Hypogean Gaol is a location in Bloodborne, a subsection of Yahar'gul that can be accessed before the main quest takes the Hunter there. The Lamp to this location becomes unavailable after the player advances past Rom, the Vacuous Spider, and stays unavailable for the rest of the game. While not a 'true' area of the game as it is labelled as Yahar'gul, it is called the Hypogean Gaol to differentiate it from the later part of the area.

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Hypogean Gaol Map


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  • Note by the spawn point cell reads: "Madmen toil surreptitiously in rituals to beckon the moon. Uncover their secrets."
  • Note by first Lamp reads: "Nightmarish rituals crave a newborn. Find one, and silence its harrowing cry."
  • Note by the stairs leading to Yahar'Gul Set reads: "Behold! A Paleblood sky!"

Hypogean Gaol Walkthrough

The Cell 

After defeating the Blood-Starved Beast, you'll be able to encounter a Snatcher; you must die by a Snatcher's hand to be thrown into his sack and trigger a small cut-scene ending with you standing alone in an unlocked cell. Exit your cell through the unlocked door and head right to find a staircase -you should find a corpse with Thick Coldblood(6) as you approach these stairs- leading to a dead end room containing the praying/hidden woman, this is Adella. While she is an interactive NPC, it only works if you seem as though you represent the church. Achieve this by equipping one of the many church-related garbs or sets, such as the Black Church Set, or even Gascoigne's Set. Speaking to her will hand you some tasty lore, and the option to send her to a safe passage - there are more benefits to sending her to the Oedon Chapel. Also find Frenzied Coldblood(7) in this area.


Head back up to the cell and continue past it to find a small staircase with four accessible floors. It is recommended that the player sprint to the fourth floor of this staircase and light the Lamp before attempting anything else, as the Snatchers are capable of one-shotting most players at this point. 


The Spiral Staircase: 


The Lamp

The Lamp rests atop the spiral staircase, and will act as the center point to this area. Upon first using the Lamp, only the chapel is available. However on both sides of the Lamp, there are doors that can be opened from outside, providing a faster route through the area. On your way up, you'll find a Scurrying Beast if you take the stairs on your left, kill it to reap its reward.


Floor 2

The doorway on the second landing of the spiral staircase leads to a small room in which an enemy is seen running across the doorway. As you may guess, this is a trap. As soon as you turn to attack the enemy you just saw, a second enemy lies in wait to the right of the doorway. These enemies are known as Witches of HemwickLetting either enemy land a back attack will result in a drawn out death animation, in which one enemy cuts your throat and the other beats on you. The best thing to do in this situation is to, instead of making a sharp left and attacking the first Witch immediately, run through the door to create distance from yourself and the Witches' grab attack, then manoeuvre around to deal with them 1-on-1.


In this room a door on the left cannot be opened, but can later be accessed from outside the Chapel. After disposing of these two enemies, the player can progress into the room and deal with the corpses on the floor, which can be easily dealt with in three or four hits, proving very little of a challenge. Be sure to pick up the 6 Blood Vials and 10 Quicksilver Bullets from the corpses that are actually dead in this area. Do not enter the doorways in the back left and right of the room, as behind these doorways reside two very strong enemies that can one hit lower level characters. However when you do, past the gates are two Snatchers standing at a table. Upon defeating these enemies or choosing to move forward, the player will have to drop down a ledge and engage the boss of the area, Darkbeast Paarl.



BOSS FIGHT: Darkbeast Paarl


  • Killing this boss will open a door to lower Old Yharnam.
  • If you want to complete Djura's Questline, you do not need to defeat Darkbeast Paarl, you only need to witness it to gain the specific insight needed to complete his questline successfully. So if you fancy doing that but you're not strong enough to take Paarl on, simply enter the boss area, aggro Paarl, then use your Bold Hunter's Mark to escape.  


Floor 3, the surface 

The ground floor of the area -the level that is just below the little balcony with the lamp from earlier- has two Snatchers guarding a Moon drop, in the middle of the floor of the cathedral you are in, and another Witch behind a pillar on the right. Upon leaving the cathedral, the player will be presented with what appears to be the ground level of Hypogean Gaol. To the immediate right there is a path leading down to the door to the room leading to the area boss, as well as a Snatcher and two Rabid Dogs. Continue straight down the corridor and stairs, then turn left to pick up the Twin Blood Stone Shards and a Frenzied Coldblood in this area too. You can also open the door down here and it will take you to the room where the two Witches planned their ambush on you.


