Forgotten Madman

Madman L1.png
General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
11275 Lower Hintertomb Chalice Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
275 196 232 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
194 276 237 252
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
199 185 ?? ??

Forgotten Madman is a Boss in Bloodborne.

Forgotten Madman Information

  • Rewards 1 insight for discovery and 3 insights for victory.
  • Also unlocks the madman set at the insight vendor.




Combat Information

  • The Forgotten Madman is a hunter-boss who uses a Ludwig's Holy Blade and Ludwig's Rifle. He also keeps his sword buffed with the Empty Phantasm Shell  at all times.
  • He also uses the Augur of Ebrietas and A Call Beyond. When his hit point is dropped to half, the Forgotten Madman summons another hunter, the Madman's Escort. The Madman's Escort uses a Kirkhammer and a Flamesprayer.
  • The Forgotten Madman seems to frequently use the transforming attack of Ludwig's Holy Blade (longsword to greatsword). This attack takes a long time to execute, perfect for easy viscerals.





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Notes & Trivia

  • The Madman's Escort will use the clap gesture if you are slain.
  • The Madman himself uses the conviction gesture if he wins.




Madman A Call Beyond 1.png




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    • Anonymous

      04 May 2020 01:09  

      "Forgotten Madman" Yeah the "forgotten" part really makes sense, easily the most forgettable boss in the game.

      • Anonymous

        21 Feb 2020 16:06  

        Small question there; so those guys are hunters so, do they drop blood dreg as any other hunter ennemy in the game or not ?

        • Anonymous

          02 May 2017 02:02  

          A useful strategy for lower levels is getting the first one down enough for the second one to spawn, use the shaman bone blade and they'll attack one another most likely the first one will kill the second one

          • Anonymous

            17 Jan 2017 21:25  

            One of the trivia points is probably incorrect, since Ludwig's Holy Blade and the Kirkhammer are both Church Weapons, which didn't come into usage until after Byrgenwyrth's time.

            • Anonymous

              Seriously Fromsoft05 Jul 2016 14:56  

              Why is Fromsoft so bad at making NPC invaders. Unlike the other enemies in the game, which when you lose to it's your fault for not noticing that patterns, these guys (like the last games) have way to much health, and way to fast reflexes, considering they can parry you on your first strike. Seriously Fromsoft, what the hell?

              • Anonymous

                info on this boss05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                phase 1) Ludwig's Holy Blade, with gun also uses an arcane buff to the blade he fights like any other hunter after about 75% phase 2) another Madman spawns and at least uses the Kirkhammer.

                • Anonymous

                  Forgotten Madman = Ludwig?05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                  Lore-wise I mean. He uses Ludwig's blade, Ludwig's Rifle, uses a Empty Phantasm. He was clearly someone important if he had an escort, one who wields a Kirkhammer no less. It's known that the Healing Church sent hunters to explore the tombs. Maybe Ludwig discovered the Truth and went insane.

                  • Anonymous

                    Something I noticed.05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                    I'm pretty sure that "spell similar to homing soul mass" is A Call Beyond, and it is available to the player.

                    • Anonymous

                      I don't think it's Ludwig05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                      As someone rightfully noted below, it's doubtful that it's Ludwig since Ludwig only used the silver sword. The description for his weapon states "When transformed, it combines with its sheath to form a greatsword. It exhibits several departures from the workshop's design, suggesting that the Church anticipated much larger inhuman beasts." suggesting the sheathe was developed later, meaning that "Ludwig's Sword" as the hunters use is simply a further development on his original weapon. Likely the hunters in the dungeon are simply random hunters.

                      • Anonymous

                        Keep moving05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                        To win this fight you need to keep rolling, dodging, whatever to get out of the way from his chain attacks. Use the pillars to your advantage when you need to heal. Stick to a skill weapon as opposed to a strength one. Focus on the madman as much as you can, if you kill him shortly after his buddy comes in the fight will be easier.

                        • Anonymous

                          going to call bs on the escort not using the kirkhammer until madman is slain05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                          The Forgotten Escort will not use his Kirkhammer until the Forgotten Madman is slain. Until then he would only attack with his Flamesprayer. Is false and should reflect that the escort will use the kirkhammer as well as the flamesprayer, regardless of the madman's current health status.

                          • Anonymous

                            The Escort05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                            The Forgotten Escort will use his Kirkhammer, even when the Madman is still alive. In fact, I didn't even know he had a Flamesprayer, he never used it on me.

                            • Anonymous

                              Beast Roar05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                              Once the escort comes out, use this for crowd control. I used it in conjunction with the Wheel to smash while them while one was getting up! Hope that helps!

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