Fishing Hamlet

Lamps 2
Recommended Level
Weapon Upgrade
80 to 120
+8 or +10
Bosses Orphan of Kos
Secrets Discovery Insight: 4
Timezones: ??
Multiplayer Yes
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Fishing Hamlet is a location in Bloodborne. It is part of The Old Hunters DLC, and it is its last area.


NPCs in the area










Lore Notes



  • Changes with Timezones: ??
  • Insight Gained:
    • Find Fishing Hamlet (+4), Defeat ?? (+?),
    • Find ?? (+?), See ?? (+?), Defeat ?? (+?)

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The Fishing Hamlet is the fourth area in the new DLC, located on the other side of the clocktower after beating Lady Maria
After defeating Lady Maria, drop down from the clocktower and go down the path. To the right, you’ll find a corpse with a Lead Elixir on it, and further down you’ll find a Madman’s Knowledge. Also on the path will be an NPC that doesn’t really have any name, but he just talks about Byrgenwerth among other things. Continue past him and light the lamp for the Fishing Hamlet. Then, head down the right path and once you reach that small open area, near the corpse with the item on it, a new enemy will come out from under the wall. This specific type of Urchin wields a spear, although there are other variants. They are actually easy to defeat, as their attacks are easy to dodge and they are slow to attack afterwards. The only problem is if you are at a distance, they will run at you and it is difficult to tell when exactly they will attack, but when alone they are easy enough to kill. Once he is dead, pick up the 3 Blood Vials off of the corpse, and continue down the path. If you were fast enough, another Urchin enemy will be walking down the path in front of you, so go ahead and take care of him. If you didn’t, he’ll just be at the end of the path along with some other Urchin enemies. Once you start walking down the path, one of them will come out from the right side between some buildings, and the rest in the area will aggro onto you, which are 2 more if you killed the earlier Urchin enemy when he walked across the path in front of you.

Continue down the path, and head up the stairs on the left side into the house. In front of you is a new Urchin Forker enemy wielding two pitchforks, which is much better at close-ranged fighting than the other Urchins spearmen. Other than that, he’s still simple enough to defeat, especially since you can backstab him with ease here. Go into the room to the left and pick up the Tempering Damp Blood Gem (6), then head back out to the long path outside. A word of warning: up ahead is a well with two Urchin spearmen along with another shrouded enemy that will send out multiple arcane skulls which deal damage to you and follow you for quite a while. The best way to deal with this situation is to run up to the Urchins to aggro them, and then run back up into the house area, as the skulls will not be able to hit you from there most of the time. Then, once they’re dealt with, sprint up to the shrouded enemy and just hit them once, and you shouldn’t be hit by any of the skulls. Once you’ve done that, pick up the 2 Lead Elixirs on the corpse. At this point you can head into the well, though be warned it isn't an easy fight waiting for you.

Take out your firearm, and look to the left. You’ll see an Urchin spearman who won’t aggro onto you even though he sees you, as well as some pots to the left of him that look like they can be interacted with. Now, when you get close to the Urchin, a giant Sea Giant will come out from behind the building next to the pots. What you should do is once you see him, one second or so afterwards, shoot the pots and they will explode and burst into flame, dealing a lot of damage to the Sea Giant, and most likely killing him. Sometimes it doesn’t, and if that happens, just watch out for his attacks. They’re generally very telegraphed, and consist of slow slams and diagonal slashes. He also has a grab attack, so be careful of that. Once he’s dead, deal with the Urchin enemy. In this area between the houses up ahead, there is an Urchin Forker who will climb out from under the house on the left, and an Urchin spearman on the right side near the corpse with an item on it. What you need to do is rush and kill the Urchin spearman, and then just defeat the other Urchin, as he’ll probably only just barely get out of that crawl space by the time you kill the other one. Pick up the Kin Coldblood(10) from off the corpse, and then turn around.

If you do choose to head into the well, you'll find an anchor-wielding version of the giant from above with a lot more health and nasty reach. On top of that, one you get it down to half health, it will sprint back to the ladder you entered from to gang up on you with another lesser giant that drops in from the opening in the upper wall. The trick to this fight is to stay as close to the giant with the anchor as possible while he swings, dodging around behind to get a few free whacks in. It is possible to stunlock it as it tries to run for the ladder if you have a heavy weapon like Ludwig's Holy Blade, but not easy. If you can do that, you don't have to fight both at once. Both are susceptible to parrying, but watch out for the second giant once you've parried the first. The lesser giant drops the Rakuyo. Return to the surface.

