Nightmare Frontier

Lamps 2
Recommended Level
Weapon Upgrade
50 to 70
+7 to +9
Bosses Amygdala
Secrets Discovery Insight: 4
Timezones: Night
Multiplayer Yes
Changes in NG+? Yes

Nightmare Frontier is a location in Bloodborne.


Nightmare Frontier Information

To get to the Nightmare Frontier you need to travel through a glowing door on the 1st floor of the Lecture Building. There are 2 ways to get to the Lecture Building:

  1. Approach the Grand Cathedral (where Vicar Amelia is located) and turn right. Continue beyond the two hostile hunters you may or may not have already encountered. If you have defeated the Blood-Starved Beast, there will be a Snatcher on the path you are to follow. After a few enemies you will approach a building. While attempting to open the door within you will be transported by a Lesser Amygdala, but only if you have the Tonsil Stone. If you do not, you will simply be grabbed and killed.
  2. Alternatively you can get into the nightmare frontier without the tonsil stone. For this you must kill The One Reborn and react to the mummy and be transported to the lecture building, from there you can go down the ladder behind the giant, and talk to Patches. He will then move out of the way of the door and you can get to the 1st floor lamp and also the Nightmare Frontier.

Once you've made it to the first floor, find a big door in a hallway in Lecture Building ( ground floor). Travel through the glowing door from the Lecture Building, and there will a lantern that you can light to travel to the Hunters Dream.


NPC in the area





  • Silverbeast
  • Wolf Beast
  • Scurrying Beast
  • Large Scurrying Beast
  • Giant Lost Child
  • Crawler
  • Hateful Maggot
  • Chime Maiden
  • Brain Trust
  • 2 NPC hunters
    • 1 uses hunter's axe and pistol, very aggressive but can be easily parried due to hunter's axe's slow speed. (never shoots his pistol)
    • 1 uses threaded cane and blunderbuss, tends to use firearm more than melee.
      • The axe wielding hunter appears before the cane wielding hunter. If the player does not advance further when spotted by the first, there is a chance that the second will not realize his friend is fighting at all, allowing them to be taken out one by one.
      • Drops 1 lead elixir each when killed.






Upon arriving, the player finds themselves in a cave with a lamp. However they cannot return to Hunter's dream at this point because of a Chime Maiden's presence if the bell resonates with a Sinister Resonant Bell. After exiting the cave, do not walk up the ramp; there is a Scurrying Beast hidden to the right. Advance after killing it.
Atop the ramp we see a Silverbeast sitting with its back facing the player, with a Madman's Knowledge hidden on a body on the left. Go ahead and backstab the beast. Right underneath it you will find a cave with an elevator shaft - it is a shortcut leading right to the boss, but cannot be accessed at the moment. 2 Lead Elixir can also be found on a body. When advancing further, stick to the right ledge and you will find another silverbeast sitting near the ledge and a large scurrying beast right next to it. Try to kill the scurrying beast as soon as possible before the silverbeast gets a chance to attack you, or backstab the silverbeast and hope the scurrying beast hasn't escaped by the time you are finished. (Dropping down into the swamp here allows you to obtain the messenger's gift. This will be elaborated upon at the end of this guide.) Advance and you will see yet another silverbeast sitting with its back facing the player. Backstab it as usual.
You will then cross a bridge, after which you will be attacked by 2 NPC hunters (see above for details). After dispatching them, walk up the ramp on the left (where the axe wielding hunter appeared), jump over the gap and obtain a Fading Lake rune. A Madman's Knowledge can also be found below the gap.
Advance ahead and you will see a branching path, one of which leads to a large poison swamp. Go that way: we have unfinished business with the chime maiden. Do not enter the swamp; rather, stick to the right cliff and you will see a blue lantern and an opening on the cliff. Right on top of the ramp is the Chime Maiden. Greet her with a backstab-viseceral attack. Alternatively, if you wish to have an easier PvP matchmaking, it is advised to keep her alive for PvP dedicated purpose, especially the opening area right after the lamp is a convenient PvP location.
We may now return to Hunter's Dream. As the next area is much more dangerous, this is recommended if you wish to spend your echoes first.

