Abhorrent Beast

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
13000-15000 1753 Ailing Loran Chalice Lower Loran Chalice
15489 116423 Lower Loran Chalice Bolt Damp Blood Gem (6)
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
101 101 101 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
101 70 70 295
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
70 999 X -

Abhorrent Beast is a Chalice Dungeon boss in Bloodborne, and is the true form of the Suspicious Beggar.

Abhorrent Beast Information

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The Abhorrent Beast has 3 phases that are apparent when he stops and roars:

  • Phase I - 100% - Normal Moveset
  • Phase II - <75% - His normal moveset is modified, adding follow-ups to attacks.
  • Phase III - <50% - Adds new moves to his moveset


Combat Information

  • The Abhorrent Beast has a wide variety of attacks covering his sides and his front, so there are few safe zones and the fight requires much dodging and distance.
  • Almost all of his attacks have the same timing, so take advantage of that.
  • His side is always open after each of his attacks allowing for a counter strike. This can be key to winning the fight - dodge to the side of his attacks and attack his flank. Rinse and repeat.
  • The Abhorrent Beast will charge you upon using a heal or item. Wait until he is in a long animation before healing or using items to buy time to dodge the incoming attack.
  • Don't bother trying to riposte/parry as there's no easy way to visceral attack him, you may want to try the cannon but only when he's at 30% health.
  • Continuously walk back from him and that will trigger a 3 hit combo, as soon as the third hit comes in hit him with a leap attack or Long Axe R2, then instantly dodge back.
  • Also, if using an axe (or a similar weapon) you can trigger his 3 hit combo that will let you hit him 3-4 times before you can dodge, to do this you can dodge to his side and attack-dodge, normally after repeating this twice he will use his combo or his ground attack, leaving him always open for some damage.
  • If you have a quick weapon then you will want to go on the offensive most of the time, go in a clock wise formation, or if he's about to attack dodge towards his right side (your left) and hit him once or twice on his back and you either need to A. dodge backwards as he'll do a backhand swing or B. do it all again if he decides to run back.
  • Don't even try to roll around this guy. If you do try to sneak in a hit between his attacks, there's a better chance of him killing you with a follow up attack than you dealing damage and being able to escape unscathed. Your best bet is to use whatever projectile attacks you have at your disposal while kiting him, clockwise. Molotov Cocktails work well, arcane or a good gun are even better. (This advice is only applicable for arcane/bloodtinge builds - rolling and striking works well for melee and with the right timing you'll receive no damage.)
  • On the third stage, the beast uses a 4 part combo. Bait out the first 2 swipes and then get in behind him while he does the upward swipe. Strike him in the back and dodge away. This prevents him from finishing the combo with the AoE ground slam. Repeat until dead. (Only possible if he's been glitched by leaving the game running for long periods of time).
  • The easiest and cheesiest strategy is to use Poison Knife. Two knives will poison him, just throw both after a long attack (or one inbetween two quick attacks), and strafe around till it wears off, then throw another pair. Repeat until death. Boring, but 100% fool proof.
  • For an extra edge while poisoning in the Lower Loran Boss room, which is rather small, equip the Embrace Ruin and the Beast Claw. Your dodges will be a little faster and travel a little further. This is invaluable if he knocks you down, especially against a wall. 
  • While Slow Poison is effective, it can barely take away 10% of its health with 3 knives in Ailing Loran Chalice. For a faster kill, use Poison Knife to keep poison on the boss while following the dodging strategies. This reduces the boss difficulty significantly.
  • Its head and arms can be severed if enough damage are dealt on one of these parts. Defense will be lowered on these parts until it heals up. Breaking his head also open up for a visceral attack


Attack Name Attack Description Counter
Rush Swipe
  • The Abhorrent Beast rushes at the player and swipes once with his left arm.
  • Usually activated when you are using an item (healing) or at a fair distance from him
  • This attack is present in all phases.
  • Dodge to the upper left. Give it ONE slash and hop backwards.
  • Sometimes he tries to backhand you after you attack him, so be ready to dodge back and you can try to get one more attack in.
Left Jab
  • The Abhorrent Beast places his right hand on the ground and bursts with a left jab.
  • It's a straight forward jab that has a medium attack animation.
  • This attack is present in all of his phases.
  • BEWARE: this attack has a longer range than it looks, his arm extends out further than you'd expect.
  • Dodge to the left and a forward R1 will hit him before he recovers from the animation.
Front Swipe During Phase I
  • Swipes with his left and then right arm which will hit anyone closely in front of him.