Hug the left side of the area so that you’re on the left side of the lake, and once you reach around the boat area, the two Urchin enemies up ahead will aggro onto you. Back off a bit once this happens, because a firebomb thrown by another Urchin in the house on the right side of the lake will blow up the area around the boat. Sometimes it will kill one of the Urchins, and sometimes it won’t. In any case, try and deal with those two, and once you’ve done that you can try and pick up the 4 Oil Urns on the corpse near the boat, but it’s likely you’ll get a firebomb in your face if you do. Just remember this location for now, and get it later if you don’t think you can dodge the firebomb Continue to stay on the left side and climb the cliffside on the left. Once you’re on top of the house, pick up the Great One’s Wisdom and on the left side of the roof in front of you, knock the ladder down to open a shortcut leading to the initial ladder.

Afterwards, head into the house to the left of the ladder where we just kicked it down from, and right when you get a little further into the next house, a new Urchin Butcher enemy will fall down from the ceiling. This one uses a butcher knife and has a grab attack that is quite deadly, so try and deal with him without having that happen. There will be another one trying to carve up a corpse with an item on it, and you can try to backstab it but it most likely won’t happen. The best thing to do in this situation is to just run up and start attacking, as trying to backstab normally would take too long. Once it is dead, pick up the Harrowed set off the corpse containing the Harrowed Hood, Garb, Gloves, and Trousers. Then, head down the stairs going down to the first floor, and pick up the Blood Stone Chunk off the corpse. Fall down onto the first floor and head on outside, back to the long pathway with all the Urchin spearmen. This time you’ll want to head into the house on the far right end of the lake, so hug the right side of the lake to get there. In front of the house are 3 Urchin Forkers, which can sometime aggro onto you from the earlier area near the boat. Take care of the ones that do near the well area, and then continue going towards it on the right side of the lake. Take the side entrance and in front of you facing away will be another new Urchin Bomber enemy, one using a pitchfork and a knife. These ones are the ones that throw firebombs at you, as well as do a lot of damage with their knife attacks. You can safely backstab this one, however, without alerting any of the other enemies. Once it is dead, head up the stairs and you’ll find another two Urchins, a Forker and a Bomber. Kill them, and then pick up the Odd Fire Damp Blood Gem (5) off of the corpse on the second floor. Head back down to the first floor, and deal with the Urchin with two pitchforks underneath the stairs. Then, deal with the other one running at you from the other side, and head over to where that one was originally. Near the doorway you’ll find an Urchin spearman, aggro him and deal with him alone. Then, head outside and deal with the remaining two Urchin Forkers.

Once all the Urchin enemies in the lake are defeated, continue on through the path located on the other side of the river. Up at the top will be another new Urchin enemy, one which throws spears at you but otherwise acts like a regular spearman. Once he is dead, another new enemy will come down from the area to the left, which is basically an Urchin dog. He’s pretty much like the regular dog although he can also roar which doesn’t do very much. Defeat him, and then go through the next area by staying on the right side. You’ll find an Urchin spearman behind the tree, so kill him. Coming down from the next path will be two Urchin throwing spearmen, an Urchin Forker, and another dog. The latter two enemies will aggro onto you before the others, so take care of them, and then kill the other two Urchin enemies. Once they are dealt with, there is another Urchin throwing spearman up at the top of the same path. However, on the ledge above him will be another one of the shrouded enemies which shoot out dark skulls at you. Another issue is there is a Sea Giant with an anchor on the far right side of the area, which will come at you if you are too close to the ledge near the shrouded enemy. The best way to handle this situation is the following: kill the Urchin throwing spearman quickly, back off from the shrouded enemy so he doesn’t shoot at you anymore, and then rush up the path, hit the shrouded enemy, and then deal with the Sea Giant. Once they’re dealt with, head to where the last Urchin throwing spearman was, and pick up the Great One’s Wisdom on the corpse that was to the left of him. Then, turn around and go on that small cliffside to the right, and head through the path between the broken houses. You’ll find a Blood Stone Chunk on a corpse at the end of it. Then continue to climb up the path we were taking before and head into the lighthouse on the left, then light the Lighthouse Hut lamp

