Hypogean Gaol

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Recommended Level
Weapon Upgrade
40 to 50
+4 or above
Bosses Darkbeast Paarl
Secrets Discovery Insight: 2
Timezones: Evening; Night
Multiplayer In some areas
Changes in NG+? Yes/No

Hypogean Gaol is a location in Bloodborne, a subsection of Yahar'gul that can be accessed before the main quest takes the Hunter there. The Lamp to this location becomes unavailable after the player advances past Rom, the Vacuous Spider, and stays unavailable for the rest of the game. While not a 'true' area of the game as it is labelled as Yahar'gul, it is called the Hypogean Gaol to differentiate it from the later part of the area.

Hypogean Gaol Information


How to Find:

To reach Hypogean Gaol you must be killed by a Snatcher (The Snatcher has to score the kill. Simply dying near one doesn't work). These enemies start to appear after you defeat the boss Blood-Starved Beast. If they kill you, you will get a short cutscene and wake up in a prison. If you leave your cage and ascend the stairs, you will reach the Lamp of Hypogean Gaol.


  • The first Lamp is found at the top of the spiral staircase to the left of the area in which you spawn. Quite a few strong enemies reside inside the Unseen Village, so it may be helpful to light this Lamp and come back when you are stronger. (After you defeat Rom, this Lamp will become unavailable from the Hunter's Dream)


NPCs in the area

  • Adella, The Nun
    • Found down the stair case outside of the cell where you spawn, hiding behind vases.



  • Darkbeast Paarl- Found after ascending the spiral staircase nearby the cell you spawn in half way.




Lore Notes

  • Note by the spawn point cell reads: "Madmen toil surreptitiously in rituals to beckon the moon. Uncover their secrets."
  • Note by first Lamp reads: "Nightmarish rituals crave a newborn. Find one, and silence its harrowing cry."
  • Note by the stairs leading to Yahar'Gul Set reads: "Behold! A Paleblood sky!"



(needs links to enemies page, as well as in-depth information)



The Cell
After defeating the Blood Starved Beast and dying of a Snatcher (large man in a cloak holding a sack of his shoulder, found in central ward), you will awaken to a small cut-scene ending with you standing alone in an unlocked cell. To the right of cell lies an a staircase leading to a dead end room containing the praying/hidden Woman. To the left of the cell, is a small staircase with four accessible floors. It is recommended that the player sprint to the fourth floor of this staircase and light the Lamp before attempting anything else, as the Snatchers are capable of one-shotting most players at this point.

The Spiral Staircase:

The Lamp (Hypogean Gaol on the Unseen Tombstone)
The Lamp rests at the top of the spiral staircase, and will act as the center point to this area. Upon first using the Lamp, only the chapel is available, but there are doors on both sides of the Lamp that can be opened from outside, providing a faster route through the area.

Floor 2 (From the bottom, accessed through a doorway upon the staircases landing, direct route to Darkbeast Paarl)
The doorway on the second landing of the spiral staircase leads to a small room in which an enemy is seen sprinting across the doorway. This enemy is a trick, as a second enemy lies in wait to the right of the doorway. BEWARE, letting either enemy sneak up behind you will result in a drawn out death animation, in which one enemy cuts your throat and the other beats on you. In this room a door cannot be opened, but can later be accessed from outside the Chapel. After disposing of these two enemies, the player can progress into the room and deal with the corpses on the floor, which can be easily dealt with in three or four hits, proving very little of a challenge. Be careful, however, to not enter the doorways in the back left and right of the room, as behind these doorways reside two very strong enemies that can one hit lower level characters. Past the gates are two Snatchers standing at a table. Upon defeating these enemies or choosing to move forward, the player will have to drop down a ledge and engage the boss of the area, Darkbeast Paarl.

Floor 3, the surface
The ground floor of the area you spawn in has two Snatchers patrolling the floor of the cathedral you are in, and one small enemy behind a pillar on the right. Upon leaving the cathedral, the player will be presented with what appears to be the ground level of Hypogean Gaol. To the immediate right there is a path leading down to the door to the room leading to Darkbeast Paarl, as well as a Snatcher and two demonic dogs. To the right, down a giant staircase, a boar lies in wait. His gore attack does a large amount of damage and his breath attack inflicts Slow Poisoning. The best tactic is to get behind the boar, use a charge R2 attack, then go in for the Visceral Hit, which will deal huge amounts of damage. Behind the staircase where the boar hides, the player will encounter three dogs and quite a bit of loot. The player can find 3 Madman's Knowledge on corpses praying at a currently unmanageable door, the Yahar'gul Set on a coach driver, and a Frenzied Coldblood. The player can now turn around and venture to the left of the chapel entrance.

Note: Killing Darkbeast Paarl will open a door to lower Old Yharnam.

To Do:

  • Walk-through completion to second Lamp post (I'm focusing on items and lore, as well as any secrets I can find, so if someone can post a runthrough of regular enemies up until the second Lamp of the area, that would be appreciated for walk-through purposes.
    • Just needs to be un-interrupted video fighting regular enemies in a progress route bringing you to the second Lamp. Please cut off any deaths for purposes of keeping it short.


