Abhorrent Beast

Abhorrent Beast Blast

Abhorrent Beast is a boss that appears in Bloodborne.

Clever beasts that appear in Loran. This is the true form of the Suspicious Beggar.



"Oh, you are a sick puppy! You drink the blood of half the town, and now this!


And you talk of beasts? You hunters are the real killers! Have you got a screw loose? Or is it your... animal intuition"


"You hunters have got more blood on your hands. Die! Die, die! Hunters are killers, nothing less!


You call ME a beast? A Beast!? What would you know? I didn't ask for this!"


"Rancid beasts, every last one of us..."




Abhorrent Close-up 0

Abhorrent Punch Abhorrent Beast Scream Abhorrent Beast Electric DevilAbhorrent Beast Electric Smash Abhorrent Beast Daemonic Abhorrent Beast Strike Abhorrent Beast Towering Abhorrent Beast Daemonic Smash Abhorrent Beast Finisher Abhorrent Beast Strike 2 Abhorrent Beast Doubler Wave Abhorrent Beast Uppercut



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