Astral Clocktower


Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

Co op Allowed? Yes
PvP Allowed? No (?)
Changes in NG+? No

Astral Clocktower is a location in Bloodborne. Its located at the top levels of the Research Hall.

Astral Clocktower Information

This lantern unlocks when you kill Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower.




After unlocking the door using the Astral Clocktower Key, walk towards the center of the room to trigger a cinematic. What follows is a fight with the lady herself. For a fight walkthrough, click here.

Defeating Maria will grant you a buttload of Blood Echoes, a lamp in this boss room, and the Celestial Dial on the floor.  Approach the giant window at the end of the room and a message reading "Hold up Celestial Dial" will prompt. Doing so will create an circular opening in the window ahead. Proceed through to enter the next area: Fishing Hamlet.



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    • Anonymous

      When the astral clocktower pointed to the "Sea" rune and opened into the fishing village, could it point to other runes and go to different places?

      • Wow. This entry is sparse. The face of the astral clocktower can be seen in Yharnam (non-dlc) from multiple locals. And the same face is on the clocktower from which Jura protects old Yharnam with his mounted Gatling gun. It seems to be the default clocktower style of Yharnam. It's impressive that it was used in such a complex animation in the DLC and makes me wish you could hold the sundial up to all the clocktowers and get some kind of response. Were all the clocktowers owned by the healing church? The one in Old Yharnam is attached to the sanctuary of a church in which you find ritual blood, certainly. Perhaps the clocktowers served a church function beyond keeping time or housing dead vileblood hunters.

        • Anonymous

          So at the abandoned workshop, if you turn around and look up, you'll see a tower which scarily resembles the astral clocktower. I think that's the actual location of the tower in the hunter's nightmare

          • Anonymous

            Felt like this was supposed to be an actual level based on Simon telling you to climb the astral clocktower to kill Maria. Unless the research hall itself is the clocktower?

            • Anonymous

              In front of the exit to the Fishing Hamlet, there appears to be a grave with flowers on it. I thought it was a rather interesting detail.

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