Now that you’re in the lighthouse, look near the doorway we just entered to see Simon on the ground. Talk to him, and he’ll die after you interact with him twice. He’ll drop his weapon, Simon’s Bowblade, as well as the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key. Now that you have this, you can open the cell door to Brador back in the Underground Corpse Pile. It’s in our best interest to do so, so let’s head back to the Underground Corpse Pile. Once you’re in the jail area, you’ll see in the back of the area that the Church Servant and Wheelchair Mob have died. Brador will invade you in front of the door leading down to his jail cell. It’s somewhat of a difficult fight, but generally he just uses a long mace that doesn’t do much damage and is easily dodged. If you can, take him on at range with arcane spells to make the fight a piece of cake. He can also consume a Lead Elixir, meaning most attacks done to him will bounce right off. When he is like this however, he will only be able to walk (although he can still dodge), so you can try to parry him if you wish. He’ll drop Brador’s Testimony, his headpiece, once he dies. You can go down to the jail cell now, and kill him to not have to deal with him anymore. If you do, he’ll drop the gear you would get from killing him where he spawns from now on, namely in the Lighthouse Hut areas, and he’ll also drop his weapon the Bloodletter when you kill him in his human form. You don’t need to if you don’t want to, but you won’t be able to get his weapon otherwise

Head back to the Lighthouse Hut lamp and head out where we came from. Turns left, and follow the path until you reach a bridge. If you didn’t kill him, Brador will invade you at the other end. He’ll drop his Bloodied Arm Bands once he dies. Continue past the bridge and head into the area to the right of that small platform up ahead. You’ll find another new Urchin Mage enemy here, one who shoots lightning at you with the large staff he wields. However, he might not notice you if you are quiet, which may allow you to backstab him. Turn around and go back in the direction of the platform and go down the ladder in front of it. Head right, and go into the house. You will find an Urchin Forker facing the other direction, so go ahead and backstab him. Once he is dealt with, go out the door he was facing and cross the bridge. There are another 2 Urchin enemies on the rooftops, a Spearman and a Mage. Kill both of them, and then cross the next bridge. In the house up ahead, there will be a Scurrying Beast, but it will most likely drop down into the hole in the floor down into an area with lots of exploding pots. If you are quick you can run to the edge of the hole and shoot to set them off yourself, but don't just drop down. There is an Urchin who throws firebombs near the area, and he will throw them at you as soon as you land, so expect to take a lot of damage if you try and kill the Scurrying Beast in melee. You’ll be rewarded with 3 Blood Stone Chunks regardless of how you kill the scurrying beast. 

Head in the direction of the Urchin enemy and pick up the 2 Blood Stone Chunks off of the corpse. Then, if you look below, you’ll see two Urchin dogs as well as two Urchin spearmen (one of which throws the spears) near a few exploding pots. There is also an Urchin spearman patrolling the area with two Urchin Dogs, so try and wait to fight the other enemies when these 3 are gone. Once they are, if you can manage it, try and blow the pots up near the 4 enemies. Afterwards, you can deal with the remaining enemies including the patrolling ones with ease. Once they’re all dead, head into the house that was to the right of the first 4 enemies. In front of some pots are an Urchin Butcher and an Urchin Forker, you can kill them by aggroing them and then setting the pots on fire. In the left side of the area, you can find a Blood Stone Chunk on a corpse. In front of the other set of pots is another Urchin Butcher near a door, and you can deal with him the same way by aggroing him and then setting the pots on fire. To the right of the doorway is another Urchin Forker, his back turned towards another Blood Stone Chunk. You won’t be able to backstab him usually, so just kill him and pick up the chunk. Head out the door that was being guarded by the Urchin, and go around to the back of the house. You’ll find a Tempering Damp Blood Gem (6) in the corner of the back area. Head back towards the door and go under the docks. Head up the stairs, and grab the Kin Coldblood (10) off of the corpse. Then, go back down the stairs, and you should see Brador invade you again at the end of the docks. Fight him, kill him, and grab the Beast Hide Garb he drops. From the docks area, head all the way to the right, and pick up the 3 Blood Vials off of the corpse on top of the stairs near the house. After you’ve done that, turn around and head right and go up the ladder. Go all the way back to the ladder we used to get down here and go up the platform into the next area. Now is a good time to go back to stock up on Blood Vials or Quicksilver bullets, as it isn’t very difficult to get back here.

