Loran Darkbeast

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
20963 85660 Lower Ailing Loran Chalice Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
160 135 112 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
112 75 85 300
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 999 Yes No

Loran Darkbeast is a Boss in Bloodborne.

Loran Darkbeast Information

  • This boss is another version of Darkbeast Paarl.
  • Defeating this boss will NOT reward you Darkbeast Paarl Trophy






Combat Information

  • It is suggested not to lock onto this boss as the camera can be wild.
  • It is recommended to wear Bolt resistant armor like Henryk's Set.
  • As soon as you enter the boss room, the boss has a high chance of doing a jumping attack. The hit box for this attack can be silly sometimes and with a cursed modifier this might one-shot you. Hug the fog gate and if he jumps it should not reach you. Note that the boss room structure can vary in chalice dungeons and in some of those staying by the gate might not be safe for the jump attack.
  • Pungent Blood Cocktail  is effective against this boss.


Attack Name Attack Description & Counter (from Paarl's page)
Claw Swipes Boss swipes his claws up to three times in succession. This attack does moderate damage but is fast. When his power is fully charged, it also unleashes 3 balls of electricity that travel in a straight line.
Leap Swipe Boss can leap toward a distant hunter as he swipes at them. His leap covers a lot of distance, so always try to dodge it.
Slam Boss slams his claw and then emits a blast. He can use this attack in combination with his swipe attacks.
Electric Nova After channeling for a few seconds, boss unleashes a nova around him that does high damage. If the hunter manages to stagger him during the channel, the boss will fall down and become completely vulnerable for a few seconds. This will also cause his attacks to be no longer infused with electricity until he recharges (which he tends to do as soon as possible).
Electric Breath After a short channel, boss damages everything near his head.If not in the vicinity of his head, the hunter can safely go in for a few hits. Pay attention to which part of his body is glowing to tell whether he is doing a nova or a breath. If his chest glows, he is preparing for a nova; if his head glows, he is about to breathe.


Strategy (Baiting and focusing on limbs):

In this guide, you will need to keep facing the boss and bait his attacks. If you stay in front of him, the boss will most likely attack with horizontal swipes. He may attack with one horizontal swipe, two of them, or two of them followed by a forward hand stomp. You need to dodge under the first swipe and the rest of the combo will not matter to you. Go under him in order to attack.

This guide suggests focusing on the limbs of the boss. After baiting and dodging under the boss, attack the closest limb. Attacking the limbs sufficiently will cause the boss to fall down and lose his charge. Whether or not the same leg can cause the boss to fall down has not been tested in this guide. The video accompanied with this guide shows the effectiveness of focusing on the limbs.

After attacking the limbs, depending on your position, the boss will most likely do one of the following:

  • Dodge sideways and attack with a quick swipe. This dodge can be fast and with the camera locked on the camera will go crazy. Without the camera locked on, you will lose sight of him. To dodge his swipe attack, simply roll opposite of where you saw the boss dodge to.
  • The boss will curl up a little and start charging. Bright light will be seen from the body of the boss. This AOE will hit hard. This guide is centred on dodging through the AOE to attack the boss some more. Doing this can be tricky though. In order to dodge through this AOE, wait until the moment the boss starts raising its head up and dodge at that time. It is recommended to dodge towards the head as I found that to be easier. Watching the accompanying video to this guide should help in having a rough idea of when to dodge this AOE attack.

After doing enough damage (about one-third of its health), the boss will back away in order to charge up his body, causing him to have double charge. In double charge mode, the boss will have increased damage and extra effects to some of his attacks. The swipes will cause trails of electricity to follow and can be tricky to dodge sometimes. The AOE attack will do more damage and might one-shot you if you're on the cursed modifier. The strategy remains the same. Bait his swipes, go under the boss to attack, dodge through the AOE and repeat.

If you've focused well on the limbs. You will cause the boss to fall more than once and will have enough time to damage him. After this, the boss will attempt to dodge sideways and quick attack you at least once before trying to gain some distance to charge up again. While the boss is charging up, you can at least attack the limbs once per charge.


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Player Notes & Trivia

  • The real boss in this battle is your fight against the lock-on and camera mechanics.
  • Lore theories can be found under Darkbeast Lore.




    • Anonymous

      24 Sep 2019 07:09  

      not much in this game pisses me off but the fact that paarl can constantly backstep/sidestep out of view, then followup with the horizontal sweep attack (that you can't see the startup for since he jumped offscreen) is actually ruining this fight for me. i wish this fight ran at more than 20fps

      • 08 Jul 2019 17:21  

        Level 141, 99 ARC Kos Parasite build makes this boss a joke. Killed him first try, 13/25 blood vials left. Even kept the lock on to make it harder. Just get underneath him and spam L2.

        • Anonymous

          22 Dec 2018 10:55  

          Transformed Burial Blade was super useful in this fight. Was able to get plenty of successive hits on his head and forelimbs (with a good amount of knockdowns). Definitely recommend bringing a weapon with some reach

          • Anonymous

            19 Mar 2018 20:15  

            This dude looks exactly like the suspicious beggar after he transforms could be something significant to the lore

            • Anonymous

              26 Feb 2018 05:25  

              after gettig slapped around like ***** by this fugly *****, i used the transformed ludwig holy sword and timed, charged it with r2 and hit his snoot and then visceral his sorry ass to kingdom come.

