped for me from a boss in a chalice dungeon. Don't remember if it was Lower Pthumeru or Lower Hintertomb but I definitely did not buy it in the Insight Shop for 10 insight.

            • Anonymous

              03 Jan 2018 01:09  

              I'm not sure which patch people are talking about here but I was doing random co-op searches in December 2017 and having no trouble at all getting summoned. I'm sure a lot of people were playing too since it was the holiday, but still.

              • Anonymous

                08 Dec 2017 22:50  

                This thing may be the most useful coop oriented item in the entire franchise imo. I have done all chalices, and when i want to do some coop, i just go for coop search and i get summoned generally in no time. Because you do not know where you are being teleported, its a "surprise" every time. I wish something like this would exist for the entire main game too. I mean, this is fantastic, i ring my bell once and have a dozen fixed chalices with many floors and quite a few root chalices i can get summoned too... For someone who loves doing coop, it does not get any better than this really...

                • Anonymous

                  08 Dec 2017 22:41  

                  If i unlock pthumeru ihyll root chalice with all offerings, can i get summoned, using the Short Ritual Chalice, in every possible pthumeru ihyll root chalice glyphs, or only in the glyphs i have used myself?

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Dec 2017 01:12  

                    I don't know what the hell all these kids are complaining about. Here I am in late 2017 quick searching coop for dungeons to farm insight, finding beckoning bells every 1-3 minutes. Pro tip kids. Set your networking to worldwide and turn your passwords off lol.

                    • Anonymous

                      Very useless chalice05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                      This is a chalice that used for quick searching the dungeons to play Co-op or PvP or a random single player dungeon. You would think that this chalice would be used by people to play PvP or co-op, but no. I have been waiting for 1 hour to play PvP with this chalice and no luck (I'm level 94). Basically, this chalice is practically useless, don't bother trying to get it. If you want to play random dungeons, just pick one from the list or create your own. As stated, PvP and co-op are dead with this chalice.

                      • Anonymous

                        Location of Short Ritual Root Chalice Information05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                        I got it from the third boss in the Lower Hintertomb Chalice. No Chest.

                        • Anonymous

                          Location of Short Ritual Root Chalice Information05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                          it can be found after defeated the 3rd layer boss but not in a chest

                          • Anonymous

                            Got it !05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                            Found on fétid lower hintertombs 3rd layer boss (glyph: 5esb89wc ). Allow to random dungeon, invade random dungeon, or be sumoned to help in random dungeon. Classified as a key in the inventory.

                            • Anonymous

                              Short Ritual ROOT Chalice?05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                              I've been using this, and, it seems to be only summoning me into the normal chalices, not any root chalices. It also seems that I am only getting into chalices that I have already completed. Does anybody know how this works exactly?

                              • Anonymous

                                Joining..05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                                So do I have to have a chalice set up at a gravestone to randomly join from short chalice or do I at least have had made the chalice once?

                                • Anonymous

                                  SLOW AS F05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                                  this thing doesn't work properly at all, this sh*t needs a patch and a lobby system for once, just the chalice pleazee FROM SOFTWARE!!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    it is05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                                    It is purchased from insight after Central Phtu chalice boss 100%, the issue is its listed under Key Items.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      how to buy05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                                      I cant figure out how to buy the Short ritual root chalice, I've killed the 3rd boss in lower hinter 5 times now and he's never dropped it, he only drops blood gems. it says you can buy it after killing the third boss in pthumeru, but WHICH pthumeru? also, I've BEATEN most of the them

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                                        Anybody with this chalice mind helping me get it via this chalice? I'm 125, we can trade psn if I find someone

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