Video Walkthrough

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  • The word 'gaol' is Old English for 'jail'. The former is pronounced exactly the same as the latter.
  • The word 'hypogean' is Greek for underground.
  • Thus, 'Hypogean Gaol' can be roughly translated to mean 'underground jail'.
  • The soundtrack played here is "Hail The Nightmare", which is exclusive for this area before the Red Moon.

external image 10862643_874271679296353_6260230536133392911_o.jpg
Image of the first Lamp in Yahar'gul, with a statue of an Amygdala. On the right is a piece of paper containing lore.

Hail the Nightmare

Donum libas
Maledictus bestia

Pater do si donas.
Argentum aquae in tenebris.

Mater sanguine
Redemptio risa se
Exciet exciet. Flebatur a salis.

Vale, vale,
In tenebris aquae.

Et argentum aquae.
Et argentum aquae.


    • Anonymous

      17 Jan 2018 08:37  

      I'm done for, after got kidnapped by snatcher I just didn't notice staitway to lamp so I didn't activate it, but instead I went and kill Paarl, can't return to this place before blood moon for me.

      • Anonymous

        Hypogean Gaol [Bloodborne Wiki]26 Dec 2017 22:04  

        Go to the top floor of where you were captured at and you'll find a lamp there. It's above the level where two snatchers are roaming. Teleport back to hunter's dream from there.

        • Anonymous

          26 Dec 2017 21:03  

          I got captured and tried fighting Paarl. Ran out of supplies so I went to farm and tried to come back, Cant teleport back. Super mad.

          • 09 Dec 2017 09:25  

            Just a question about the giant lamp things. It could be just a coincidence that the “Madmen toil surreptitiously in rituals to beckon the moon. Uncover their secrets.” message is right in front of one, but is there a reason for these lamps?

            • Anonymous

              04 Sep 2017 00:37  

              I have a question regarding the hypogean gaol : When I first played the game I came here and after you rescue the Adella the nun, a Scourge Beast appeared in the same area as the cell where you started the level, but playing a new run of the game it appears that he doesn't show up anymore. Was he patched out or something?

              • Anonymous

                15 Jul 2017 04:21  

                Great blood echo farming here, 300 echos per resting prisoner (easy money), and about 1200 per snatcher... hell yeah

                • Anonymous

                  cant return?05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                  So I proceeded to ng+, one of the things I rushed was to get to gaol to get the brush off dust gesture from the old yharnam npc. I woke up in gaol and went to the boss and killed him and got the gesture. I forgot to light the lamp and I want to return to get adella the nun. I got killed by a snatcher again but wont work. Is there anyway to get to there? I think going from where the darkbeast was won't help as there was a drop before the boss?

                  • Anonymous

                    cant return back to hypogean gaol?05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                    Ok, so I lit the lamp at the top of the stairs and later used it to go back to hunters dream to buy supplies, but I can't seem to return. There's no option at the gravestone and the snatchers do not take me back either. why? The last boss I beat was the blood starved beast, my insight is at 15. Any help, I want to finish exploring, I never got past that pig. And I want to fight that boss.

                    • Anonymous

                      No Walkthrough for Post-Nightmare version?05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                      That's where I'm stuck. I'm trying to get around but enemies hit reeeal hard...

                      • Who thinks there should be two seperate pages for Yahar'gul, the Unseen Village, and Hypogean Gaol, or one page including both? Vote now!05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                        Personally, I think there should be two pages. The pertinent information is totally different: the means to get there, the enemy layout, the NPC, and the boss. The wiki should have two pages containing the relevant info for where the person is, as described by the Lamp.

                        • Anonymous

                          cathedral05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                          So... The door to the catedral is shut. I can't get it open. The "open" bottom dont appear to me. Is that a bug? Im stuck in this part until From fix it?

                          • Anonymous

                            M1TzHeLL05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                            Where is the enemies with the bags on their shoulder in Cathedral Ward? I do not find it , or it does not appear to me !!!

                            • Anonymous

                              Early farm05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                              This is actually an incredible source of early income and blood stone shards/twins. The Snatchers do a lot of damage, but because they're so slow and telegraphed getting a weapon with a high range and stagger V-Attack like Ludwig's Sword, Axe, or even Stake Driver makes them really easy to farm when you get used to it. They drop a relatively large amount of blood echoes for the point of the game you can get taken here, and they drop blood stone shards and twins with every kill so you can easily get weapons to +6 before even killing Vicar. Definitely an early farming spot for players to take advantage of should they choose.

                              • Anonymous

                                So I can't get to Hypogean Gaol if I already killed Rom?05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                                So is there any path to get to Hypogean Gaol after Rom is dead or is it just not possible anymore and I don't get to fight an optional boss?

                                • Anonymous

                                  Just so you guys know05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                                  I know it says in the article that getting snuck up on by the hunchback creatures is a one hit ko attack but you can survive with a small amount of health by mashing R1 and L1 repeatedly. In fact almost every grab attack in the game can be survived this way but only if your health is full or very close.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    cheesing *****ty npcs05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                                    u can lure back al the npcs that show on this lamp after u kill gom till the lesser amygdala that shoot lazer and make it kill them for u, super useful as npcs are annoyingly over powered on this game

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Returning to Hypogean Gaol05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                                      OK.... well I made a mistake and killed the boss to this area before getting the Bonfire or lantern. Is there anyway to return to this place. Ive already tried getting killed/captured by the snatchers didn't work...

                                      • Anonymous

                                        can u help me please . i get killed many times from the Snatcher but i dont get to the Hypogean Gaol?05 Jul 2016 14:35  


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