Both branching paths lead to the boss, but the one on the right is recommended since the poison swamp is huge and there will be Yetis throwing boulders at you (1 direct hit will likely 100-0 you). Nonetheless there are a few items (mainly coldblood consumables) in the swamp so it might be worth taking a bit of time and picking them up.
[path to the right]
Taking the path to the right and you find yourself in a tunnel with a silverbeast. However this one is more dangerous as it fights you on all 4s (whereas the other ones stand upright and wield a torch at first). You will also find 2 Blood Vials on a body and a scurrying beast near the exit of the tunnel. A large area follows, with 3 yetis throwing boulders at you. Care should be taken if one wishes to take them out, as their boulders are deadly. Alternately, one can run past them since they are slow and do not chase the player. To continue, take the path on the left (the yeti on the right stands near a dead end), where a silverbeast can be found. The yetis can still hit you from here, so keep running or take cover behind a pillar while you fight.
After running past or killing the third yeti, you should go through a tunnel and arrive at an area with three branching paths. To the right is a scurrying beast and nothing else; the one straight ahead will take you right back to your starting point (near the lamp), note that standing at the end of the pillar will cause it to fall down and act as a convenient shortcut. To progress further, turn left. Look to your right while on the bridge: it is our old friend **Patches** clinging to the wall! He has set up a trap, complete with a note to lure us in and shiny stuff. We shall thank him with a pebble to the head.

  • For some reason he might still be able to push you into the swamp even if you knock him off. In that case simply walk left and you will soon arrive in the great swamp, where turning right will get you out to the next area.

The next step is to collect the gift Patches has prepared for us: a Coldblood Flowerbud. Thanks again! Next, climb up the ramp on the left to pick up 2 blood vials and a scurrying beast, but do not drop down from there; rather, turn back and enter the tunnel where you can see a yeti standing near a ledge, who would be terrorizing you should you have walked into the swamp from the beginning. After dealing with him, turn right and go down, picking up 2 more blood vials on the way. We will now have to drop down into the swamp, but we are almost there. Make sure to equip Antidotes as the swamp inflicts slow poison on you. After picking up a Great One's Wisdom and killing the 2 Parasitic Leach guarding it, exit the tunnel (turn left) into the great swamp and walk towards your right. You will soon see a blue lantern and a yeti next to it: there is the exit.

Once there, make sure you have your health healed to full. We will come across a Brain Trust who will subject you to frenzy build up on sight. Kill it as fast as possible, but avoid getting grabbed, which spells certain death. If you have any Sedatives make sure to have them on hand. If your frenzy gets too high back off and then use them, it'll reduce your frenzy build-up allowing you to score some hits. Be careful around this enemy as even when retreating your frenzy will continue to build as long as the Brain Trust can see you. If the effect reaches the top, expect your head to literally pop off. You can also just run straight past it, as it is alone, however your frenzy will continue to rise as long as it can see you, so you'll have to run a fair distance down the hill before you're in the clear.
Running past the brain trust is also an option, but since there is a large scurrying beast hidden nearby, killing it is recommended. The large scurrying beast is found by standing at the brain trust's initial location, turning back to where you came from, and look to the lower area on the right. This scurrying beast is especially valuable since it drops 2 bloodstone chunks instead of twin bloodstone shards like other large scurrying beasts do.

Over the jellyfish's corpse we arrive in another large area, with more poison swamp on the right. There are a few coldblood consumables and a Caryll rune hidden within the swamp, but before we do that we need to first activate the shortcut mentioned earlier. Go straight ahead, avoid dropping into swamps with fallen stone pillars along the way. Do not turn left onto the bridge where a large building can be seen on the other side yet; that's the boss arena. Keep going straight and we soon come across the last silverbeast we need to fight, patrolling a flight of stairs which leads to the elevator shaft. We can now transit from the lamp directly to the boss arena.

[fighting Amygdala]
See Amygdala's page  for details.

[Obtaining the messenger's gift]
To obtain messenger's gift, we return to the start of the map, to the ledge where the second silverbeast (and a large scurrying beast beside it) is found. Before we venture further, we need to first put on some antidotes, a bold hunter's mark and sedatives (if you have any to spare) on the quick slot. Drop down into the swamp from there, and continue advancing forward. You would soon encounter a small scurrying beast followed by a brood of 4 scurrying beasts (1 large and 3 small, small ones drop 2 blood stone shards and large one drops 3 twin blood stone shards) in the swamp. It is unlikely that you would kill all of them since they flee in different directions, but you could retry several times to take them out one by one if you wish. For the messenger's gift, continue forward and enter a tunnel scattered with large luminous flowers. Take the path to the right and you would soon encounter a brain trust, who is especially dangerous since you would be subject to poison by now unless you were spamming antidotes, and its frenzy would kill anyone who isn't at full health. It would be a good idea to simply run past it, since it is slow and the messenger's gift is nigh. We soon reach the end of the tunnel, where the messenger's gift can be found. Grab it and quickly use bold hunter's mark to return to safety.
It is greatly helpful to stack up on frenzy (and slow poison, if possible) resistance. Equip the deep sea rune and the highest frenzy resistant attire before you go. Alternatively if you don't have echoes to lose, a suicide run would also be an option.