If you go back to the cathedral doorway you exited earlier, and continue the other way. Turn left into the first corridor possible and kill the Wandering Madness in the middle of the corridor for 2x Twin Blood Stone Shards. Follow this path to the end to open up a shortcut to the lantern you lit. Head back out the corridor to the open area and up the stairs to your left. Turn left once again to pick up a Frenzied Coldblood(8) behind a wall. Head back and towards the other direction on this platform to find a doorway on your left that will lead to a lift which we will leave for now, and instead climb the stairs again so you can roll onto a carriage and avoid damage from the 2 Maneater Boars and multiple Rabid Dogs in the area below. A good way to deal with the dogs of this area is to expend a couple of Pungent Blood Cocktails to gather them for easier an easier dispatch via your weapon or Molotov Cocktails. Avoid the pigs while you do this as it makes your flight a whole lot harder if you aggro them. Once the Rabid Dogs are defeated, engage the pig under the walkway first, as this one guards some very useful 5x Bolt Paper


At the far left of the area (coming out of the cathedral) you'll find another 2 Rabid Dogs and their Snatcher master guarding the Tonitrus, a very good mace. You can defeat them to obtain it but if you would rather not, then the very useful Pungent Blood Cocktails can come in handy to lure the puppers away momentarily. The second Boar hides on the downward staircase on the right side. Defeat it to gain access to a very lootable area with 3 more Rabid Dogs. Find 3 Madman's Knowledge on corpses triangulating each other at a currently unmanageable door, the Yahar'gul Set on a coach driver on the carriage, and climb the stairs on the right of the doors to find a Frenzied Coldblood(8) on this balcony.


Hypogean Gaol Map




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    • Anonymous

      15 Oct 2020 00:24  

      Confirming that dying today a snatcher after killing Paarl may work but only if you haven’t touched another lamp. I warped back by using the Paarl arena lamp, and now dying to snatchers only respawns me at whatever lamp I have used to spawn. Unfortunate miss in the wiki.

      • Anonymous

        14 Aug 2020 04:38  

        Is there anyway to revisit Hypogean Gaol again(pre Rom)? I left the map without reaching the lamp on the main hall and straight to dark beast instead and now can't teleport back to it and the snatcher won't take me ...Am I screwed?

        • Anonymous

          10 Apr 2020 21:22  

          I took the lantern to go back in the cathedral ward an recover 20k echoes, now I don't know how to get back to the hypogean again!! there is no shortcut from the list of lanterns in the dream. Help!!

          • Anonymous

            03 Apr 2020 21:59  

            Best place to farm early game. Each snatcher (6 in total)gives 1300+ echoes. They also frequently drop bloodshards and less frequently twin bloodshards. The two pigs give 3000+ echoes. Each hound and the witches are like 300 or something. Even the sleeping peeps downstairs net about 2k altogether. A run takes about 5-10 minutes depending on how good you are at killing everything. Kind of breaks the game a bit.

            • Anonymous

              04 Jan 2020 20:32  

              For those asking: If you die or leave the area before activating the lamp, you wont be able to get back until after you defeat Rom, the Vacuous Spider.

              • Anonymous

                26 Dec 2019 16:53  

                Hi so I'm Lvl 37 I got Killed by the Snatcher near the cathedral ward; I then collected dôme stuff after getting beaten by the ennemies there and I just used the lamp so I can continue. The problem is that I want to return there So I can talk to the Nun, but none of the snatchers want to send me back there and there doesn't seem do be any lamp to awaken into, what should I do? :/ I didn't even go that far in the game.

                • Anonymous

                  16 Feb 2019 16:50  

                  I was transported here via snatcher the first time, but after killing the darkbeast paarl i was unable to access it again via snatcher. Is it locked now or am i just missing something?

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Nov 2018 22:45  

                    How do you get to use that elevator after goin outside past the two snatches guarding the moon runee going to the left and following the path ?

                    • Anonymous

                      19 Apr 2018 12:37  

                      "Gaol" is not Old English, it is Modern English, and the spelling is simply considered dated. Explaining the name is pretty retarded since both words are currently in use.

                      • Anonymous

                        Hypogean Gaol [Bloodborne Wiki]08 Apr 2018 06:49  

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                        • Anonymous

                          17 Jan 2018 08:37  

                          I'm done for, after got kidnapped by snatcher I just didn't notice staitway to lamp so I didn't activate it, but instead I went and kill Paarl, can't return to this place before blood moon for me.

                          • Anonymous

                            Hypogean Gaol [Bloodborne Wiki]26 Dec 2017 22:04  

                            Go to the top floor of where you were captured at and you'll find a lamp there. It's above the level where two snatchers are roaming. Teleport back to hunter's dream from there.

                            • Anonymous

                              26 Dec 2017 21:03  

                              I got captured and tried fighting Paarl. Ran out of supplies so I went to farm and tried to come back, Cant teleport back. Super mad.

                              • 09 Dec 2017 09:25  

                                Just a question about the giant lamp things. It could be just a coincidence that the “Madmen toil surreptitiously in rituals to beckon the moon. Uncover their secrets.” message is right in front of one, but is there a reason for these lamps?

                                • Anonymous

                                  04 Sep 2017 00:37  

                                  I have a question regarding the hypogean gaol : When I first played the game I came here and after you rescue the Adella the nun, a Scourge Beast appeared in the same area as the cell where you started the level, but playing a new run of the game it appears that he doesn't show up anymore. Was he patched out or something?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    15 Jul 2017 04:21  

                                    Great blood echo farming here, 300 echos per resting prisoner (easy money), and about 1200 per snatcher... hell yeah

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