During Phase II and up*
Does the same as phase I but after a short pause, he does another two swipes which takes him longer to recover from the animation.
  • If you are close enough, forward R1 once during his second swipe and hop back.
  • In Phase II, wait out the second set of swipes, slash him once and hop back.
3 Slams During Phase I
  • A three hit combo to the ground in front of him, first with his left hand, then right hand in quick succession and a powerful left hand slam which comes out slower than than the first two.

During Phase II and up*
Same moves but after he finishes the slam, if you try to attack him after the combo, he'll quickly do a two swipe combo.The swipe combo after the ground pound has a long recovery animation.
  • Stand JUST outside the aoe of the attack and as he finishes move forward and give him a slash and hop back.

  • In Phase II, bait out the two swipe combo and depending how close you are to him, you can either hop back once or just move backwards depending on how close you are to him and just R1 as the last swipe misses you. Be sure to hop back after.
Ground Blast During Phase I
  • Slams the ground in front of him with his left arm that leaves a lingering blast of lightning.
  • Be careful, even though he has slammed down his hand, the AOE damage still lasts for a split second.

During Phase II and up*
Progressively through the phases, the AOE of the slam gets larger and larger.
  • If you are close to him, dodge left and attack.
  • If you are far, stay out of range, and you can time an attack when the blast dissipates.
Two Fist Punch During Phase I
  • A two-fist punch forward with a medium animation.

During Phase II and up
  • The two-fist punch lets out a gust of wind that damages you if you are in front of it.
  • Progressively through the phases, the gust travels further and further.
  • Depending on how close you are and what phase he is on, hopping back is not a good option.
  • Side stepping is the best maneuver for this move.
  • Side step, R1 and hop back.
Two Slash Combo
  • A medium range slash with the left hand followed up by a medium range slash with his right hand.
  • You can tell it's a two slash combo if he starts the slash with his left hand.
  • Hop to the side or backwards for the first slash but for his second slash hop forward to the left. R1 him once and hop back.
  • If he tries to backhand you after you attack him and he misses, hop back in and R1 him once more and hop back out. This is not advised for when he is past phase II because I didn't risk testing it out.
Three Slash Combo During Phase I
  • You can tell it's a three slash combo if he starts the slash with his right hand.

During Phase II and up
  • His first two slashes are still the same, however, at times he will slam in front of him instead of the third slash. The delay for the third slash is the same as during phase I, try to read whether it's another slash or a slam so you know to either roll towards when its a slash or backwards when its a slam. The slam has a long animation and it's possible to even sneak a charge R2 attack in.

During Phase III
  • His first two slashes are still the same, however, at times he will do a very delayed upper cut slash followed by a two fist punch (with the gust). If you side step to your left as his claws are scraping the ground, the upper cut will miss entirely and you should be able to hit him and hop back.
  • Hop to the side or backwards for the first and second slashes. For his third slash (which comes out slower than the last two slashes), hop forward to the left (10 o'clock direction on the thumbstick) just as his in animation to do the third slash and you should go right under him and standing beside his right leg. R1 him once and hop back out.
  • If he tries to backhand you after you attack him and he misses, hop back in and r1 him once more and hop back out. this is not advised for when he is passed phase II because I didn't risk testing it out.
Leap Slam During Phase III
  • He will leap after an attack and slam his claws in the ground.
  • This has a very large frontal AOE.
  • Be sure to constantly hop back if he's airborne. This move has a very long animation so you will be able to run up to him and slash him once.
Wind Gust
  • An alternative to the Two Fist Punch move, which skips the punches entirely.
  • The Abhorrent Beast will pull both hands back and form gusts of wind around his claws to then propel forward in a medium sized cone.
  • The range of this attack increases with each stage so even if it can be harmless on the first stage with a rather long windup and minimal range, on the final stage it can reach about 1/3 of the boss room so mind your heals.
  • This attack is usually performed as an alternative to the Rush Swipe, meaning healing or being far away can trigger it.
  • Getting close and dodging to his side will avoid this attack as it does not have good tracking or enough aoe to hit behind him or to his side, this is pretty manageable due to the long windup.
  • Can also be dodged to the side if you are too far from him once the attack itself launches if timed correctly.




