Winter Lantern

Enemy Type Not Beast Nor Kin
Health 1700
Drops Cursed Damp Blood Droplets (5) [33%], Pebble x10 [5%], Quicksilver Bullets x3 [62%]
Weak Poison
Strong Above average magical defenses
Locations Nightmare Frontier, Nightmare of MensisFishing Hamlet

Winter Lanterns (sometimes called "brain trusts" prior to the release of the official guide) are an enemy in Bloodborne. Grotesque creatures with a lethal gimmick, Winter Lanterns will constantly damage you and build up your frenzy meter with their gaze.

These vaguely humanoid, eldritch abominations roam the Nightmare Frontier and the Nightmare of Mensis. Winter Lanterns require line of sight to cast their deadly spell and despite their appearance they cannot see anything behind them. Be forewarned, frenzy will continue to build for a few seconds after line of sight is broken.


  • Have Sedatives ready.
  • Avoid fighting them up close, they cause Frenzy to build up while you are in their line of sight. In most cases, they are set up in a way that allows you to sneak past more or less undetected.
  • Apart from their Frenzy AoE they only have one attack, a lunging grab attack that deals minor damage, but frenzy continues to build during the grab.
  • Circle around them up close, and their grab should miss, which will leave their backs exposed for a long enough time to do a charge attack.
  • Alternatively roll or dodge through their grab, but beware that the grab attack has good tracking and will catch you if you act too early.
  • Wait halfway through the grab animation,
  • Frenzy will not cause damage if it triggers in the middle of a visceral attack. Use this to your advantage, if you are farming them, by stacking an appropriate amount of frenzy resistance.
  • Use the transformed Hunter Axe's heavy attack (Hold R2) to keep them on the ground.
  • For those having trouble with this enemy, 3 sets of 2 poison throwing knifes are enough to kill one (except in The Nightmare Frontier, those are immune to Slow Poisoning).
  • Can be knocked down with Burial Blade charge attack,
  • Heavy weapons can stagger and cancel their grab, you can charge one, smash it a few times, then quickly roll away and use the sedative before you get frenzied.
  • Simon's Bowblade in its bow form is a reliable weapon against this enemy for builds with high Bloodtinge. Being able to one-shot them or tear apart huge chunks of their hp with a charge attack.


Winter Lantern Information

  • Similar to the Brain of Mensis, they cause frenzy by looking at you.
  • If they do not notice you, the hunter will remain unaffected by Frenzy. Blue Elixirs are very useful for this.
  • Winter Lanterns after the Lighthouse lamp can drop Physical ATK Blood Gems up to +22.3% (Old Hunter's DLC).



Cursed Tempering Damp Blood Gem.png
Nightmare Frontier 1700 2759 (x3) 62% (x10) 5% (5) 33% (2) 33% (2) 33%
Nightmare of Mensis 1700 10177 (x3) 62% (x10) 5% (5) 33% -- --


Notes & Trivia

  • Their brain seems to be entwined with several messengers.
  • Winter can be related to Death or Slumber, and, considering the high threat that these enemies pose, could imply that their name refers to them as a "death beacon" of sorts.
  • At a certain level of Insight, they will begin singing in an off-key tone.
  • They wear what appears to be a blood-stained version of the Doll set. minus the shawl
  • Close examination of their hands reveal that they have the same hands as The Doll, albeit slimy and covered in tentacles.
  • Their bodies are a great deal taller than The Doll and there is no doll head underneath the brain.
  • Their mouths look just like venus fly traps.
  • It has a large gash along the spine for which there is yet no explanation.





