Moon Presence

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
8909 230000 Hunter's Dream None
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
137 137 137 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
?? 75 75 75
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 999 No No

Moon Presence (月の魔物 Tsuki no mamono lit. "Moon Demon/Fiend") is an optional final boss in Bloodborne.

Moon Presence Information

  • The Moon Presence can only be fought if you acquire and consume three of the four available One Third of Umbilical Cord items, refuse Gehrman's request, and then defeat Gehrman, The First Hunter. You don't have to have consumed the Cords prior to refusing - you can consume them after selecting "refuse", but before you defeat Gehrman.
  • If you have to fight this boss multiple times, you will NOT have to fight Gehrman again.
  • Similarly to the Gehrman fight, once you have consumed the cords there is no going back - if you consume the cords and refuse Gehrman’s offer you will have to fight the boss until you defeat it. If you are killed by the boss you will respawn in the Hunter’s Dream.
  • Upon its defeat a cutscene will initiate and the game will end; you will then obtain the "Childhood's Beginning" trophy.
  • The game will end and a New Game Plus will immediately initiate once you defeat the boss, so make sure to have all your affairs in order before attempting it.
  • Gain 5 Insight for finding the boss and 5 Insight for killing it.





  • Blood Echoes: NG (230,000), NG+ (681,950), NG++(750,145), NG+3 (852,438), NG+5 (1,022,925), NG+6 and so on (1,704,875)

Combat Information

  • An easy way to fight the Moon Presence is to stay in mid-range and lure it into its 3-hit combo. During the 3rd hit dodge into the attack (time this properly so you don't take damage) you should end up behind it and can manage 1-2 hits before it jumps away. Rinse and repeat.
  • This is a much easier fight than Gehrman, but if you're out of blood vials you may want to let it kill you/use a Hunter's Mark to reset your blood vials to max. You will NOT have to fight Gehrman again.
  • Periodically through the fight the Moon Presence will summon pale white balls which burst and rain blood in a medium-sized AoE. If you get covered by the blood, you will not be able to heal for a short period of time. It acts in a similar fashion to Numbing Mist.
  • Susceptible to Visceral Attacks.
  • Gaze of the Moon is an AoE attack that takes the shape of a cone. It is a very unique type of attack in that it cannot kill you - it will, however, reduce you to exactly 1 HP. The attack cannot be dodged and your health will go to 1 regardless of any resistances, defences, your Vitality level or your HP before the attack. It can unleash a devastating amount of damage so take very special care when dealing with this attack. Keep in mind however that successfully casting this attack also causes the Moon Presence to become exhausted and therefore giving you time to plan accordingly and strike back. It is possible to get all your health back through rally after this attack due to the crazy long window where it cools off after the attack.
  • Burial Blade in scythe form has very high rally, making it an excellent counter to this attack. By attacking the Moon Presence while it is exhausted and vulnerable, one can safely recover all of their lost HP. However, since Burial Blade is obtained from defeating Gehrman, this strategy is impossible to players in NG unless they use Bold Hunter's Mark or are killed by the Moon Presence so as to return to Hunter's Dream in order to purchase the weapon.


Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Grab The Moon Presence will swipe twice then do a forward lunge grab. This attack is very easy to strafe around and get a free hit in.
Swipe The boss will smash his right hand on the ground, and just after, use his tentacles to make a very fast swipe. It can be very surprising, but it can be very easy to dodge it by stepping back.
Jump The boss will jump on you and try to smash you. This attack is very easy to dodge by sidestepping it. Usually you can land one or two attacks after the boss lands.
Blood Moon Orb The boss will pop one pale white orb above its head, raining blood down on the player. If the blood hits you, you will be de-buffed for 20 seconds, and you will not be able to use Blood vials.
Blood Clouds The boss summons pale clouds which rise from the ground as it attacks you. After a moment, these clouds burst and rain blood in their vicinity. Being hit by the blood prevents you from using Blood Vials for a while.
Gaze of the Moon The boss will hold its face and release a burst of light. Those hit by this attack will be left with 1HP. It can instantly kill co-operators with less than 30% health.
Once its health is below 30%, this attack will also prevent you from using healing items. After this attack, the boss will be still for a few seconds; if there are no Blood Moon Orbs close to him, rush to the boss and land multiple attacks on him. It is possible to recover all of your HP by attacking the boss, as the window for recovery is huge.
This attack cannot be dodged.




