Keeper of the Old Lords

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
3867 3471 Central Pthumeru Chalice Central Pthumeru Root Chalice
Can drop Twin Blood Stone Shards
19690 54224 Defiled Chalice Radial Blood Gem
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
103 99 99 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
99 30 70 75
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
120 210 No No

Keeper of the Old Lords (旧主の番人 Kyūshu no ban'nin lit. "Watchman of the Old Lords") is a Boss in Bloodborne. She was granted eternal life by the masters she protects - the Great Ones.


  • The Bone Ash Set  becomes available to purchase at the Insight Bath Messengers after defeating this boss.
  • The boss variant is female, while the enemy variants accompanied by dogs are men.






Combat Information

  • Keeper of the Old Lords is staggered as easily as other human sized enemies, even when in the middle of an attack. Well timed blows can prevent the Keeper from completing any attack altogether.
  • If you're having trouble with this boss (like in a defiled dungeon where you only have half health, for instance), you can poison it with two Poison Knives. It's best to use the strategy outlined above for the first phase of the fight and then switch to poison daggers when it buffs its sword with fire.
  • The Keeper of the Old Lords can be beaten easily with Ludwig's Holy Blade by baiting her into engaging you, and staggering him in the middle of his somewhat slow attacks. To do this, get just in range of it so that it starts walking towards you. Once it gets about 6 steps away, charge your Ludwig's Holy Blade power attack in Greatsword (transform) mode and let go just before it swings. After awhile, it'll apply Fire Paper to their blade and begin to run at you. Continue the same tactic, however while compensating for its run speed, also immediately back dodge twice after landing your attack. It will often follow up its attack with a long reaching move and you will be caught with it if you're late.
  • This boss can be easily stun-locked with the Blade of Mercy in dagger form. The Keeper won't be able to attack or dodge away. Just keep on top of her, and when your stamina gets low hop back and recharge.
  • Do not completely deplete your stamina; leave a little bit so you could dodge away at the end, or the Keeper will surely retaliate should you try to walk away.
  • Other weapons can still stun-lock, but his dodge attack would be fast enough to slip through between 2 swings of your weapon.
  • When his HP is reduced to about two thirds, the Keeper will attempt to apply fire to his sword and gain new abilities. While the Keeper attempts to do so, any attack will stagger him out of the animation, stopping him from entering phase 2. However if the attack landed too late and fire is already burning away on his sword, he would enter phase 2 anyway. If one keeps preventing him from entering phase 2, he would give up for a while and continue fighting.
  • Often after being parried (or being shot during a non-parryable attack, particularly the 'short shoulder-charge into flame punch' maneuver), the Keeper will do a defensive two-swing combo. He also tends to use this after getting up from a Visceral Attacks. These defensive swings can themselves be parried, allowing one with proper timing to chain Visceral Attacks against him without giving him any opportunity to defend himself.
  • Skill/Bloodtinge builds can have an easy time against this boss. You just have to attack twice with a transformed Reiterpallasch then immediately afterwards use the transformed R2 to shoot. It will always parry since he will attempt to attack after the second hit. Even after he buffs his weapon he will do the same thing. You can repeat this strategy until he falls. This strategy also works with Chikage.
  • Be careful if you chose to parry this boss. Landing a visceral attack while he is up against a wall will often times clip him into the wall, forcing you to restart the battle as he is no longer accessible.
  • For Arcane build, Keeper of the Old Lords can be staggered with Executioner's Gloves, combined with the use of Bloodbullet and Oedon Writhe Visceral Attack, the Keeper can be killed with ease.


Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Flame Wave The Keepers' fist glows red before sending out two waves of flames at the player. Typically used when the player is at medium range.
Flame Burst A ball of fire erupts from the Keepers' hand. Short range but fast.
The Keeper could follow up with a slash after this attack, or he could slash first then immediately perform this attack.
Ring of Fire The Keeper lifts their glowing fist into the air before slamming it into the ground, creating an expanding ring of fire around them.
Dodging Slash Two wide sword slashes, with the second being executed while the Keeper dodges backwards. Sends out waves of fire when the Keeper has ignited his sword.
Running Slash The Keeper runs forward and swings his sword. Sends out a wave of fire when his sword is ignited. One of his easiest attacks to parry. Fire pistol just before the swing. Identify the attack, let him come as close as you dare and then shot.



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Notes & Trivia

  • In the Defiled Dungeons the amounts of physical damage received and heal will be decreased along with the decreased max health, but elemental damage will do normal damage making Keeper of the Old Lords surprisingly tough, being able to 1 shot players.
  • Is a possible reference to Dark Souls, his name as Keeper of the 'Old Lords' referring to the Great Souls as well as his use of Fire, remenisent of pyromancy, in addition their armor greatly resembles the Dark Set from all 3 Dark Soul games, with the hat and robes added.
  • Keepers have at least 8 eyes in their head, with pupils and irises. Their eyes resemble those of Amygdala.
  • Their armor resembles a spider's web and eyes can be found within the gaps. This makes it resemble Amygdala's head.
  • Eyes can be found within their flames. Similar eyes can be found in the flames of Boom Hammer Hunter.