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Strategy 1

  1. Phase I:
    • After each of his attacks, dodge to upper left, attack once, retreat. (Works on most attacks)
    • Rinse and repeat
  2. Phase II:
    • Move in and out to bait his attacks, move in and out to bait his Phase II follow up attacks, then attack once.
    • Use Phase I Strategy for unmodified moves.
    • Rinse and repeat
  3. Phase III:
    • He has new moves, but in general, the Phase I strategy will work

Strategy 2 (Hit n' Run)

  • Use heavy hitting weapon like Kirkhammer or Logarious Wheel
  • Keep your distance and concentrate on two of his attacks: the left jab and 3 slam combo (dodge first two slams and quickstep + R1 the last one)
  • Dodge those two attacks towards the boss, hit only once and always quick step away after single hit to avoid taking damage
  • The Rush Swipe can be dodge + R1 -attacked too but keep in mind his following punch is not too heavy but most likely will hit you
  • Dodge all other attacks
  • Keeping your distance also helps to heal. The only safe time to heal is when the boss is attacking, but can't reach you.

Strategy 3 (BlackSky Eye)

This requires at least 40 arcane and the DLC.(I was 154 with over 48 Arcane) The BlackSky Eye has great range and only costs one QS. So you may need to use a Formless Oedon Rune to get the most out of it as well as Bloodbullets. He will charge at the creation of bloodbullets and vials so make sure you time them well. He may also occasionally charge at the Eye itself. So watch out for that. Just proceed with caution and take it slow dont try and rush the boss fight. Even if you only deal 200 a shot which is about my damage. (200-500 depending on your range to him) If you are feeling rebellious get close and evade and hit him with it. but i recommand saying a distance so He doesnt kill you.

Strategy 4 (Controlled Chaos - Ailing Loran Only)

Summon Vitus if available; he'll help you during phase 1 and possibly through phase 2 of the boss. Make sure you have either a bunch of Fire Paper or the Empty Phantasm Shell (or both!), as well as a full stock of poison knives. Upon entering the room, Abhorrent Beast will charge at you; wait until your partner takes the aggro from you, then trick your weapon and strike from behind for heavy damage. Charged R2 strikes won't open up for a visceral attack, but they still hurt. When the beast turns to attack you, back off and let Vitus take the heat off you again. You really shouldn't get hit at all during this stage. Wash, rinse and repeat until either the boss dies (unlikely) or Vitus does. At this point, you're probably at about 30-40% of the boss' health.

At this point, start circling the inner ring of steps clockwise, and dodge backwards and to the left whenever the boss attacks. You'll want to deactivate the trick on your weapon and put it into the quickest mode it has. Wait until he does either the Wind Gust, or a long combo that you can dodge away from and pump two poison knives into him. Now, depending on how far you and Vitus got the boss down, you can either try to wait out the poison (somewhat risky, once the boss starts doing leaping attacks), or speed the process up by sneaking in a few hits whenever he does that leaping slam. Using Ludwig's/Kirkhammer's silver sword, you should be able to get one dodge slash and another R1 slash in before you need to dodge away again. Make sure you do or he could crush you in a single combo. Keep this up for a few minutes and you might not even deplete your entire supply of knives before he's dead.


 Abhorrent Beast Gallery


Notes & Trivia

  • His lightning coated body suggested him being a Darkbeast, as both him and Paarl are coated with lightning, while the mace Tonitrus is modeled after the Darkbeasts.
  • The Beast form also resembles the one from Beast's Embrace rune, it could the reason why the Beggar remained sentient even after the transformation.
  • He actually elongates his arm like rubber in most attacks, making it difficult to guess his range.




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    • Anonymous

      18 Aug 2020 07:34  

      Ailing Loran + Rotted + Fetid: Not as tough as Sickle Giant, but way more tedious to learn, with all his similar-looking punch moves and distant respawn lantern. Better set aside a few hours.

      • Anonymous

        05 Jul 2020 04:01  

        Very annoying boss. Took me a solid 5 tries to defeat him. First I used the Henryks Armor set to (somewhat) lessen his bolt related damage. Then, I kept my distance and darted him with a poison knife while he is attacking then dashing in once his combo is over and hitting him with R2 with my long range weapon (I use the threaded cane). Did that till he had a third of his health left. Then I used up my knives and my qs bullets (Evelyn user) till he dropped since getting a melee hit in during the final stage felt nearly impossible and my blood vials were depleted. Barely defeated him. If you manage to figure out his timing you may be able to squeeze in more hits but I couldn't dodge his attacks consistently. Peppering him from a distance was a very painstaking and tedious strategy but worked best for me.

