Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key

Key to the inner chamber of the cell below the Grand Cathedral.

The innermost chamber of the underground cell holds a lone madman. He wears a beast hide, and rings a bell that emits no sound.

Unending death awaits those who can hear the soundless bell.

Undergound Cell Inner Chamber Key is an Key Item in Bloodborne. It was added with The Old Hunters DLC.


Undergound Cell Inner Chamber Key Usage

  • Used to unlock the cell door to the NPC Brador after the Underground Corpse Pile. Spawns the first Beastskin Invader in front of the stairs leading to Brador.



  • Meet the Harrowed Hunter in all three locations. Key will be handed over together with Simon's Bowblade at the Lighthouse Hut lamp in the Fishing Hamlet.
  • If the player has killed the Harrowed Hunter, the key will be laying on the ground inside the Lighthouse Hut in the Fishing Hamlet instead.



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