Melee Strategy

The fight with the Moon Presence begins immediately after you've beaten Gehrman, The First Hunter. Chances are you're probably low on blood vials and quicksilver bullets so the recommended tactic is to allow the boss to kill you or use a Bold Hunter's Mark to refresh your stocks (nevertheless, attempting to beat the boss with what you have is still a good idea if you are confident). If you're fighting the Moon Presence, Gehrman won't have dropped any Blood echoes, so you don't need to worry so much about losing them.

As with most of the bosses in the game, the Moon Presence is weak to bolt and fire (arcane untested at this point) so bolt paper/fire paper, a fire imbued weapon or the Tonitrus leveled to at least +8 are recommended for this fight.

While the Moon Presence is very aggressive, the fight is much easier than the Gehrman battle. It will chase you down quickly, but its 3-hit combo can be easily dodged, allowing you to get behind the boss and score a quick combo. In fact, if you happen to be co-operating on this fight, the ends of the boss' tail can be hit, so if it is not focused on you, there is a perfect way to safely deal damage.

Besides the combo attack, the main melee attack to be cautious of is its tail swipe. It will spin on the spot and its tail will catch you like a mace, knocking you down. Fortunately, it doesn't come back to deal damage when you're on the ground, so get out of there quickly.

About a third of the way into the fight it will start using a cone attack. This has it stopping for a few seconds to charge and emanating a large red blast from its head. If you get close enough, quickly enough you can score a charged attack on it, staggering it and opening it up for a visceral attack. However, if you're caught by the blast you'll be knocked back and your health will be dropped to 1hp. The attack will NEVER kill you, but it leaves you incredibly vulnerable. As a trade off, it rests for a few seconds after the attack, so you can either back off and heal or get aggressive and gain your health back via regain.

It will also start secreting a black liquid from its tail. This is the downside of staying behind it. If you're caught in the liquid you're unable to use Blood Vials and therefore, unable to heal. If you're affected by this fluid then caught by the cone attack you're guaranteed to be in a bad position. Eventually it wears off so if you are on low health and affected by this, run and keep your distance until you can heal up.


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Notes & Trivia

  • The appearance of the Moon Presence resembles Nyarlathotep from various novels written by H.P. Lovecraft.
  • The Moon Presence, along with Mergo's Wet Nurse, are the only two bosses that give the message "Nightmare Slain" instead of the normal "Prey Slaughtered" (or the Japanese message "You Hunted"). In the DLC, this number increases to three with Orphan of Kos.
  • There is a glitch wherein a summoned co-operator will appear in the cutscene where the host should be seen rejecting the Moon Presence's embrace.
  • It is possible to defeat the Moon Presence, and still remain in your current game difficulty by using a hunter's mark just after you defeat the boss. Entering the area again, before the great tree will trigger the cutscene leading to new game plus.
  • The song playing during the first phase of the fight is based on the Nameless Song from Dark Souls.
  • The Moon Presence may clutch its face right before it begins to thrash. This could indicate a headache or that it's blinding itself.
  • The Moon Presence may have another name: Flora. the doll has dialogue saying: "O Flora, of the moon, of the dream", and there is no other character named flora that the doll could know of that's related to the moon and the dream. this may also imply that the Moon presence is supposed to be female, as flora is a girl's name.