        • Anonymous

          22 Jun 2020 18:54  

          In Forbidden Woods used the small corridor where you meet him to cheese him with Poison Knifes as he could not reach me, in the Chalice Dungeon I used the Poisoned Knives coupled with Simon's Bowblade, was a long but safe fight.

          • Anonymous

            18 Jun 2020 21:20  

            Have just finished that guy, first time met him in Forbidden Woods - it was disaster, after that had a pretty strong fear of him. But accidentally opened a nice strategy in dungeons, which is not present here on the page. Using a Holy Blade in trick mode and only R2 attack. The strategy itself: lock on him, keep distance, once he is running on you - start charging R2. If you are good at timings of your weapon you just hit him into the face and dodge. While he is in animation, grow distance and repeat. The most interesting part of that strategy, that if you hit him that way (R2) while he is performing his long-arm attack - right in his hitting (not charging) pose, it will be a visceral. Came up with that in Ailing Loran layer 3 and right after repeated without big difficulties in Lower Ailing Loran layer 2.

            • 14 Jun 2020 19:50  

              What's *really* annoying is the lantern prior to this boss (Ailing Loran Layer 3) has a spider that approaches you even if you haven't moved from the spawn point. So if you are taking a mental break between boss attempts, well, ***** you. You've just wasted another blood vial healing. This gets me heated because I've always felt that one of the 'unspoken rules' of SoulsBorne is that the bonfires are safe zones.

              • Anonymous

                06 Jun 2020 16:59  

                Do you like recycled assets? Are you CRAVING a good ghost hitbox? Can you not get enough of bull*****range? Well, if you said YES to any of these questions, Abhorrent Beast is the boss for you! It can hit you anywhere, anytime with high damage and long lasting combos! Unlike our competitors, such as Cleric Beast, Darkbeast Paarl, and Bloodletting beast, this chunk of muscle has no blind spots to avoid absurdly high damage attacks! If you aren't convinced yet, boy wait for hours of fun trying to kill this friendly fuzzy fella! If you purchase our premium Loran Chalice and aren't satisfied with your purchase, call our customer services get a 100% insight back GUARANTEE! Blood echoes not included.

                • Anonymous

                  25 May 2020 00:08  

                  Anyone else having with the NPC summons not following you into the Ailing Loran Level 3 boss room? I wasting insight on useless a-holes that won't even try to help.

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Apr 2020 06:18  

                    Holding the whirligigs L2 attack into his face until you run out of stamina worked pretty well. Died 20+ times, but that with firepaper worked eventually. For some reason 3+ poison knives didn't seem to do anything. I confirmed they hit.

                    • Anonymous

                      10 Jan 2020 05:13  

                      The thing that really helped me pull out a win in this fight was remembering the Cainhurst armor. It's a lot easier to recover from mistakes with its impressive amount of armor.

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Dec 2019 14:49  

                        If you summon Vitius just strafe and focus on his back get a few hits hell try a back sweep and then let virus retake agro from far with his beast cutter. He should stay alive most of the fight!

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Dec 2019 09:20  

                          >This requires at least 40 arcane and the DLC.(I was 154 with over 48 Arcane) I've beaten him 6000 times in FRC Dungeons at BL120. Why is this a thing?

                          • Anonymous

                            18 Dec 2019 16:44  

                            Ok so i was 3 f`ing days on this beast in lower loran and close to giving up. The way ive eventually beat him is going in for headshots after the long jab and 3 hit combo (you`ll get the timing with enough practice). I got 2 visceral strikes on him this way. And then he went into his phase 3. This is the phase that was constantly killing me when i was getting him down to 1/3 of his health. So i took a different approach and backed away using repeat pistol with bone marrow ash at distance for the final third. And i just beat him! Man i feel good!

                            • Anonymous

                              04 Dec 2019 18:19  

                              I died to this mfer 11 DAMN TIMES before I took a smoke break. GRrrrr!! Hate this mfer! Best way to beat him in Ailing Loran is to summon help to the right if lamp. When the fight starts, go on the offensive and double team him with you attacking his rear. You should be able to stun him and make him jump back at least twice. We got him down to 1/3 health before my npc summon died. From there it’s a matter of patience and luck. Never heal twice in a row; distance yourself, heal, then prepare to dodge before healing again. Hate this *****er, good luck and don’t throw your controller lol. If you can’t beat him, take a break/smoke/shot, and try again in 20 mins. Worked for me

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