*Note: this walkthrough does not elaborate on every piece of item and scurrying beast. Please do not assume there is no item in the area if it is not mentioned in the text.


Video Walkthrough

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    • Anonymous

      12 Mar 2018 04:03  

      So, besides just pussying out of fighting them and going off the side of the ledge, how the hell do you fight the big, 1000 eye brain things that frenzy you for no reason?

      • Anonymous

        09 Feb 2018 10:04  

        Personally, the poison in this area is so small the damage is negligible. if you go into the poison swamp (before amygdala) with >2 blood vials you can kill everything and get all the loot, but that amount may change depending on weapon and player skill. The silverbeasts (fire-breathing leech demons) won't spawn leeches if you kill them via fire or visceral attack, but the easiest way is probably just equipping a fire blood gem. The boulder throwers can go impal- I mean, they are surprisingly accurate despite the fact that they're throwing boulders, and pissing off one and then turning your back to it for half a second can result in your untimely demise (Get it? Second? Untimely? Ah... The night and the dream were long...). Winter lanterns should probably be rushed up to and have their skulls imploded as soon as possible (New game, I'm using a Pizza Cutter (Whirligig Saw) +9 with 2 13.5% ATK gems and one 12% ATK, and about 50 STR so I can 3-hit them without frenzy, but bring sedatives just in case), listen for their deep odd humming and get all the loot you can from the wandering madnesses. Side note: Do be careful about dodging it's grab, because that's basically guaranteed to trigger frenzy. Amygdala can be hit with Ludwig's Holy Blade's L2 at practically any time, but definitely deal as much damage when it slams its head down. The last phase is the worse; its reach is longer than 2 streetlamps engaged in lovemaking except that one is having a seizure and the other is driving a tank; but definitely go for the viscerals as they signal the phase changes, and if you can get to the last one you can practically skip the last phase, or at least most definitely aid you a lot. Hilariously enough, don't run immediately to the tower if it's the first time in this playthrough, it can actually squish you.

        But yeah, not a great area, but definitely not the worse either. That's reserved for another special nightmare *Cough cough Mensis *Cough *Cough

        • Anonymous

          07 Dec 2017 20:38  

          FROMsoft: Lets make a really fun game that is hard but fair and relies on players skills determining their survival rather than gimmicks and impossible difficulty spikes.
          Also FROMsoft: Lets make an entire area of every game we make a stupid f***ing gimmick that irritates everyone, and isn't actually fun in any way! IE: Valley of Defilement, Blighttown, The Sewers, THIS, Farron Keep...

          • Anonymous

            06 Jan 2017 16:28  

            A few tips for going through this area:
            1. I heartily suggest that you get the Graveguard's set from the Forbidden Woods before coming here. It has decent defenses, as well as a good combination of frenzy and slow poison resistance. I'd also suggest putting on some deep sea runes for slow poison resistance and frenzy resistance.
            2. The Silverbeasts (guys with sideways heads) can easily be dealt with by stun-locking them, either with a small, quick weapon, or heavy attacks from a heavy weapon. Their electric explosion can hit somewhat hard, and they do get hyper-armor from it, so when you see them charging I'd suggest backing off. (Although having the Graveguard set I mentioned earlier can help with this, as it has decent bolt defense.) Keep in mind that at about half health, they'll discard their torch and drop to all fours, changing their moveset to be very similar to a normal scourge beast. Some of them start out in this state.
            3. The boulder-throwing giants are surprisingly accurate given their large aggro range. However, as long as you keep moving linearly, you should be fine. Keep in mind that the rubble from their boulders ALSO deals damage, so hiding behind a gravestone might not be enough to protect you, and a direct hit from a boulder will deal damage twice (once from the boulder, once from the rubble that results on impact), which can easily one-shot a player who isn't very beefy. However, once you close the distance, they can, despite their size, be easily stunlocked by even the smallest weapons. Just keep in mind that some of their melee attacks grant hyper-armor, but their reach generally isn't very far, and their attacks are well telegraphed.
            4. This should go without saying, but spend as little time as possible in the poisonous swamp, and, except when you're near a Winter Lantern, you should always have antidotes up for quick consumption. The leech monsters can generally be ignored, as they're slow and their ranged attack is relatively non-threatening, and their melee thrashing, while dangerous, can be avoided by simply not being near them. If you do wish to fight them, I'd suggest luring them out of the poison first.
            5. There are two winter lanterns in the area (one that's in the player's path to the boss/shortcut, and one guarding the Messenger's Gift hunter tool), when the player approaches them, their tell-tale humming can be heard. As soon as you see or hear them, equip sedatives, just in case they've spotted you. If you're careful, the winter lantern in your path to the boss can be backstabbed, as she has a patrol route that leaves her back open. (Apparently the eyes on the backs of their heads don't work?) If you are spotted by one, beat her down while being careful to avoid her grab, as your frenzy will continue to increase while her lengthy grab animation plays out, generally spelling doom. I've heard that raising the Wooden Shield can block their frenzy-inducing gaze, but I haven't tested that, so I can neither confirm nor deny.
            6. The area boss, Amygdala, is large enough and tall enough that locking on can make it very difficult to get a good angle on it. I'd suggest fighting not locked on, especially since the areas that can be locked onto (its head and its torso) are out of reach for many weapons anyways. Its arms are much more vulnerable to damage than its legs (which will generally take single digits of damage), and its head is very, very vulnerable to damage. If using a bloodtinge build, a few good shots from Evelyn or Simon's Bowblade to its head can really ruin its day. If using an arcane build, various hunter tools, such as A Call Beyond, Executioner's Gauntlets, Blacksky Eye, and Cursed Brew will also deal quite a lot of damage to its head. If using neither of these builds, standing beneath it and attacking its arms is a very safe bet, as long as you keep an eye on its movements so that you can tell when its about to try to beat you like a drum. It will sometimes lower its head if you damage it enough or after some attacks, and it is valuable to take advantage of these opportunities to deal damage to its vulnerable head.