Once you’re ready, head inside and go left. On the other side of the small bridge is an Urchin Forker. He’ll aggro once you’re close to the bridge, so deal with him. Once he is dealt with, don’t go across the bridge. Head left and roll through those giant rock things. You should find one more of those Urchin mages in this part of the area, so kill him. Now you can head back and cross the bridge. On the right side of this area, you’ll find another Urchin Forker guarding 4 Oil Urns. Kill him and take the urns. Now head towards the direction of the Urchin mage we kill and go down that path. Once you reach another bridge, go left and kill the Urchin Forker to the left. Then, pick up the 6 Blood Vials that was near him. In this area, you will be safe from any thunderbolts, which is important because you need to aggro the 2 Urchin Forkers near the 2 Urchin Mages on the other side of the large bridge to the right of where we are now. Once they’re both dealt with, go kill the two Mages. Now head back in the direction of the Urchin Forker near the 6 Blood Vials and open the gate on the right side of the area. Go straight and pick up the Kin Coldblood (10) off of the corpse near the tree. This is a shortcut leading back to the Lighthouse Hut lamp, so be sure to remember to use this gate in the future. Head back to where the 2 Mages were. To the left, you’ll find a ladder leading down where we’ll go in a moment, but to the right there are 3 Urchin Forkers that you can kill if you want to.

Now, head down the ladder and take the bridge down to the right. Notice the item in the corner, but don’t go to pick it up just yet. Follow the bridge all the way down until you reach some platforms that connect to the ground floor. All these shells have the possibility of carrying an enemy inside, called a Shell Maiden, which are slow but can grab you to deal a lot of damage or just attack you normally. Their main weakpoint is the human-looking part, as the shell will not take much damage. You can test to see if a shell is a Shell Maiden by hitting it. Before we go to get that earlier item in the corner, head to the area on the left first. Remember to check for any Shell Maidens in the area. Here are the locations for the Shell Maidens in this particular area: 2 near the entry, 4 in the middle, and there are 6 near the item at the end of it. Once they’re all dead, pick up the Odd Arcane Damp Blood Gem (6) off the corpse.

Moving onto the next area, here are the specific locations for the Shell Maidens: 1 near the Twin Blood Stone Shards near the entryway to the next area, and 3 near the Blood Stone Chunk in the corner. Once you’ve obtained all the items, head into the next area. The specific locations for the Shell Maidens here are: 2 near the entrance, and 1 near the large shell cluster in front of them. There is a Half-Maiden near the entry into the cavern up ahead, however, she does not have a shell and is very fast compared to these enemies. She has a jumping attack (that can be attacked mid-animation actually) and will use it once you get close to her. Kill her, then head into the small opening to the right of where she was. You’ll find a Blood Stone Chunk on a corpse here. If you look forward, you'll see another corpse with an item on it on another platform in front of you, pick it up for another Blood Stone Chunk. Now, go into the cavern, and around halfway through you’ll see 2 Half-Maidens rushing towards you from the end of the cavern. Don’t go too far up, let them come to you and then kill them. The reason for this is because there is path to the left with a Half-Maiden hiding behind a wall, waiting for you to go up far enough to where she will aggro onto you. Once you start fighting her, you should hear Brador’s bell once more. Kill her, and he will spawn when you go to the end of the cavern to pick up the Lead Elixir at the end of it. He’ll spawn quite close, meaning you have a small window to attack him a few times if you wish to do so. Once he dies, he drops the final piece of his set, the Bloodied Trousers.

Head back to where the hiding Half-Maiden was and go down this cavern. Don’t go too far in, because at the end of it there is a Shrouded enemy along with two more Half-Maidens, aswell as another Half-Maiden lying in wait near another cavern to the right of this area. The best tactic to do here is to try and ranged the Shrouded enemy before fighting the Half-Maidens, but most pistols cannot reach that far so you’ll just have to rush in and hit it before the other Half-Maidens aggro onto you. Where the Shrouded enemy was, you’ll find a Kin Coldblood (11), and where the hiding Half-Maiden was you’ll find a Madman’s Knowledge. Drop down from the ledge and look around to find a lever, go ahead and interact with it. While the elevator is coming down, go down the ladder in the hole in the middle of the room to pick up a Cursed Kinhunter’s Damp Blood Gem (6). Then go up the elevator, and at the top, pick up the Kin Coldblood (10) off of the corpse. Then open the gate that leads back to the room with the Lighthouse Hut lamp. If you haven’t, now would be a good time to back off and stock up on some resupplies.