  • Given the effects that the One Third of Umbilical Cords have on the Moon Presence, we can infer that the Moon Presence is what the game refers to as a "Great One".
  • The Iosefka Imposter's dialogue during the Blood Moon may reference this: "How they writhe, writhe inside my head... It's... rather... rapturous...".
  • The Living String suggests that "Great Ones" take up a variety of forms, the Brain of Mensis being one of them.
  • "... And when the Great Ones descend, a womb will be blessed with child."; before entering the fight with Mergo's Wet Nurse, we see Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen, weeping. The bloodstain on her dress is more than likely a way of saying that she was pregnant. In any case, it's only logical that she must be weeping for her child, Mergo.
  • We also witness Arianna give birth to an alien child that drops a One Third of Umbilical Cord, suggesting that for this "Red Moon", she was blessed with a child by a Great One. It's no surprise really, given the similarities between Arianna and The Queen (See Arianna's page for more detail).
  • It's also possible that the Iosefka imposter was trying to become impregnated with a Great One, as she also drops an Umbilical Cord and seems to have been experimenting with those sent to her clinic.
  • "Every great one loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate..."; a surrogate is a replacement. The fight with Mergo's Wet Nurse suggests that something in the past resulted in the death of Mergo.
  • The Moon Presence can be considered the true founder of the Hunt; it used Gehrman as a surrogate host to create the Hunter's Dream in order to undo the Great One's madness. If it weren't for its existence, the Hunt wouldn't exist, and the Hunter may have become yet another victim of the Beast Plague.
  • Like the Brain of Mensis, the Moon Presence seems to be subject to rot and decay. There seems to be a kinship between the Moon Presence and the Silverbeasts. They are both capable of bipedal and quadrupedal movement. They both have the same exposed ribs. The slanted heads of the Silverbeasts may be an attempt to recreate the Moon Presence's unusual visage.



Moon Frontal 1.png


Moon Wail 2.png




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    • Anonymous

      03 Aug 2021 04:25  

      So i've been wondering this for awile now. Idk if this has been asked b4 but why exactly it the moon presence's bloodtinge weakness unknown?

      • Anonymous

        17 Jul 2021 21:51  

        If i use bold hunter mark to escape moon presence in order to get Burial Blade will i be able to leave the dream and fight some bosses that i didnt do? For example CE and EDOC?

        • Anonymous

          11 Jul 2021 07:04  

          A question: i had entered the gate where gherman is sitting and i started the dialogue without refusing or accepting, but leaving without clicking anything. Now, if before entering the gate i consumed three umbilical cords, can i fight the moon presence (and then take the burial blade before the ng +) or is it too late and after defeating gherman will the ng + start? I ask because on the various sites they say different things. Thanks in advance of the answer :)

          • Anonymous

            12 Apr 2021 01:47  

            The Moon Presence may actually be completely benevolent towards humanity. It's established in dev notes that the Mensis ritual is what's making things worse and turning everyone into beasts. The Presence contracts you to stop the ritual, providing you with infinite lives, the ability to level up, access to a workshop and mentor, and convenient teleportation to get around. It may have also saved you from becoming a beast in the opening cutscene, although that one is ambiguous as to what exactly prevented you turning into a beast. After you stop the ritual and save humanity it returns you to the waking world none the worse for wear unless you kill the dream's attendant. Imprisoning an attendant like Gehrman or the player might just be a necessary evil to respond to future catastrophes. Without the Moon Presence you would have just died a few minutes into your first hunt.

            • Anonymous

              07 Mar 2021 00:20  

              I like how this is the only boss in the game that doesn't drop anything. Not a key item, a weapon, clothes, gems, upgrade materials, etc. Not. One. Item. But she's got cool Predator locks, so it's all cool with me.