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    • Anonymous

      08 Apr 2021 12:53  

      This boss all but confirms Bloodborne takes place much later on in the dark souls universe. The descriptions on her gear set reference the first sin and the fact she’s an immortal ashen one, which is an awesome tidbit since this came out before DS3

      • Anonymous

        18 Feb 2021 04:22  

        After about half way through the boss encounter, they can be locked down with any mid-to-fast weapon + beast roar.

        • Anonymous

          24 Nov 2020 20:26  

          Got him on my first try in Defiled. This boss is surprisingly easy to stagger and visc: Just hang back to stay out of range of the fire attacks, wait for him to come to you with the slash attack and time your shot. He'll be almost upon you when you fire, but stay calm. Be ready to perform the visceral as soon as you hear the audio cue. Then back off, don't try to get extra hits. It helps if you can keep him by the wall while you control the center of the room - avoids camera issues when dodging around the pillars. If you've played the DLC and have the Blacksky Eye, it's useful for damaging him from a distance if he gets caught up spamming fire. He can't dodge if he's mid-attack animation. You pretty much have unlimited quicksilver as you can dedicate your vials to healing after blood bullets, since normal healing isn't an issue (because he one-shots you).

          • Anonymous

            03 Sep 2020 13:41  

            If you're really struggling with this fight, use the knockback of viscerals to push the keeper against a statue at the edge of the room, then perform a visceral attack there. She will glitch up into the ceiling, either becoming stuck, in which case you need to restart, or fall off to her death. You can chain viscerals by parrying the second swing of the two that she does when she gets shot. She will do this when she gets up from the visceral attack, allowing you to parry again.

            • Anonymous

              24 Jul 2020 15:09  

              A good tactic I found (especially in the defiled chalice) for high Arcane users, is to equip the Blade of Mercy in it's dual form (for stunlock, it doesn't have to be very high, mine was at +3 with moderate blood gems), and get them into a corner. Once they're in the corner, use the Augur to knock them down, and every time they stand up, use it again, switching between the Blade and Augur (especially if you think the Keeper is going to retaliate, you get a free visceral attack). Took me a few tries to get it right, but once I was able to successfully get them in the loop, they stood no chance.

              • Anonymous

                06 Jul 2020 10:01  

                Gets absolutely demolished by the transformed Holy Moonlight Sword because the high arcane damage, stunlock and range.

                • Anonymous

                  17 Jun 2020 04:23  

                  Augur Of Ebritis has a good delay time that opens him up for a visceral attack easily. I don't see how anyone could find this fight hard. He's honestly tougher in the dungeons with his dogs (the dogs being the hard part)

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Jun 2020 08:36  

                    It amazes me how the bossfight is normally about as dangerous as a toddler with a 2x4, so they just made everything one shot you in a defiled chalice. An actual employee at from thought that was a good idea

                    • Anonymous

                      14 May 2020 16:14  

                      Stand a few feet away from them, shoot them with your gun. They will do a back step and a slash followed by another slash. Shoot as the 2nd slash starts. Visceral. Rinse repeat.

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Apr 2020 22:40  

                        These strats are ineffective. Blade of mercy does not stun lock for more than 1 hit. The R2 attack with Ludwig's holy blade fails against one of the attacks. Best strat seems to be dodge then R1, and nothing else.

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Mar 2020 13:26  

                          Be thankful the boss battle isn't like the Capra Demon setup. Imagine two of those keepers Dogs rushing you at the same time the Keeper does.

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Feb 2020 13:28  

                            Wtf with this boss... Easy moveset, easy dodge, easy stun, easy counter... But I'm still getting destroyed by it (he/she ?) What kind of black magic is this I don't f_cking understand

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Dec 2019 07:17  

                              It's probably worth noting that if you have it, the Beast Claw is fast enough to also work with the Blade of Mercy strat, if not, better due to it's damage output.

                              • Anonymous

                                25 Dec 2019 14:00  

                                I think the general opinion seems to be that Keeper isn't that good of a boss, but I really like... uh, her? Even though most of her moves and such are pretty simple and easy to counter/dodge, the fight is still often quite engaging and fair (unless of course she gets stuck spamming the double flamewave-attack, which seems to happen fairly often).

                                • Anonymous

                                  01 Dec 2019 22:14  

                                  I like how the strat started with calling the keeper "her," then within the same sentence said "him," then every sentence after that as "it" lmao

                                  • Anonymous

                                    08 Aug 2019 02:27  

                                    If you use the threaded cane transform it into it's whip form and Dodge to your left Everytime he attacks you close range, even with the buff on. Right after dodging do a quick R1 and then back out. It ain't much but it's honest work lol

                                    • Anonymous

                                      13 Jun 2019 04:58  

                                      What small ***** Asians thought this retarded *****ing boss deserves 25k hp and you have half hp and healing in defiled chalice 4, jesus *****ing Christ all his attacks (which are very *****ing quick) one shot you , imbeciles ruining my fun.

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