Head back down the elevator and look for a cavern with a corpse next to it. Pick up the Great One’s Wisdom off of the corpse but don’t go through the cavern, as that leads to the final boss of the DLC that we’ll face later on. In the same area, you’ll find another cavern opening, go down it. In this area, you’ll find a Half-Maiden running away from a Brain Trust. There are two of these in this area actually, both in the left side of the cavern. You can fight them one at a time since one of them patrols the cavern and the other stays in place, but the best way to deal with these enemies is to bait out their grab attacks, parry them, and then time your riposte with the Frenzy meter so you don’t lose all of your health when it triggers. Ripostes are able to counteract that, thankfully, so you can use this method to take care of both of them. If you accidentally get grabbed, just quit the game before the enemies kill you and try again, eating a Sedative if you think your frenzy will proc prior to riposting. Then, kill the second one, and pick up the Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5) and Kin Coldblood (11) off of the corpses near the ledge.

Once that’s done, go down the other way and pick up the 2 Lead Elixirs off of the corpse near the pillar. Kill the Half-Maiden near the entryway into the next area. In this area, there are: 2 Half-Maidens near the platform on the other side, another 2 Half-Maidens waiting to drop down once you go near the platform, an Urchin Mage, and another 2 Half-Maidens on the left side of the area, and. The best way to deal with this situation is to run up, aggro the Half-Maidens, and then run back into the tunnel, as the thunderbolts from the Mage cannot hit you. Once the Half-Maidens on the ground are dead, the Mage will run away to one of the next areas. Then, you’ll have to kill the 2 Half-Maidens that drop down near the platform. Near the entryway to the area after the next, you’ll find two Shell Maidens. Deal with them, and then look to the far right of gate separating this area and the next. You’ll find an Urchin Mage that you can hit through the wall, and another Half-Maiden will drop down that you can also hit through the wall. Kill the both of them, and then you can focus on the other enemies in that area. There is an Urchin Mage in the middle of it, as well as two Half-Maidens on the upper platforms. You can easily kill the Mage, and then focus on the other two Half-Maidens who fall down to try and hit you. Once they’re dead, head on up the platforms and pick up the Odd Bolt Damp Blood Gem (5) as well as a Blood Rock! Go back and resupply, as we’re now going to fight the final boss of the DLC.

Now that we’re ready to go, head back down the elevator in the Lighthouse Hut, go through the cavern with praying half-maidens, and prepare to fight the Great One: the Orphan of Kos!



  • This area is most likely a homage to the town of Innsmouth, from the works of H.P. Lovecraft

According to the Priest, the Fishing Hamlet was attacked and its inhabitants abused by, the Byrgenwerth Scholars


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    • Anonymous

      15 Feb 2018 02:47  

      ok so i found simon in the fishing village he gave me the quest before he died. i went to the corpse pile to see if i could open the cell door, but brador was there. i killed him, he dropped his helm (bradors testimony) and his weapon, the bloodletter.

      then i unlocked the cell door and he was there sitting on the floor ringing a bell so i killed him thinking we were gona fight, but before he died he said sumpn about men being the same, then he died and i didnt get the full armor set.

      • Anonymous

        03 Feb 2018 21:47  

        Brador is really easy to parry as if you bait his attack and backstep he has a tendency to whiff at you. Equip your clawmark runes and this fight will be pretty trivial.

        • Anonymous

          26 Dec 2017 22:45  

          The Easiest way to Kill 'Brador' is to stay in the First open Cell on your Left, as you walk up the steps from the Underground Corpse Pile, for some reason he cannot get past a certain point. All you have to do is aggro him, run into the cell and use your favorite range weapons, magic, etc. I used poison knives... four sets of threes should do the job.

          • Anonymous

            23 Jan 2017 12:36  

            Climb down the Well where you encountered the first Giant.
            Down there will be one strong Giant and a lesser one. The lesser dropped it for me.

            • Anonymous

              02 Jan 2017 22:10  

              Is it just me or should there be a few lines on Rakuyo on this page? At least a mention in the walkthrough and link to how to get it.

              • Anonymous

                17 Dec 2016 05:29  

                Why would I quit the game if I was about to die from the brain trust (or any enemy in this area) instead of just respawning & riding back down the elevator literally 10 seconds away? Bashing out & reloading bloodborne would take so much longer...

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