              • Anonymous

                04 Mar 2021 14:03  

                This boss is actually a great challenge if you simply take off your gems. Im on max ng, and after hundreds of hours into this game i first now realise that its actually a brilliant fight, with the right conditions. Its a shame, all they had to do was give her (?) some more health/damage resistance.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Mar 2021 02:33  

                  I have a question: if after i consumed three of the third embilical cord, refused gehrman s proposal but mid fight got killed by gehrman does this mean next time i fight gehrman and win still got to fight moon presence?

                  • Anonymous

                    31 Dec 2020 12:56  

                    I always wondered about the Moon Presences motives. Of course it's easy to say "Thing's a Great One, their motives are beyond our understanding", but they are capable of quite human feelings like sadness over loss, yearning, wrath, etc.
                    The whole journey of the hunter, on which maybe hundreds of hunters before us have been sent, ends with the slayage of Mergo, the infant Great One. Once that "Nightmare Slain" pops up on your screen, the workshop lights up and the gig is over, everything else is just the following clean-up: Gehrman getting rid of you, so you forget, what you've done and once he fails, the Moon Presence trying to finish the job herself and recycling you as her surrogate.

                    Now the motives I've considered so far would be:
                    a) she just wants a new surrogate, since Gehrman is growing old, seems unhappy with what he got or she just doesn't like him anymore. The hunt would then be your preparation in order for you to defeat this old geezer. But thats a bit too easy, if she just wanted you to get strong, she'd let you fight through Central Yharnam a million times and then have you kill Gehrman in his sleep. Maybe some insight is required to become the surrogate, but I can literally sell the Dream all my insight for some tools and fashion.

                    So a) got flaws, and I like the others better anyway:

                    b) The Moon Presence despises Mergo. As a mother that has lost a child due to some known law of the Great Ones, that they all lose a child, the Moon Presence be emotionally compromised by the birth of Mergo, who is a proper Great One nonetheless. So whoever fathered Mergo managed to bypass this universal law in some way that lead to the Moon Presences child loss, maybe throu some ritual, maybe throu some sacrifice or curse, or maybe by just inpregnating a mortal instead of another Great One. Queen Yharnam obviously died and went ghost in the process, but a Great One was born and survived the Death of his mother by being given to a caregiver in the form of the Wet Nurse (for my theory it's notable, that I believe, Mergos Father transformed Pthumerians into bodyguards for his babymother and child, those being the appropriately named Shadows of Yharnam, and the Wet Nurse being just a further modified version of one of these Shadows, not a proper Great One herself). So Mergo was born and The Moon Presence was pissed, because either her pain of child loss could have been prevented by using the Mergo-Method... or... she considered the union of a Great One and a Mortal some blasphemous tainting of a sacred bloodline or something. So she hates Mergo and sends you out to destroy him.

                    Would make sense on it's own, but that doesn't explain the giant elephant, or should I say, the giant brain in the room. Now this Brain, who is a confirmed Great One, goes by the Name of "Brain of Mensis", but Mensis is the name of the school that found it, and probably not the name of the brain. So I'll just refer to it as the "Brain Great One". And to include it, I expanded b):