              • Anonymous

                23 Feb 2018 02:39  

                Honestly this guy was a challenge and a half. Wear Henryk's set with the Gold Ardeo headpiece (not a bad fashion by the way) and use the normal Sawspear with best fire enhancing gems as fire deals much more damage to beasts (gems I had were...
                Cursed Fire Damp Blood Gem (4): Fire ATK UP +20.6% / ATK vs kin DOWN -9.3%

                Cursed Noirishing Damp Blood Gem (6): ATK UP +19.3% / Add phys ATK +8.1 / Increased stamina cost 2.9%

                Fire Damp Blood Gem (5): Fire ATK UP +13.7% / HP continues to recover +1).

                Keep a lock on his head. Try to get one strike up front and dodge slightly to the forward left while he does a swipe (works for both stages as his head shifts toward his attacking arm), then try to connect two more attacks while under his head before he leaps away. Also try and be aggressive when he runs, running towards him but waiting for him to attack first. It's best to try and dodge through his charged explosions, and with a little practice this is very possible. Just be sure to unlock the camera before you dodge it.

                You will have to run away at times, and be sure to be careful when doing so. The set of armor I wore mitigated the bolt damage by about 60 or 70% more (than the Tomb Prospector Hood, Executioner Robes, Gascoigne's Gloves, and Black Church Trousers). Also the bolts from his claw swipes will do basically nothing as they deal only minor bolt damage. Maybe 30 HP at closest range to the claws but they will stagger you. The most damage you can receive is if you're caught in his explosion or the bolts caused by his second stage slam combo.

                Best runes to use are Clockwise Metamorphosis, Communion, Dissipating Lake (for pure bolt defense though may substitute for Blood Rapture if going for viscerally when it's downed), and Radiance so you can take more of a beating before having to heal.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Feb 2018 15:50  

                  I found a new strategy to beat this asshole.
                  You need Maxed hunter axe with your strongest bloodgems,coupled with empty shell phantasm.
                  For runes,you can equip either Dissipating lake or Communion (I used the lake)

                  Contrary to other,DON'T go under his body since he will jump away or charge up his AoE, fight him HEAD ON
                  I kept my camera locked on his head so my axe will automatically aim itself to the head (your target is the head after all)
                  Now,you have to time your spinning attack since he can't stagger you during the spin (except heavy attacks like slam)
                  Remember to let your stamina recharge after charging since you need it to dodge his swipe.
                  Instead of chasing him,let him approach toward you because,he will jump like crazy in arena if you chase it
                  Some good moment to land hit: when he walks toward you,after his AoE attack (or when he entered phase 2 or 3)

                  On second phase,he got more tricky since camerabeast will run toward you+his swipe will shoot electric ball.
                  Always keep your health above 50% because he become really *****ing agressive
                  Don't forget to retreat for a while,healing and reapplying Empty shell on your weapon
                  Watch out for the 3 electric slam attack since it will go through your poise and will kill you easily
                  Keep repeating this,and eventually you killed him at last.

                  I hope this strategy helps
                  And for people that play with cursed modifier,i wish you luck (though i haven't tested this strategy on cursed dungeon).

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Feb 2018 02:57  

                    I decided to just give this guy the middle finger and summon for him today on my Chikage build since even with 50 tinge and okay gems at +9 I just couldn't win the damage race of beating down his limbs in time to force him to power down.

                    Luckily, with only one other person, this guy went down faster than you can say '*****'.

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Aug 2017 09:09  

                      I just beat this boss and obtained a blood rock, I wanted to mention that because it is not mentioned in the drop section, Im sure it was NOT a root chalice dungeon, so It must be a rare drop at least.

                      • Anonymous

                        04 Jul 2017 20:36  

                        Pungent blood cocktail for the first phase of the fight you can still use it in the second phase but you have to be more careful just roll under his head take his legs out once he falls to the ground massive damage can be done I use the threaded cane buffed with fire paper and the fight was over before I had to buff it again

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Jun 2017 03:05  

                          While I can take down Paarl with hardly any trouble, even on NG+7, the Loran Darkbeast just wrecks my***** every time. I think I finally realized why: in the actual fight against Darkbeast Paarl, the camera is programmed to zoom in and out according to Paarl's attack patterns, whereas in the fight against the Loran Darkbeast, it stays fixed throughout the entirety of the battle for some dumbass reason. The camera really IS the boss fight.

                          I feel like it's nearly impossible to land any hits on the Darkbeasts because of how fast they are, and how high off the ground they keep their torso. AND JFC WHAT IS WITH THAT AOE ATTACK. They spam it practically the moment you finally get under their belly, leaving you no choice but to take the hit. If you're lucky, it will only take about 3/4 health. Other times, it's a definite one-shot attack. I'm not sure if the damage output varies, or if the player's position affects the damage multiplier (does being closer to its torso do more damage?), or maybe it all relies on whether the Darkbeast is "fully charged" or not. Cursed offering lyfe, amiright? And then sometimes they just repeatedly roll the hell over and let you whale on them, as if the game is just GIVING you the victory.

                          I once lost 3,000,000 echoes to this bastard, all because of that lunging attack it uses the moment you enter the arena. The salt continues to sting....

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Mar 2017 18:17  

                            This thing seems to really destroy the FPS, especially when fully charged and/or using its AoE. Which is unfortunate, since those are the two most dangerous parts of the fight. Who thought it was a good idea to put this thing in a room with water physics and swirling sand animations?

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