            • Anonymous

              03 Jan 2017 04:18  

              Guys, just so you know, there is a great one's wisdom on a body near from where you drop from Patches' ambush. Now I believe that this wiki needs a fixin'!

              • Anonymous

                Transported w/no stone?24 Jul 2016 07:33  

                I hadn't talked to the guy that gives tonsil stone nor did I have it but still got taken to nightmare front. It grabbed me during a long studder. Anyone had this happen or did it get patched or something?

                • Anonymous

                  There is a second shortcut05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                  Sorry about if this is confusing or not but I was pretty lost haha. On the way to we the spider that knocks you off into the water you will find a tombstone thing which is kind of jutting out into the air. If you walk onto the tip you will cause it to fall creating a bridge which connects to the beginning of the area.

                  • Anonymous

                    ennemy is missing05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                    I think there is one ennemy missing. The thing with lots of eyes on it's head that tries to grab you. It also cause the statut effect frenzy

                    • Anonymous

                      There is Summon note Before do the cut-scene with the spider ?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                      I did see light for summon like with Alfred for me once i did the cut scene it was gone , it was just before go down the spider also what with the coins ???

                      • Anonymous

                        Rock throwing giants05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                        So I went to Nightmare Frontier, I can handle every enemy easily, except those giant that throw rock from the long distance. If it hit me, most of time it one shot me. Very frustrating.

                        • Lightning wolves?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                          Anyone know what those things are? They look like the wolf beasts, but have a lightening attack similar to the Darkbeast Paarl's AOE. I should probably mention that I currently have 58 insight.

                          • Anonymous

                            singing? (dum da duum)05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                            Just returned to the area via amygdala s chamber, running up the gravestone ramps to the right I get to an area where I hear singing, like a 3 part gospel group. just below where that drop is by the ramp. What is it? 60 insight

                            • Anonymous

                              How do I get out?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                              I'm stuck in the level and finding it pretty hard going. Where should I be heading to find a lamp to get back to Hunter's Dream?

                              • There is Summon note Before do the cut-scene with the spider ?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                                I did see light for summon like with Alfred for me once i did the cut scene it was gone , it was just before go down the spider also what with the coins ???

                                • Anonymous

                                  Location in the World?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                                  Does anyone have any idea where this area is in relation to Yharnam? I know how to get there and everything but I am curious as to where it is in the world. It seemed you can see the Nightmare of Mensis from this area but no Yharnam. The only other landmark I really noticed was the tall tower or lighthouse shrouded by the mist in the Nightmare of Mensis. It seems odd since the rest of the game is quite well linked.

                                  • Am i the only one?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                                    Who hates PvP and goes offline every time they go here and the Nightmare of Mensis? The few times I forget and am invaded I have won 70% of the time and still hate it.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I cant find Amygdala05 Jul 2016 14:53  

                                      I have no idea where Amygdala is because it doesnt show which direction on the nightmare frontier part 1 you go to fight Amygdala

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