Defiled Chalice

defiled chalice.png

A chalice that breaks a labyrinth seal.defiled chalice.png

Only, this defiled chalice is cursed.

Curses are caused by inciting the anger of the Great Ones, and used to hex others. Special materials are required to complete the ritual.

To try one's hand at curses, first seek the Bastard of Loran.


Defiled Chalice, also known as the Cursed and Defiled Chalice, is a Chalice in Bloodborne. You can create this chalice dungeon by combining the materials listed below at one of the Tomb Altars in Hunter's Dream. This dungeon never changes Bosses, design or loot.



Defiled Chalice Information




  • Lower Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon (drops from Layer 4's boss)
  • For higher chances of co-op with the Fextralife community, create your Cursed Pthumerian Defilement dungeon to unlock it, then join Fextra Defiled dungeon via this Glyph: b4bi2s3n







Heres a video showing how to fight the bosses in Cursed Pthumeru Chalice 



  • Permanently lowers players hit points by 50% while inside the dungeon
  • The amounts of physical damage received and heal will be decreased along with the decreased max health, but elemental damage will do normal damage (making keeper of the old lords in layer 1 surprisingly tough, being able to 1 shot players).
  • Contains enemies belonging to both Pthumeru and Hintertomb.
  • Drops very good radial blood gems, which increases physical damage by an enormous amount (20%+) at the cost of decreased durability.
  • Sometimes this chalice would be glitched and wouldn't drop by BLB in lower P, simply search for the fix shared defile.
  • An effective method of dispatching with the Keeper of the Old Lords in the First Layer, is to utilize Beast Roar with a high DPS weapon, and lock him in a chain. 



  • Be careful when exiting the Layer 1 lamp room - there is an oil puddle directly in front of the exit, along with a Labyrinth Ritekeeper hiding to the right, so charging out recklessly could result in getting one-shotted.
  • Called the "Cursed and Defiled Chalice" in EU game.
  • Drops the "Defiled Root Chalice" in EU game, even though it is called "Cursed and Defiled Chalice".



    • Anonymous

      17 Jul 2018 09:11  

      Hey, I've got trouble with the first layer boss of defiled chalice if anyone's willing to help, I'm using the fextra glyph and my psn is arcticsolider42

      • Anonymous

        20 Jun 2018 02:40  

        Can anyone help me in multiplayer on the watchdog I haven’t gotten his health down to half on any of my attempts

        • 17 Apr 2018 17:51  

          I'm level 186 and I can't reach the last 30% Amygdala's life bar. (I'm summoning 2 NPC hunters). Does anyone want to coop? (i'm looking for the Pthumerian Queen Trophy)

          • Anonymous

            03 Apr 2018 15:43  

            Can anybody help me out with beating the Amygdala? I’m getting it down to 1/4 life left, but that last phase is kicking my ass.

            • Anonymous

              02 Apr 2018 00:26  

              Need some help on the defiled watchdog and probably the Amygdala after, anyone else still playing on the fextra glyph?

              • Anonymous

                27 Mar 2018 20:35  

                Need some advice for Keeper of the Old Lords. I'm bl76 30VIT/30STR/25SK and my Arcane is slightly below the level to get beast roar. I'm getting him consistently down to 3/4 health with use of the loch shield in phase 2 but can't seem to finish him off before out of blood vials.

                • Anonymous

                  19 Feb 2018 19:43  

                  For cursed gems I find the two frenzy enemies just before Orphan of Kos to be easiest, just go down the elevator and kill them and hunters mark back.

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Feb 2018 20:09  

                    Don't know if it's a bug or a feature of the ''defiled experience'', but, for example, when I leave an unfinished layer (meaning I haven't beaten the boss) to return to the hunter's dream to resupply it erases all the progress I made in the area. Bringing me back to the previous layer's boss even though I've lit lamps, unlocked doors and stuff. Quite frustrating since it's already a hard level. Anybody else have had this issue occure to them?
                    P.S. I'm in ng+ 3 or 4.

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