Great Bridge

Location Central Yharnam
Bosses Cleric Beast
Items Quicksilver Bullets x10
Co op Allowed? Yes
PvP Allowed? Yes
Changes in NG+? Yes/No

Great Bridge is a Lamp in Bloodborne. It is within the Central Yharnam area.


Great Bridge Information

The Great Bridge is the main junction between Central Yharnam and the Cathedral Ward, though it stays closed during the Hunt. 

When The Hunt began, the Healing Church left us, blocking the great bridge to Cathedral Ward, as Old Yharnam burned to the ground that moonlit night. -- Lore Notes, Central Yharnam




NG+ or Insight Changes

  • Unknown
  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      Did anyone else notice a small pink/reddish package at the end of the bridge (at the gate after the lantern) after defeating the cleric beast? It stood out because it was the only thing there. After defeating some more bosses and returning here it's gone!

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