The Oedon Chapel is a small area in Bloodborne found after defeating Father Gasgoine and progressing past the Tomb of Oedon lantern. A short cutscene will play upon entering

General Information

Oedon Chapel Concept

Oedon's Chapel Walkthrough

This is a key area that NPCs will inhabit if sent there by the player character, speaking to the Chapel Dweller will unlock the dialogue option "Send to Oedon Chapel". Oedon Chapel also acts as a crossroad for The Cathedral Ward and The Orphanage (via The Healing Church Workshop), Old Yharnam being a few stone (pebble) throws away.


NPCs in the area



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  • If your aim is to bring the Skeptical Man here, send him to Iosefka's Clinic instead.
  • Beware of the Amygdala on the side of the chapel, it is possibly attracted by the survivors that are brought in.
  • The Suspicious Beggar cannot remain inside the chapel for long as the insence ward off beasts.



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    • Anonymous

      Remember to read up on the suspicious beggar before you send him to the chapel (I don’t want to spoil anything for you if you don’t want to read up on him and just play through naturally)

      • Anonymous

        Which NPCs can be sent to Oedon Chapel? Not the ones that show up there, the ones that you can tell to go to Oedon Chapel.

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