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    • Anonymous

      I usually either rush these guys and stagger them with a transformation attack (or heavy) to land a few more hits before the grab starts, if they’re still alive by then either dodge away and use a sedative or shoot and visceral… just don’t forget frenzy protection like the deep sea rune

      • Anonymous

        and to think in fishing hamlet there's 2 of these guys AND 2 shark men within incredibly close vicinity

        why miyazaki

        • Anonymous

          this enemy is like going to McDonald’s and getting told to **** off, being lit on fire, seconds before a nuclear bomb goes off

          • Anonymous

            Don’t bother using Blue Elixirs to sneak around the ones after the Mergo’s Loft: Middle lantern. They somehow still notice you despite being hidden by the elixir effects and even the mass of heads structures. Walking slowly at a distance or standing still, as the elixir recommends, had zero affect. Attempted this multiple times, and the same thing happened each go.

            • Anonymous

              in fact, Winter Lanterns appear **ONLY** in the vincinity of a true Great Ones:
              - Nightmare of Mensis - check, right around Brain of Mensis - Ascended Great One
              - Nightmare Frontier - before Amygdala - a Great One
              - Fishing Hamlet tunnels - before Kos, a Great One (technically dead by then, but formerly...?)

              so the only one missing the pair would be Ebrietas, but Ebrietas supposedly be a left behind Great One, so maybe thats the difference?

              any afterthoughts?

              • Anonymous

                My favorite and most effective way kill them is to shoot mid grab animation to open them for a visceral attack and then let the frenzy pop during your animation. Instant kill them every time.

                • Anonymous

                  These enemies were very clearly never playtested. How the **** do you let an enemy like this into a game? Bullshit tracking on the grab attack too, you can be behind them and they will pivot on the ****ing spot

                  • Anonymous

                    The Fishing Hamlet lanterns are perfect for non-chalice gem farming. So close to the lift. So easy to kill one at a time if you've got the right weapon setup. Just equip beak mask + ashen set + Deep Sea rune to max out your frenzy resistance + Eye runes to increase your chances of getting gems, carry sedatives just in case, and equip a heavy-ish weapon with good stagger. I do fine with LHB or transformed Church Pick, presumably lots of other weapons work well too. Wait for the first guy to walk past, charge him, then do a single non-charged R2 and a quick R1 and if you're strong enough, he should be toast. No need to use the sedatives once you get the technique down. From there you just wait for the frenzy bar to go down (I usually pop into the other cavern and kill the snail girls; you'll end up with a bunch of Fool's Blood Gems too). You can get a pretty good range of 20.6-22.3% cursed physical gems in droplet shape. Less often you'll get Adept gems, but I've gotten a couple 25.7% thrust gems that way, too. Also some worthless cursed Heavy and Striking gems, but more often than not you get a pretty good cursed tempering that will be usable unless you get a bad curse.

                    Just pop a Bold Hunter's Mark, rinse and repeat.

                    • Anonymous

                      It was a missed opportunity that there wasn't a huge poison swamp to navigate, with said swamp filled with wandering winter lanterns and rock thowing yetis. Let's hope for BB2

                      • Anonymous

                        just use heavy weapon to stagger them. Also the ashen hunter set has good resistance to frenzy but sedatives are still recommended

                        • Anonymous

                          There's a lot of hatred against these fellows. However, they are nice guys once you get around 500 frenzy resistance. It takes the right clothes + top frenzy Res rune (+300). I kill the two buddies under the hut in dlc in a row, without even getting frenzy or taking sedatives. Good to farm cursed gems which fit into any slot.

                          • Anonymous

                            The worst ****in enemy ever, let's design an enemy that would kill you just by looking at you, get ****ed whoever designed this ****!!

                            • Anonymous

                              Just to clear up the confusion on whether these enemies can detect you behind them or not, the ones in the frontier cannot see you behind them, the ones in Mensis can detect you and will turn around to begin inflicting frenzy on you and the final ones in the hamlet can see and inflict frenzy on you without turning around. In this sense they get progressively harder to deal with each area you encounter them.

                              • Anonymous

                                Apparently some people have found a way to sexualize this enemy. *****ing disgusting. Who looks at this enemy and gets a rock hard boner?

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