                    b2) The Moon Presence still hates Mergo for reasons listed above, but this time I'm gonna imagine, what exactly happened after Mergo was born: So these Great Ones are pretty smart, so Mergos Father probably expected some backlash from his peers, especially from the Moon Presence, which in the old days probably wasn't a total pushover. It got scary AoE's after all. So the Father (if he wasn't the Brain Great One himself all along) went to see the Brain Great One, one who could cast some scary long ranged AoE's as well, and who, in his prime, was probably on par with the Moon Presence herself. Now this is a strech, but if I dare theorize: The light casted by the Brain Great One is of a bright yellow nature, in contrast to the cold pale light of the Moon Presence. So maybe... just maybe... the Brain Great One could have been something like a Light Elemental or a "Sun Presence" or something like that?
                    However, it was approached by the Mergos Father to protect the infant from any harm, maybe alongside the Father himself. So the Baby comes out and the Moon Presence strikes, probably wiping out the Pthumerian civilization in the process, battling and killing the father. The Brain Great One was able to withstand the Moon Presences signature attack, being left with only an inch of it's life, but managed to ascend into a nightmare realm and taking little Mergo with him, before it was annihilated completely. The Moon Presence, robbed of its victory and probably furious about the Brain Great One's betrayal as well intended to enter this Nightmare realm herself, but failed, untill Micolash managed to make contact and stay in there. So the Moon Presence saw that and probably tried to attack during the original Mensis ritual: It caused a Blood Moon, sent the Hunters down to Yahar'gul and fight their way into the Nightmare, using Micolash as a Gateway, to slay the child and the Nightmare that hosted the remains of the Brain Great One.
                    The School of Mensis was prepared however. They had organized some Pthumerians for the evening of the ritual, who, upon seeing the moon turn red as a sign of the Moon Presences aggression (again), began to conjure up some pseudo-Great-One, that being the One Reborn. But since the Moon Presence didn't enter the battle herself and the ritual wasn't finished, they never clashed. Rom, the back then strongest Kin in Byrgenwerth, stopped the whole show, by covering everything in an illusion. Thereby challenging various Great Ones simultaniously, Rom lost all of her eyes and transformed further, from a usual Garden of Eyes into the Spider we fight in the foggy Moonside lake, which could be a primitive Dream Realm created by either the Moon Presence to inprison Rom or by Rom herself, because she managed to ascend somehow. (That would explain why we find her corpse in Upper Cathedral Ward further mutated as the Altar of Despair). Within the Nightmare, the School of Mensis led by the newly empowered "Nightmare Host" Micolash opposed the Moon Presences Hunters, blocking their path and killing all but two of them, while some retrieved the Brain and strung it up in their dislocated schools belfry (Some of them or of the Hunters going for it being turned into Winter Lanterns in the Process), from where it could protect Mergo from any threat that made it's way to the Loft.

                    Of course my theories are pure imagination at some points, thou I haven't found anything to directly disprove them yet. Everything is vage, and it doesn't all make sense yet. Like... why are there Shadows of Yharnam right in front of Byrgenwerth? Where they sent by Mergo, the Wet Nurse, Mergos Father or the Brain Great One to protect Rom while it mindbattled the Blood Moon? Or where they on their way to stop Rom, but got infested by snakes along the way? How could Kin Rom rival a true Great One in the Moon Presence? How did Micolash know of Rom, or her being/becoming vacuous? And where (and who) is Mergos Father?

                    I'd apprechiate any replies or ideas how I could make sense of this stuff. Because right now I feel like I'm pretty close to creating a timeline for Bloodbornes History that actually makes sense, along with a better understanding of some characters reasoning.

                    • Anonymous

                      06 Nov 2020 08:08  

                      Piece of advice. Don't use a cursed gem on your weapon making you lose progressively your HP. When Moon Presence uses its spell decreasing your HP to 1, you die instantly by the "poison" effect from the gem... I am dumb and figure it out after several insta deaths XD

                      • Anonymous

                        08 Sep 2020 21:36  

                        Just finished my first playthrough and my god. I used a hit and run strat with the first hunter with the blades of mercy. Then I picked up his burial blade. Got it +10 with some pretty nice gems on it. And bruh I slayed the moon Presence like it was cheese going through ma cheese grater. Just dodge it’s combo go behind and I sliced the **** outta it XD.

                        • Anonymous

                          28 Apr 2020 19:47  

                          Well u can eat umbilical cords at any time? I eat one after bloodmoon, and 2 others before Gerhman fight, and still get slug ending. U dont need to eat all 3 pieces before fight.

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Apr 2020 02:20  

                            I like how bloodborne community still talking about the game like understanding something when didnt understand nothing

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Mar 2020 17:15  

                              I killer the boss at the first try bit he killed me at the sale time because i was low healt the game starter again and i didn't hot the Blood echoes, i post them?

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